Jun 072013



* sound of the flashy box being turned on


Jeez…thanks a lot.

You and that noisy thing
just interrupted the best dream I was having.
I was chasing a mousie and I was thisclose to catching it!

Now go away…
and let me get back to my dream and that tasty mousie.


  42 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Dream Interrupted”

  1. The flashy box ruins a lot of nice dreams. It’s soooo annoying!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. napus interruptus.

  3. Hi there Zoey, that kind of thing happens to all of us too. Hope you got back to that great dream and caught that juicy mouse. Have a great week end.

  4. Inhope you get that mousie pretty Zoey!

  5. Alas, that happens all too often in our house.’

    We hope you resume that dream, Zoey!

  6. Oh no Zoey not the flashy box again – you’d think we could all be allowed a Flash Free Friday!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Next to the sucky monster noise, the sound of the flashy box being turned on is NOT appreciated! Have a great weekend!

  8. It sounds as though the camerawoman needs a dose of revenge! We’ll be right over Zoey!! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. Those Humom’z neffer know when to give it a rezt.. Hope next dream you get the Mousie MOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. NOES!! Another kitteh dream destroyed with the FLASH and CLICK box!! hhhiiissss to hoomoms and hoodads for doing that!! Waves paws to Zoey…’Hi gurlfurriend!”

  11. Get back to it and catch the mousie!

  12. zoey…ewe will knead yur brotherz help with this but when yur mom sets de thing down….throw it in de bak oh de toy let… inside de thing that looks like a square….ewe will knead a look out …N help with de lid… N ewe will hafta push de flush handle at leest 78 times ta get it good N soaked 😉

    heerez ta a grate week oh end !!

  13. Isn’t that always the way?

    P.S. The woman here says that you can turn that sound off and it should be in your camera’s set up menu.

  14. Former and feral in one sentence makes me very happy. Have a great weekend Wally and all.

  15. Well, that was crummy timing! Hope you were able to go back to sleep and catch that mousie Zoey!

  16. We’re guessing your mom wasn’t sneaking upon you on tippy-toes being extra, extra quiet? Neither does our mom. *sigh*

  17. Awww Zoey you look so cute but I’m sorry your nap was interrupted.

  18. Poor Zoey. We hope you are able to fall back asleep quickly. You don’t want that mousie to get too far ahead!

  19. Zoey girlfriend I know what you mean. On top of the flashy beast binging the case it is in has a velcro snap….so I hear rip and bing
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  20. I hate when my good dreams get interrupted!

  21. Yes that dreaded sound and I can see it annoyed you a lot.. Hugs GJ x

  22. Sorry Zoey, that dream will never be repeated. I’m sure Ernie or Wally caught that smousy by now and devoured it. Time to get even with the flashy box.

  23. Stoopid flashy box. We hope you got back to that awesome dream, Zoey!

  24. I am sure something is going through the legislature about flashy box crime!!

  25. The flashy boxes are bad enough when we are awake but they really make us mad when they wake us from a good dream
    We hope you got your mousie.

  26. That flashy box intrudes on the best naptimes. What’s up with that?

    Thank you so much for your kind words of condolence in our blog comments about our grandpeep. We’ve been touched with the kindness of the blogosphere.

  27. oooooh nooooooo….seriouslies? *sigh* Good dreams like that are sooo elusive too.

  28. Cameras should be forbidden to be used when we sleep (at least)!

  29. That noise is a dead giveaway every time. That’s why our mom uses her phone to take many of our photos, even though the quality isn’t as good. Hope you were able to find where you left off in your dream. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  30. The flashy monster is at it again! Zoey it seems when you’re having a great time the monster always appears. I hope you can get back to your sweet dream.

  31. Even our brand new kittens are getting tired
    of that flashy box! But I just can’t
    help myself!

  32. Zoey – that woman with the yellow hair is simply relentless. A little peace and quiet, please, if you don’t mind!! A cat needs a good 15 to 18 solid hours of nap time a day… geez…

  33. there is NOTHING worse than being woken up from a good dream! Shame on that woman!

  34. Oh no that flashy box! I hope you got back to sleep and had the same dream…and caught the mousie this time 🙂

  35. Oh geez, not another flashy box! A new one? Well, you’ll *never* get any peace now. Maybe it could have an unfortunate accident?
    The hideous two weeks at the Human’s work are over so I hope she’ll be helping me visit more now!

  36. Yes, Zoey that camera comes out at the most annoying times -for us that is most of the time!!

  37. Our NEW flashy box is very quiet. We get caught by surprise a lot lately.

  38. Thank you for your well wishes and purrs. We appreciated it. Purrs!

    Yes, our human does that to us a lot of times!

  39. Zoey! Make sure you get treats for photos and you will look forward to it!

  40. Oh goodness, you mom is like mine..always with the flashy box. She tries to fool me by turning it on in another room, as if!

  41. How dare you disturb a moggies sleep 🙂

  42. Dad does that to us. As soon as we see that thing we right away do something else and that stops him, most times anyway!

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