Jun 282013


Hi kitties.  Y’know, I think every kitty deserves his or her very own hidey hole, don’t you?  Some place cozy, out of the way, where you can hang out and feel safe and no other cat messes with it.

This is my hidey hole.  You may have seen me in here before.  It’s where I spend most of my time sleeping…though the lady with the yellow hair says she can’t believe I’m comfortable in here all squished up.  Well, I am.  And there’s no room in here for those boycats which makes my hidey hole even better.  Sometimes the lady with the yellow hair will put my food dish right outside the door so I don’t even have to come out to eat.  I like that kind of service.

Do you like how I’ve decorated it?  As you can see, I’ve scratched and furred it up pretty good.  You should see the inside…it’s even better.  But I think it needs some more.  I have to get working on that.

So how ’bout you?  Do you have your own hidey hole?


  54 Responses to “Formerly Feral – My Hidey Hole”

  1. We have one exactly like yours (without your customizations) Sniffie loved it. Nocat has gone into it since Sniffie left for the Bridge.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. I do indeed. Just like yours! Always fun to see and hear from you Zoey. kisses.

  3. It is good to get away from boys. Glad you are being catered to too!

  4. Oh Zoey, that is one terrific hidey hole. Our Missy has one like that. It is a tight squeeze for her too, but she loves it. Good to see you Miss Zoey. And sure glad to hear that you have the lady with the yellow hair trained to put your food dish right there. Good job. Take care.

  5. We find the top of the bunk beds a great place for hiding from Lola.

  6. We love your hidey hole Zoey and we’re so glad it keeps you snug so those silly boys can’t get in there with you. You’ve got the lady with yellow hair well trained and now we think we must try to get our Mum to feed us where we’re resting too – just think of the energy we’d conserve!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. That certainly is one fine hidey hole. You have excellent taste in decorating too. I’m sure that design is so new it hasn’t even been introduced in the latest home fashion magazine yet.

  8. we got one of those…. Ivy tried to squish in but didn’t quite fit – MOL. the kittens love it though….

  9. thompson has his favorite hidey hole. diego-san’s hidey hole is the entire upper level of the house. Theo, he likes to chase brothers who are in their hidey holes.

    p.s. room service… you’ve got it all.

  10. It is important to have a hidey hole and that is a great one!

  11. that is a catabulous “hidey hole” and yes I have one too! I love how you are able to get “room service” too! Love, Cody

  12. Excellent hidey hole and you have done a super duper job decorating it. We have several hidey holes to get away form the woofy here. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Hidey Holes are great. We like to hide in bags, but HH doesn’t leave them on the floor long enough. We’re looking for something more permanent.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  14. Zoey, I didn’t know you spent so much time in your hidey hole. I thought you spent most of your time on the pretty pink blanket on the bed. Your hidey rocks! You have a flair for decoration too. There’s a storage closet here with a door on it. It’s packed full of stuff. I love to go in because nobody can find me. I’m able to get behind everything. It’s packed from floor to ceiling. Anyway, I stopped going in so much about 3 months ago, but I have to have it opened every day starting in the morning. I meow and meow at the lady until she opens it. Then I just hang out but don’t go in. The lady closes it at night because if there were a disaster, she wouldn’t be able to get me if I were in there.

    The lady just loves seeing you peeking out. I think your lady is pretty great to put your food there too.


  15. It’s really nice to have your own hidey hole. One of my boys loves to nap in a cat tree cave. Like your mom, I don’t know how it is comfortable, but obviously he feels very comfy there. I love your decoration. I hope we can see inside after you’ve done purrfect decoration 🙂

  16. What a great hidey hole, and it comes with room service, too!!! You sure are a lucky kitty. I’ll bet you like it because there’s only room for one.

  17. I hide out in the closet but my sisfur Isabella never goes into hiding. She just sleeps out in the open all day long.


