Jul 242013


And…we’re back!
The mom’s home now after gallivanting with her friends.


While I spent the last couple of days doing a lot of this….


Here’s how she spent her time away.
No…that’s not the mom in the picture…that’s a couple of her friends.
And yeah…those are woofies with them!
She was two-timing us while she was gone!

Well…all I can say is…
She better be mighty generous with treats for us!


  56 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Oh said orange kitty looks very comfy – love the surrounding toys as if he fell over in a heap of exhaustion from playing!!

  2. What a wonderful sleeping mat you have. Bad Mummy playing with dogs! 🙂

  3. Wally you look so relaxed and comfy – have you ignored your Mom since she went away for the weekend with d-o-g-s?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. It does look like your Mom had a great time! 🙂
    Were you snoozing the Colonel away? 😉

  5. Ooooooooooh. That calls for A LOT of treats.

  6. Every mom knows that two timing means double the treats when they get home. It’s in the rule book.

  7. why didn’t she take you along to go floating on the lake?

  8. Wally, I think that looks like a great way to have spent some time away…but what do I know, I’m merely a human. :-p

    But of course you should get BAGS of treats…Okay, maybe not bags, but definitely handfuls. I’d give an abundance of treats, just to assuage my guilt at the abandonment.

    The human @ Fuzzy Tales

  9. Hmmm! I think treats for the forseeable if she wants to get back in your good books!! 😉

  10. She spent her time with dogs? DOGS? MOUSES!!!


  11. The nerve. Two timing with DOGS. Sheesh.
    I’d like to show her what I can do to those floating raft things.
    They’d go down like the Titanic.
    heh, heh

    ; ) Katie

    Welcome Back!!!

  12. Welcome back Mom! And Wally, you look positivly sizzling to we ladycats! Ooo la laaa!

  13. Haaa! I was gonna ask about those woofies!!! Wait til I show Dakota! lol!! Glad your Mom had a great time!

  14. Yay! Welcome back to your mom! Wally, it looks like you had it pretty good. You can’t hide the fact that you’re content in that picture, but those woofies sure had it good too! Those treats better be plenty and constant!

  15. Seems like there is too much gallivanting going on amongst the Beans. My mum and dad got back yesterday too. I don’t think they did any two timing with woofies though.
    The jewellery box has arrived safely, and thank you for the toys and treats for me. That was a lovely surprise. Mum will email later.

  16. Looks like the Mom had a good time even if it was with some woofies too. We love our woofie. But glad that lady with the yellow hair is back home all safe and sound and handing out treats too. Take care.

  17. Napping, I mean Meditating, is Divine! Me-Ommmmmmm

  18. We hope your mommy doesn’t come home smelling like wet dog—ewwww!

  19. O dear! At least she could have cut out the woofies out of those pictures!!!! It made our Mommy squeee!

  20. so inquiring minds want to know, was she generous with the treats??

  21. How dare she leave you behind in the first place! And to rub her good times in your face by taking photos of doggies?!! Does she have any restrain?!! Bags of treats kitties. Bags of treats is what you will need to heal these wounds… ;p

    Welcome back to your Mama 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  22. Didja get any KFC while she was away?

  23. Wally, how is it you sleep so perfectly on your blankie? We can’t help but rip ours up into a ball and flop over onto it. Why, you could be the Perfect Blankie Sleeper model! Purrs…

  24. Aw, glad your Mom is back with you now Wally! Looks like you both had relaxing times! Have a great day buddy!

  25. Wally just be glad you weren’t out there in that *gasp* water swimming around. I think you’re napping was a much better choice.

  26. How is spending time in water with woofies better than being home with you? We don’t understand humans sometimes! We hope the Dad guy had chik-hen with you though!

  27. OMCs Wally does your mom need another friend in her group…if so mom would like to apply. that looks like so much fun.

  28. I hope the treats are free-flowing fur sure!

  29. Well it’s about time she’s back. I hope you got treats…

  30. Is that a new mat 🙂

  31. OMC what a traitor, woofie’z..Make her pay MOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  32. Our Mommy wants to rub that adorable WAlly tummy!!…We’re sure you guys will get lots of treats since you have such strong evidence of your Mommy’s two timing!!MOL…Happy hump, day, sweet friends!…xoox….Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  33. Wally, we commend you on your choice of activity while your Mom was away! And yes, two-timing with woofies is DEFINITELY going to take LOTS of treats to get over…

  34. Looks like the Mom was doing the same thing you were—sleeping. MOL! Welcome back to the Mom.

  35. We know you’re glad to have your mom back, even if she did two-time you with dogs. The nerve!

  36. We like what you were doing better!!
    Bet it’s good to have your Mom back though 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  37. Glad your mom is back! Wow that floating on water thing looks so much fun! And woofie seems to be enjoying, too 🙂
    I hope she got lots of souvenirs and snacks for you!

  38. What a traitor your mom is. Leaving you at home and gallivanting with woofies is very disturbing. We say, treats, toys and scritches by the bushel are in order. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  39. We’re glad your Mom is back. We think those woofies are crazy to get near that water!!

    The Florida Furkids

  40. Oh boy, I hope you got tons of extra treats! Love your nappy mat!

  41. Give her a good bath too! Those woofies stink when they’ve been outside and wet.

  42. Dudette and Dudes! Sorry if ya missed the LWTYH…but Mom Linda is soooo with her on that lake…

  43. Uh, Wally? Really, I’d say that was more like 4-timing!

  44. We hope you get some extra treats, Wally!!

  45. Wally, your sleeping mat looks so comfy. We thinks now would be a really good time to lay the guilt trip on your mom and get lots of extra treats.

  46. milk it for all you’re worth Wally,xx Speedy

  47. the nerve of that mom – I think you need to express your displeasure…

  48. Uh-oh, your Mom got busted!! Yes, her punishment should be to keep the treats coming for you. And maybe some ear scratchies too? If that’s what you like? 🙂

  49. You guys are so great about leaving messages on my blog. Thanks so much.
    Mom says I have to get around more.

  50. We are glad your mom is back. . .and we have to say that photo is fantastic.

  51. What is wrong with all our human mom´s ?!
    Is it the summer that makes them all gallivating away ?!

  52. That is the best pic! Do the dogs jump and off to swim?

  53. Water and woofies? Just as well you got to stay home!

  54. i hope I missed my comment but I thought I left one…Mom Linda so would have loved floating on that lake…woofies would have been fine…sigh

  55. We sure hope you got extra treats when your mom returned. Looks like your mom had lots of fun while away. Better for her to spend time with those woofies than with other cats, we think.


  56. Holy CAT! Water *and* goggies?!?! Didja decide how you were gonna get her back yet?

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