Jul 012013



Hi kitties.  Wally here.  That’s right…Google Reader is no more.  We know there are other blog readers that some of you are using in its place.  Whichever one you’re using…Bloglovin’, Feedly, The Old Reader…we hope you’ll continue to follow us.  And don’t forget, you can follow us by email, too.  Just check our sidebar for the ways you can do that.  We don’t wanna lose our furiends.

Oh, Google Reader…you were so easy to use…now we hafta learn something new…we’ll miss you.

You got anything to say, Ernie?

Yeah, Wally.  I wanna thank everybuddy for the suggestions on how I can get room service like Zoey.  It looks like horkin’ up a hairball was the consensus, though there were some other great ones mentioned.  I still haven’t gotten room service yet, but I sensed fear in the mom when she read your suggestions, so I know it’s just a matter of time before she gives in.  Just in case, I’m working on one massive hairball…it takes time for them to develop, y’know.

Ernie, we’re talking about the demise of Google Reader, not horkin’ a hairball.

I’ve already paid my respects to Google Reader and I’m moving on.  I’m working on room service for the both of us, Wally.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


  51 Responses to “Mancats – Goodbye Google Reader”

  1. We never used Google Reader so we are still here boys – you don’t get rid of us that easy!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We’re still here, too. We think the hairball was a great idea, though! MOL!
    Happy Monday!

  3. focus ernie, focus.

  4. LOL, way to go Ernie, you should have that room service shortly. Good job. We are cheering you on.
    We are not losing you, we are following by email and bloglovin too. We have to have our Ernie, Wallie, Zoey, and the lady with the yellow hair. Take care.

  5. We are doing fine with the reader that is part of Blogger. Go for it with the hairball.

    I have nominated you for an award! Come on over and find out about it.

  6. Have a happy horkin’ Monday everyone…room service all around!

  7. We are following you via email so we are all set! Love the photos!

  8. If Google Reader would just take one look at you, Ernie, we are sure they would not get rid of it. We have you guys saved on our Feedly list.

  9. We are using Old Reader and you got exported over to it with all our other blogs we follow. Actually we are still using Google Reader today and checking between both readers. We thought it would be gone but when mum checked, it says AFTER July 1st, so it will be goodbye GR tomorrow.

  10. Oh dear, our human has no idea about Google Reader and isn’t sure what it is about. Whatever happens, we will seek you out, Ernie! Purrs!

  11. I’ll have to alert my human to these changes with Google. She can barely keep up with her own life much less Google changes! Happy Monday and Meow and Namaste! ~ Pippy

  12. good luck with the new reader….and that hairball thing

  13. You still have us UK moggies

  14. Believe it or not, Google Reader is still up and running! The only difference was we didn’t get the notice that it’s shutting down. Odd….

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Yes, it’s a sad day among Google Reader fans. We too will miss it. Thanks for the smile.

  16. We know exactly how you feel.
    It’s our first full day of using Feedly and so far so good.
    Still we wish we had our GR!

  17. I didn’t use Google reader, so no change for me….I can see your updates with no problem 🙂
    Sounds like Ernie is working on getting room service! I hope the hairball plan will go well!

  18. We love your silly photos, handsome boys!!MOL…We will miss Google Reader too, but can always rely on the CB for updates now…Happy week ahead, lovely friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  19. Strangely, Google reader works today. I guess when they say after July 1 they really mean tomorrow! We will continue to follow you through Feedly. It is nor the greatest and it is not GR, but we are learning!

  20. doods…we dunno what a google reeder even iz sew heerz ta hairballin N hurlin !!! YAY 🙂 ~~~~~~~~

  21. We’re trying several although we’ve done the most with Feedly. At some point something will come up and work the way we want it to!

  22. Mommy never used Google Reader and has in fact, never used a reader prior to this. She’s now figuring out Feedly and somehow managed to get all our friends on it. MOL.
    Take your time with your massive hairball, Ernie. Take your time and let the lady think you’ve forgotten….then WHAM! Hahahaha!

  23. I already get room service – or at least top-of-the-cat-tree service – and I hack up hairballs regardless.

  24. Just realized we did not use google reader. Great to see you kitties.

  25. We’re going with Feedly for now, though we signed up for Bloglovin’, too. Let us know if that room service thing works out, okay? 🙂

  26. Still here kitties! I have been using Feedly for a long time now.

  27. Our Mommy is mentally challenged (we like it like that. It’s easier to control her),so she doens’t undertand anything about this googlie stuff, but we’re still here. Nothing seems to have changed in our world. Keep working on that room service request Ernie!

  28. Well said Ernie and Wally!!! Google Reader will be sorry we are sure.

    Mom and I are using feedly and we just subscribed to your email notification
    Hugs Madi your BFFF
    Love your pictures

  29. I still follow you on Feedly.. 🙂 (but oddly enough google reader is still live)

  30. We never used Google Reader so we’re confused on what we need to do for people to be able to still follow us. Mommy is technically challenged.

  31. We are following you on Feedly. But we like the idea of moving on and getting room service. Do they have salmon on the menu?

  32. SO far mommy just always used the dashboard,

    You guys look so scrumptious!

  33. We use the Google Friend Connect – seems to be still working. Is that Google reader or something else?

  34. Ernie knows what’s important! Room service for everycat! We never used a reader cos we just click on whoever comments on our blog and then we go down the blogs on our sidebar and hope we hit everybody.

  35. Its still werkin fer us… Have you checked?

  36. Heck, my Human is so 20th-century she just keeps an alphabetized (more or less) list in our favorites section. We has the old-fashioned.

  37. We hate that Google Reader is leaving. Mom Paula is kicking and screaming while trying to learn a new program.

    Pee ess – Google Reader was still working on July 2! Go figure!

  38. Me neither used Google Reader so I don´t miss it 🙂
    Hope you are getting your room service to work properly soon !!

  39. MOL!! You are funny!!

    Also Reeder has gone, so now using Old Reader, but it frightens me as I click on the wrong thing and all the posts disappear!! Feedly’s no go on ipad and Bloglovin isn’t very user friendly, well not for this user anyway!! *sigh*

    Austin says “whatever”! 😉

  40. Uh oh Wally, I hate to point this out, but……what happened to your tail??? It seems to have disappeared!

    Purs, Cassie

  41. Where did it go? Why did it go away? Hope this doesn’t mess us up too badly.

  42. We have still got Google Reader at the moment. In the UK at least, we have heard that Google are phasing it out from July onwards, but there will still be a couple more months’ grace for bloggers to find new readers to use instead.

  43. Google reader will be missed. But don’t worry, we still follow you and your amazing boys. Happy Tuesday!

  44. Mol! We’re not worried. Our Mom is so old school, she doesn’t know what a reader is! Double MOL! Purrs…

  45. yow! you boys look mighty sad! well, good luck on both counts – the hairball and the new reader 🙂 Hmmm… Ernie, you should try wailing like that to get your room service!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  46. RIP, Mr. Google Reader. We hardly knew ye.

    Ernie, we don’t thing we’ve EVER seen such a close up of your tonsils before!!!
    You two are cracking us up.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  47. google has a reader? me don’t knowz about that, but it will be ok!

  48. Alas, still no Zoey.

  49. We never used Google Reader so we’ll stick around. 🙂

  50. We don’t use Google reader we just pop over everyday from our buddy list 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  51. We’re thankful that we’ve always followed the blogs we like by e-mail so nothing has been screwed up by the demise of Google Reader. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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