Aug 172013

It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!
A day to celebrate and appreciate all the great things about us black cats!


But y’know?  I think it’s sad that there are days like “Black Cat Appreciation Day.”  I just don’t understand why us black cats still get a bad rap, and tend to be the most overlooked cats in shelters. We aren’t scary or evil and we don’t bring bad luck. Seriously…do I look scary to you? We’re the same as any other cat…lovable, affectionate…and we’ll give years of unconditional love and furiendship.

Now I know you guys…our furiends…know how great black cats are.  But we gotta keep getting the word out and educating the humans who still have the silly notion that black cats are bad.

So while I love having a day designated for appreciating me and my fellow black cats…I hope one day soon the bad rap that we get from some humans is a thing of the past.

Black is beautiful!!


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  1. We agree! Its absurd for someone to judge a kitty by the color of their fur. If is was a purrson, it would be discrimination. And everyone knows we kitties are people too. We hope you get some extra snacks today, Ernie. Carl has had some already.

  2. Hi there Ernie. We messed up today and didn’t know it was Black cat appreciation day. But we also think that black cats are the very best. It just isn’t fair that people don’t like black cats. They really are very nice cats.

  3. I’m with you Ernie,I used to have a black cat called smokey a long time ago,broke my heart when he crossed the rainbow bridge,xx Rachel

  4. Our Mum is championing your cause Ernie – black cats here are supposed to be lucky and so they aren’t discriminated against.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Ernie we agree 100% with you. Black cats get a BAD rap. There is nothing more gorgeous that a panther!!! Just like you.

  6. Well, I know for a fact that my human LIKES black cats! In fact she’s thinking of painting my tux black!!! 😉 Happy BCAD, Ernie xox

  7. You rock Ernie! We love and appreciate black cats every single day!

  8. You are right Ernie. I can NOT understand how supposedly intelligent beings can carry on a stupid superstition that started before the Middle Ages. Give me a break! Black cats are black. That’s it, end of pragraph as they say. You keep on being as stunningly gleaming and beautiful as you are. xxoo

  9. We love black kitties at our house; though, none live here right now. Two of our angel kitties, are black kitties. You, Ernie, are an exquisite example of the handsomeness of black kitties. Y’all have a great weekend. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Guilietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Happy black cat appreciation day. I don’t understand why the black kitties are not welcomed with open arms. You are all sooooooooooo beautiful.

  11. I love black kitties! In fact, I plan to get a black kitty when I am able to bring another cat into our home. They are gorgeous!

  12. I don’t understand why the bad rap on black kitties either. You are black and very special. M had a black kitty that lived to be 18 years old and Pepper never once brought them bad luck. Some ignorant people just don’t get it!!

  13. We appreciate you and all black cats, Ernie! Our head peep has always had black cats up until last year when Talia became an angel, and she’s been thinking… yeah, we try to shut that train of thought down really fast. But we love black cats lots and lots, and tell everyone how great they are. Humans are so thickheaded sometimes.

  14. Mom says all kitties are purrecious no matter what color….mol You sweet Ernie, are furry purrecious and handsome.
    xoxo Kassey

  15. Our mom loves black cats and misses her black beauty so much. We think that’s why she’s so crazy in love with you. Have a great weekend!

  16. We think a lot of it is also people have some silly idea that black is boring. They’re so wrong.

  17. Well said Ernie! Nothing better than having a black panther roaming a home….paw hugs, Savannah

  18. We could not agree more, Ernie, and are doing our best to spread the word today to help shatter the myth that black cats bring bad luck. Purrs of love to you…

  19. I’m a big beautiful fluffy black cat! Mom picked me because I was black. She knows black kitties have a hard time getting adopted 🙁


  20. That’s so true, Ernie! None of us are pure black cats but we do have lots of black between us. 🙂

  21. Black cats are cool!


  23. I really wish humans would judge kitties by their personalities – then there would be NO black cats in shelters because they would all be adopted!

  24. Ernie, the lady would be the scary one if she met you because she’d kiss you and kiss you. You are just so adorable in this picture! We can’t imagine that there would be any issue with black kitties (or any other kitties for that matter).


  25. Oh, we so agree with you sweet Ernie. Every cat deserves a loving, forever home and they are all wonderful….color does not make a difference in how they are. Mumsy loves black kitties but we have not had one for a few years now. Maybe one day we will have another to love. Hugs and nose kisses

  26. WE agree that is is sad that people are still afraid to adopt black cats. We think you are a super black cat!

  27. I totally agree with you, Ernie, and so does my sweet black cat Samantha. I only just found out about this day, and I hope someday there is no need for it, other than celebrating how awesome black cats are! I’ve been sharing different things on Facebook, trying to get the word out that black cats rock!

  28. I don’t understand why some humans thought black cats were witches. I’d think if any cat was evil, it’d be the June Buggie cat….. *ducks and runs*

  29. Ernie, you are a testament to Black Cats everywhere. One of the HANDSOMEST dudes ever.

  30. We agree, that’s true. Every cat is beautiful and lovable, whatever its color.

  31. The grandpeeps adopted their Shadow specifically because black kitties need homes!

    And Ernie, black cats are pretty darn handsome, too!

  32. Happy Black Cat appreciation day! Yes, black is beautiful and you are gorgeous, Ernie!

  33. we sure wish that many would embrace black cats for the beauties that they are!

  34. I don’t understand why they should think black cats are unlucky. Here in England they are considered to be lucky.

  35. An Impawtent day!

  36. We don’t get it, either. WE think black kitties ROCK (especially you, Ernie)!

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  37. Discrimination is always wrong, no matter what species is being judged.

  38. Black certainly IS beautiful! Happy Black Day Appreciation Day Ernie. Pop would LOVE to own a black cat but, um, none have crossed his path as of yet.

  39. That’s right Ernie!!
    Black Cats Rule!!!!!!
    Black Cats are cool 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Julie,House Panthers

  40. Thank you Island Cats for stopping into Kitikata-san’s blog while she does not feel well with the tumor. I am very sad, but your message is helping me through this time.

  41. We agree with you Ernie! The kitty before us was black and very beautiful! We think you are very handsome!

  42. The Human says maybe *I* am the reason for the bad rep of the Black Kats. But that couldn’t possibly be true….could it???

  43. Happy Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  44. You are gorgeous and handsome just the way you are! I’m with you, Ernie, and hope the silly superstition about black cats will become just the thing of past.

  45. Me and my mom-person think´s its absurd for someone to judge a kitty by the color of their fur !
    Sixten that lived here before me was a black longhaired cat and he was a lot of fun say´s my mom.person 🙂

  46. We three (dilute) black cats (and stuff) salute you Ernie, and say BACKATCHA! We couldn’t agree more. We think it’s awful there needs to be such a day and we’re rapping that it changes for the better someday soon. Til then – we’ll keep busting those bad black cat myths!

  47. Oscar and Henry agree 🙂

  48. Any bad notions that people have about black cats are ridiculous. You’re a handsome dude, Ernie!

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