May 152013



The mom’s leaving us and heading off to BlogPaws this weekend.  Yep, she got the big suitcase out and starting filling it up.  I might try to sneak in it just for fun.

For those of you who might not know what BlogPaws is, it’s an annual conference where pet bloggers and people in the pet industry meet and talk about what else…pets and blogging and other social media stuff!  This is the mom’s first time going, and she’s pretty excited about it.

But us…meh…not so much.  Y’know why?  Because we won’t be doing any blogging or much visiting while she’s gone.  I don’t understand why we can’t but she says she’ll be too busy to help us.  Yeah right…she’ll be busy kibitzing with some of your peeps who are going, too.


The dad-guy will be taking care of us while she’s gone…which isn’t bad because he lets us get away with all sorts of stuff…way more than the mom ever does.  And you know who usually comes to visit when the mom leaves us??


That’s right!  The Colonel!!

We’ll see you guys next week…and hopefully we’ll have some good stories to share about BlogPaws!  Unless the mom decides to invoke the rule…”What Happens at BlogPaws, Stays at BlogPaws.”  Nah, we won’t let her do that!


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  1. Wally tell mom to have a blast and be sure to say hi to any of our mutual friends she might meet at the conference.

    HEYS ZOEY you are in charge of 3 men…I send you hugs
    Madi your BFFF

  2. Love!!!

  3. We sure hope that Mom has a great time at Blog Paws. We know she will for sure. And Wally and Ernie, have fun with the Dad.

  4. Our mom hopes your mom has a wonderful time at Blog Paws and wishes she could go too. Know you guys will have a great time with KFC, beer and the remote!

  5. Hope you Mum has a great time.

  6. OOOOhhhhh, I went as a flat cat a few years ago and my mom and I had a great time. Wish we could be there to meet up with your mom and all the other wonderful cat moms and dads. Sigh. I guess my flat self will just have to pout.

    Pee Ess…the swag at Blog Paws is amazing so make sure your mom brings you back lots of stuff!

  7. We hope your Mom has a great time at Blog Paws – and we hope she brings you all lots of goodies back. Now kick off your shoes and have a great pawty while she’s away.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Have fun with the dadguy. It look like he has his priorities in order.

  9. poor zoey. all alone with all that testosterone.

  10. We hope your mom has a great time at BlogPaws. You all have fun while she is away and we will be looking forward to hearing all about her trip when she returns. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. OMC, you kittehz are gonna have it good while the Mom is away! ::drools::

  12. Tell her to have a good time and don’t let the door hit you…you know the rest.
    We’d trade our Mom being gone if it meant KFC to snatch-oh yeah, in a heartbeat.

  13. Hope you mommy has a wonderful time. My mommy wishes she could go but I am glad she can’t. Who would I sleep with?

  14. We hope your Mommy has a great time at Blogpaws and brings home lots of goodies for you!
    Enjoy The Colonel! MOL.

  15. How can a kitty miss Mommy when Daddy spoils him with chicken?

    We hope everyone at BlogPaws has a wonderful time!

  16. We hope your mom has a safe trip to DC and a wonderful time at BlogPaws! We can’t wait to hear about her adventures and maybe one day our mom will join the group. The Colonel sounds like an excellent visitor…we may try to convince our mom to invite him over!

  17. Oh your mom is going to BlogPaws, and it’s her first time! How exciting! I hope she will have wonderful time there!
    Sorry for you kitties not to have mom at home, but you got dad and Colonel 🙂 I hope you have fun, too while she is having fun!

  18. Have a great time with the Colonel, boys! Remember to let Zoey have her fair share,k? xx

  19. With the The Colonel around you won’t miss Mom quiet as much!

  20. Hope your mum has a great time and enjoy the Colonel and your daddy time,me I’m off one holiday with mummy and daddy friday,xx Speedy

  21. You kitties enjoy that KFC, and good luck to your Mommy at blogpaws!

  22. That KFC looks delicious. Hope mum enjoys Blogpaws.

  23. I wish I was going this year. I’d love to meet your mom. Maybe next time Blogpaws is close enough to drive.

  24. KFC party at your house! I will be right over!

  25. We hope your mom has a great time but for some reason we think you all and the Dad-guy are going to have an even greater time!

  26. Whoa Wally KFC dude!!!!
    We sure will miss you while your Momma is away having fun at Blogpaws!

  27. I wish the colonel would visit OUR house! He sounds like a pawsomely delicious visitor. MOL!

    My dad (meowmeowmans) and mom are SO looking forward to meeting your Mom in person at BlogPaws!