  18. We agree that every kitty needs a hidey hole! Yours looks delightful, Zoey!

    The Chans

  19. Zoey you have excellent room service there in your hidey hole.
    Hugs Madi your bFFF

  20. That’s one good hidey-hole if we ever saws one! Our sister Pia had a great hidey-hole until today when Mom had to tell the world about it. You can bet we’re looking for another good one this very minute! Purrs…

  21. Great place to hide and your food even comes to you!!!

  22. We have two hidey holes! One is a leopard den and the other is a wicker den. We like to sleep in both of them. The human changes out the bedding after we get it fuzzy and perfect smelling. That doesn’t please us–and we don’t get room service 🙁

    Your hidey hole is pawsome for scratching. We may suggest the human purchase one suitable for scratching, too 🙂


  23. With two invasive hog cats around here, I never seem to have my own hiding place.

  24. my stars zoey, your apartment is FABulous; I KNOW the interior is as gorgeous as you, and you’re right …don’t let the boys come over, not even for a visit…they will trash the place in a fast minute…hugs from dai$y; we all hope everyone has a great weekend !

  25. We LOVE what you’ve done with your nidey hole, Zoey! It’s so YOU! And the fact that you get room service in there … we can understand why you love it so much. 🙂

  26. Oh Zoey, you do look cute! My hidey hole is so secret, my typist doesn’t even know!!

  27. Allie: Oh Zoey, a girl has to have her own space, she does! Unfortunately, Faraday has found all of mine, the little Brat!

  28. I am a big fan of a secret hide-a-way!!

  29. That is a great hidey hole especially for you.

  30. Oh, Zoey, we bet you have that little hidey hole all covered with furs, like a little birdie nest. But we are purring one day you and the boys will be able to share peacefully.

  31. You look very pretty in there sweet Zoey! I did have a hidey hole but I forgot where I put it!

  32. An excellent spot, Zoey. Just the right size for you. You’re right, of course, everyone needs a place to get away from everyone else. I’m glad you have yours.

  33. Your hidey hole is looking good Zoey, we like how you decorated it. We have a couple of those here too but we have never gotten room service. We’re gonna have to talk with Mama about that.

  34. That’s a great hidey-hole, Zoey. You’re a fine decorator!

  35. We wuz how you have customized and personalized your hides hole! Now it is truly yours 🙂 You can chillax good now.

  36. Yeah, we have our own cages. Moonjoo even likes to go sleep inside the PTU. I do that some times too 🙂

  37. Our Only has one very much like yours.

  38. Yes we do and we don’t have the same one. Which is even better.

  39. Miss Zoey, I always want the hiding hole but got none !
    Now I add to my list. Thanks for the idea…It’s pawsome ; )
    Have a fantastic day, and say ” Hi ” to your brothers for me

  40. I’m the only one who’ll hang out in the little cat tree holes. I like it because no one bugs me in there either (Mommy : that’s because YOU are the only one who bugs everyone).


  41. Dear Zoey, we love your hidey hole! We have one too and call it the “donut”. I barely can squeeze myself in there but I do anyway too! Have a great weekend kitties!

  42. That’s lovely 🙂

  43. Room service! You are so spoiled, Zoey! Have a great weekend!

  44. A girl does need her own space and privacy and you sure did a wonderful job with not only the decorating, but training your human to be the purrfect servant!

  45. Wow, Ms. Zoey, you do look comfy cozy in there…but, uh…would you have space for THIS boycat…..?


  46. My hidey hole believe it or not is a cat carrier (sherpa bag) that my human got down the other day to take Neko to the vet. It’s very comfy and I dare her to take me anywhere in it! Meow and Namaste! ~ Pippy the Feline Yogini

  47. Hi Zoey,
    That’s a very nice hidey hole you’ve got there. I USED to have a hidey hole. I called it the Townhouse. Now there’s NOWHERE to hide.
    ; ) Katie

  48. You have a great hidey hole. I don’t like confined places. I’ve never even been in the cave thingy in my ToP. Of course I don’t have other cats around here to bother me. Just the peeps and they prefer me to be out of sight. *sniffle*

  49. I think your hidey hole is pretty fantastic Zoey and the room service from you mum is great!!!

    We wanted to thank you for Jimmy’s birthday wishes and let you know that we are returning to regular blogging next week 🙂 Hope you’ll pop back again for a visit!

  50. We have so many places to hide, but efurrybuddy likes the back of Mom’s closet. She tries to keep it closed because we won’t come out and it is very hard for her to get her hands on us. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  51. nice hang out,perfect just for you!

  52. We all have our favrit hidey-holes here, but that one of yours is a GOOD one!

  53. Wish I had a hidey hole from that Blond..MOL you do look cosy xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  54. Henry has the wash basket

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