Un-Easy E Sunday

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Jul 212013


Kitties…as you can see, I’m wearing my un-easy face today.  That’s because the mom is leaving us again for a few days…this time she’s gonna hang out with her girlfriends at her friend’s lake house. She was gone last weekend and now she’s off gallivanting again.  Jeez!  She needs to stay put for awhile.

Well, you know what that means…we won’t be visiting much for the next few days.  But…on the bright side…maybe the Colonel will visit again!

And just to make sure you get your Island Cat fix while the mom’s gone, make sure you drop by Madi’s Down Home in North Carolina on Monday.  As part of Mayor Madi’s “Meet the Cabinet” feature, she’s interviewing us as her official “Directors of Neighborhood Watch!”  You don’t wanna miss it!

We’ll see you all in a few days!!


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  1. Oh Ernie, you do look somewhat worried. We sure will go read your interview over at Madi’s tomorrow. I bet that will be a good one. Hope that lady with the yellow hair has a really good time. Take care.

  2. Oh, dear, Ernie. We certainly hope the Colonel visits. You have earned it after all of this abandonment!

  3. I sure hope your Mom has a good time. I bet it is not easy for her to leave you all, and she will miss you, as will we! 🙂

  4. Oh no! Perhaps she will bring treats for you back with her? Purrs.

  5. Hope your Mom has a great time!

  6. Ernie you all need to put your mom under house arrest! MOL MOL

    OH AND EVERYONE THE ISLAND CAT’S interview tomorrow’s wonderful
    MADI your bfff

  7. It is a strange habit of humans not to stay put, don’t you think?
    Trash pawty at your house?

  8. This simply has to stop! There is just no controlling these Moms! But…KFC will make it all better.

    Our mom is running back and forth between our house and our cousins (thankfully only 2 miles away) to take care of them.

  9. Jeez. Off again? You need some sort of crate or something for her to stop her wondering off.

  10. Well he doesn’t look pleased and I’m sure the guilt trip will be tenfold when you return. Safe travels and have a wonderful time!!

  11. We hope your Mom has fun on her trip but we think it’s wrong to leave you alone. We sure hope your Dad gives you loads of extra treats while she’s gone.

    The Florida Furkids

  12. These mums get quite difficult to control – unfortunately ours has decided she’s got a mind of her own!!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Your mom better be bringing back lots of treats to make up for her being AWOL.

  14. Ernie, come on over (and bring some Colonel’s…)

  15. We sure hope your mom has a great time, Ernie. And we hope you kitties get some of that NOMMY KFC, too.


  16. Ernie, your uneasy look says it all! the nerve of your mom running off again! well, we hope she’ll have an extra fun time so she won’t need to leave you kittehs again for awhile 😉 as compensation though, the Colonel should at least visit every day while she is gone 😀

    We’ll be sure to check out your interview. purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  17. I do think the Colonel will help turn that into a happier face Ernie!

  18. that’s very naughty of your mummy running off to have fun with out you guysoh well while the mummys away the cats can play….hehehe,xx Sppedy

  19. With so much missing Mommy time, a colonel is definitely in order!

  20. We have the same issue with our mom Ernie…. She barely gets home, off she goes again. We have been trying to figure out different techniques to hold her hostage, but so far nothing has worked. Luckily she always comes back and we are never alone…. The sitter-aunts are pretty fun, even though they are not mom….
    Hang in there…. Mom will come back to you, and it is always so good when they come back home!!

  21. Wow, Ernie, you human just won’t stay put, will she? I’m looking forward to Madi’s post with you kitties!

    Paws crossed for some KFC this week!

  22. Try not to worry too much. I’m sure your mom will think about you non-stop while she is away! Me-Ommmmmmm

  23. KFC!?! Um, Mommy…we’ll be right back, k?

    Have fun with your Dad!

  24. Yes, Ernie, that is a concern and you have every right to look it. Hey, maybe the Dad Guy will you serve you the Colonel on your tree!

  25. Ernie we hope your lady has lots of fun with her friends!

  26. Why do Mom’s have to go away! Why can’t they be happy staying home and taking care os us!

  27. Humans should be given a much shorter leash!!

  28. sorry you mom is leaving but sometime moms need time awy, have a fun few days

  29. Oh no! Sorry to hear your mom is going away. But it’s just a feed days, she will be back soon! And she might be bringing back some fishes from the lake for you 🙂

  30. Tell mom to have a nice staycation and we’ll see you all when she gets back.Now tell her she needs to bring you a prezzie when she gets back too.

  31. Now that is downright alarming…away two weekends in a row. Even our humans don’t do that and they are super inconsiderate. We will check out that other blog tomorrow. Try not to trash things too, too much…just enough to let her know how displeased you are. That face looks like the I can’t wait to make trouble face as opposed to the un-easy face. We’ll save some nip and bacon and other noms for when you can make it over to our place.Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  32. She’s going away again?!?!?! You need to put her on a leash. My peeps deserted me for a hunnert hours and I wrote about it.

  33. Your mum needs to stay home with you and tend to your needs.

  34. Well, on the positive side, the Colonel would probably make it’s appearance while Mom is away! 😉

  35. Wez seen you at Madi’s loved it 🙂 xx00xx Hope Mom has a great time x

    Mollie and Alfie

  36. I think you need to give your mom a formal write up and make her know, clearly, your dissatisfaction with this situation!

  37. Don’t you just hate it when the family isn’t all together?! My mommie is now home after being gone two days. I am sitting on her lap while she is working for me. If you get lonely teleport on over and hang out.

  38. We hope you get some chickun while you’re mom’s away. It’s only fair.

  39. Tell your Mama to have a wonderful and relaxing time! And be sure to manipulate…um, ask your Daddy politely for lots of fried chick-hen! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  40. headed straight to read all about you…and chillax Ernie….the lady with the yellow hair will surely bring back some nice fresh lake trout!!

  41. Ernie, we say your mom puts one more foot out of the house and there’s a house trashing party. What do you think? Just trying to help out here.

  42. We hope your mombean has a good time visiting with her friends!


    PS you look comfortable Ernie.

  43. We hope your mum has fun trip and we’re sure your daddy will take care while she is away!!!

  44. Hope the yellow haired lady has fun!
    …Maybe the dad guy will use a heavy hand with the food.
    ; ) Katie

  45. I hope more treats are on the menu!

  46. If we lived close we would party with you 🙂

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