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Aug 042013


You won’t believe what happened here on my mini-cat tree.  Wally yakked up a hairball.  Over there on the other side…not a big one…but still, it was a hairball.  No pictures of it were taken…I’ll spare you of that.

The mom cleaned it up, but it still kinda smells like hairball and cleaner.  That’s why I’m sitting over here…hanging my head off the side.


There’s a unwritten rule around here.  You don’t yak on our napping spots.  Wally broke that rule.  So I told him he’s banned from the mini-cat tree…for now.

Jeez, I sure hope that smell goes away soon.


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  1. it will go Ernie! in time,xx Speedy

  2. Oh no Ernie. We hate when that happens and let me tell you that happens a lot around here. Soon there will not be anywhere to nap. Hope all of you have a super day.

  3. Dang, I hate it when that happens! Someone did that on my ham-mick but I can’t narrow it down to who did it. Have a nice Easy anyways Ernie.

  4. That stinks, Ernie. In more ways than one.

  5. Ewwwww. We hate when that happens too!! Raz yakked up a hairball on Daddy’s side of the bed….ugh.

    The Florida Furkids


  7. Ewwww! I don’t blame you one bit! I think I would have to ban him too!

  8. A time-out is definitely in order for such rude behavior. Some kitty at our house yakked all over our Cat’s Meow toy. Talk about rude. Ernie, you’re looking particularly cute in these photos. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  9. If I was sharing your quarters I would never yak up hairballs in inappropriate places.

  10. Oh Ernie, that must be awful! I haven’t horked on my own napping spots yet but I bet I will. I’m the horking Queen!

  11. Its the cleaning-stuff smell, but we unnerstand. If ya gotta yack, ya dont do it others nap!

  12. Well that’s sure one way to have your Sunday spoilt..MOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. On the tree! At least he could have done it over the side so it went on the floor. That cleaning stuff makes us make the stinky face, too.

  14. Yuck on the yak. Well, I’m relatively sure he didn’t WANT to have that accident up there but when you feel the need sometimes you can’t quite get to a better location! The cleaner smell will probably be gone soon……we hope anyway!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  15. Ugh. Wally! Hairballs on carpets, shoes, table, bed…anything the HUMAN uses…but never on your own stuff! We hope the smell goes off soon..poor Ernie.

  16. Ugh we hate that but as there’s only the two of us it’s easy to guess the culprit!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. Poor Ernie! Hopefully the vishus smell will go away with a few days of open windows.

  18. diego-san could never be an island cat. he’s quite proficient at violating that rule.

  19. oh Ernie! I’m so sorry.. I too hope the smell goes away soon

  20. Haha! Our human has come home to find projectile vomit all over ours. Yuck!

  21. Yikes! Hairballs stinks! Not to worry, the smell will go away eventually. Patience my friend. Purrs!

  22. Gotta think it’s an *orange* thing…
    Waffles has NO code, NO boundaries, NO nothin’.
    ; ) Katie

  23. Just no consideration when they yak in the beds! We hope the smell will be gone when it dries. If not, we’d stay in the other bed, too!

  24. Hi Earnie,
    Wally is going to have to revisit da rules!!


  25. Oh no, not on the napping spot! Also it must have been more difficult to clean. I hope Wally is feeling better after hairball is gone. And I hope hairball smell will be gone, Ernie!

  26. That Wally has no manners!!! 😉

  27. Well, that was just rather rude, wasn’t It! Hope your bed is back to normal soon, Ernie. I hope you will forgive Wally though. 🙂

  28. Oh dang Wally, that was so uncool!! I’d ban him from the post, too. Although in his defense, sometimes I think that when a kitty really has to hork, it’s just gonna come up no matter where you are at the time.

  29. Oh, ick, Ernie! Although, I confess, I yakked on my cat tree a couple of times after I ate dinner too fast.

  30. Oh Wally… Not on cat stuff ! But we hope that Ernie will forgive you quickly. Purrs

  31. Bummer! Wally should know by now that the BEST yaks are Carpet Yaks…he must have had to yak in a hurry not to jump down!

  32. I hope Wally is alright. and Yep,Ernie..You are smart !!! keep distance !!! You don’t wanna do double yakked with him…tee..heh

    Have a great day, Buddy

  33. MOL, Ernie. Words to live by: Don’t yak on sleeping spots. I will remember that although it hasn’t been an issue for me. I yak on the carpet. Hope the smells go away soon!


  34. Oh Ernie, we feel for you. One of our group, who will not be named but has the initials CL, did that near our sleeping spot. We banned her too.

  35. Oh, poor Ernie…the smell will go away. Don’t be too hard on Wally…I’m sure it was an accident 🙂

  36. Ernie, me yaks on the cat tree all the time! It stops the brat Kozmo from stealing MY spot!

  37. Yeah, don’t yak in the good spots.

  38. How rude! We aren’t allowed to yak on the bed either, but MMM has done it twice, once right in front of the mom. We just thought formerly ferals just didn’t know better.

  39. He did what???? How goshe! Did she use one of the thingies she got at Blogpaws to clean it up?? Remember when I projectile bomited on my Toothies and Claw Exerciser? It took a while for the smell to go away but now you can’t tell at all. Might be time to hurl again.

  40. Poor boys! Wally for yacking and you for having to smell it!

  41. Ah poor Ernie! You better check Wally next time before he comes to take a nap in you mini tree!

  42. Yow Ernie dat iz yucky!!! Ya never yakz a furball where ya sleep…Wally will bemember now dat he iz in ;time out so to speek!!!
    Me likez to yak on da runner in da front hallway…dat way Mum stepz on it n den she nose it iz dere n can clean it up!!! Purrfect sistem!!! MOL!!
    Nylablue xo

  43. Aww, poor Wally. He couldn’t help it I suppose.

  44. BEAUTIFUL picture (of kitty I mean), and thanks for no shot of the hairball………I can use my imagination on that one! Love the reference to cardinal rule – no yakking on nap spots; hilarious but oh so true!

  45. Allie: Be sure to breathe through your mouth. That’s what I have to do when Maxwell is — uhh — “gassy”.

  46. Don’t breathe too deep Ernie…but cut Wally some slack…he has all that yellow furrs to keep clean; he is not a sleek panfur cat like you…purrrrrsss…(waves to Zoey!!)

  47. Oh boy! Hope the stink goes away soon, Ernie!

  48. Ernie you are too cute 🙂

  49. What a beautiful and funny cat! haha

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