  28. Hope your mum has a lovely time at Blog Paws.

  29. Dang Wally, I’m not going either, but my Dad and Flat Brian are headed there tomorrow. CHICKEN!!!!!!

  30. Have a great time with the Colonel while Mom is away! Stay away from those drinks, though…

  31. Oh cooooool! Yoo gets to haf fun while she’s gone and den we gets to hear two stories when she comes back – yur verzhun and her verzhun. Dis should be great. We’ll get da popcorn going and sit back and wait for da fun to start! Woo Hoooo! Should we make bets on who had da better time 🙂 Ohhhhh dis is gonna be fun! Hmmmm, we don’t know which place to teleport ofur to first…

  32. Hope your mom has fun!

  33. Oh, I hope that your mom has a great time with the BlogPaws and that you get some Colonel Chicken with your dad! I love chicken!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  34. Hi Wally!

    Our mom wishes hers could go to BlogPaws; hers has never been before. We are kind of glad hers can’t go this year, though, ’cause we don’t like it when hers leaves us!

    Enjoy some of that chicken for us!

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  35. Hope your mom has a great time! My mum would love to go but she can’t because we live too far away in England.

  36. Brewskis and KFC you kitties have it made! We wish your Mom an awesome time at BlogPaws, what fun! (Thank you so much for your comments and purrs for Neytiri, we really appreciate it.)

  37. Hey Wally, I would like to try the chicken, looks good! 😉
    How wonderful that you mom had this opportunity to meet friends, I wish her great fun and I hope she can take some pictures to show us the meeting!
    Luna and mom Léia

  38. Wally, tell mom to have a super time!
    And please don’t be too hard on Dad!

  39. She left you too?
    We should organize a pawty for kitties not going to BlogPaws whose humans are going…

  40. Don’t you just dislike the suitcase?! When they come out that is never good news. But it is fun to spend the time with your daddie and I see the Col. Sanders will visit too. Was that a six pack of beer? Sounds like a fun time to me. Take care and see you soon.

  41. Mom wishes she could go to especially since it is so close but we can’t leave all us cats with Pop – he needs help to care for us. Have fun.

  42. We hope your Mama has a blast at Blog Paws! LP says she would like to go next year (if she can get organized!!). And Wally, Ernie and Zoey…make sure you keep your Papa on his toes while she is gone. Get into a few things and create a bit of chaos to keep him busy so that he doesn’t miss your Mama too much 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  43. Wally bummer about the lack of Mom time through she should come back with lots of fun stories, smells, and swag when she comes back. I know you all will totally enjoy the time with Dad especially with the Colonel visiting

  44. Wally, mes hopes your Mommy has a great time at BlogPaws and that yous survives being taken care of by Daddy! Ms came to thanks yous for coming to my pawty!

  45. MOWZERS! Our mom says she met YOUR mom tonight – and they were both …HAVING FUN … without us. I know. Shocker, right? They must be pretending, just to bolster each others’ spirits, cuz, like, they can’t be having any fun if we’re not there. Right? Uh, Wally…?

  46. This blogpaws weekend sounds great and I hope your mum does come back and share all about it. We are also very tempted to pop over and wait for her coming home if the colonel is visiting. Great pics from the week too and love the sleeping buddy ones. Take care,

  47. Oooo, you guys are gonna have fun with dad!!

  48. Wow. Imagine that. Our Dad is friends with the Colonel too!

  49. Is that fried chicken and beer? I will be right over!

    Your pal, Pip

  50. We hope your mom has a great time at BlogPaws.
    We thinks you are all going to have a blast with your Dad and The Colonel.

  51. Hey my furiends! I am feeling so much better–can I teleport over for a thigh and a brewski? Woo-hoo–your pops is a cool dude!

    Thanks for your nice messages–I am waaaaaaaaaay better!

  52. Hope you had a blast & a safe journey home! And I hope to make it next year!

  53. We hope your mom has a purr-fect time at Blog-paws! Sounds like great fun 🙂

  54. Hey–I saw your Mom was having trouble posting on your bloggy! She should drop every single thing in her life and concentrate only on getting this all fixed up because after all, it’s the most important thing in her life! Not to mention yours. This is an EMERGENCY!!!!

  55. Great to meet your mom at BlogPaws. We had no idea you lived on island outside Detroit–very cool! Us island and peninsula/beach kitties (we’re from Miami, FL) must stick to gether and we don’t mean the humidity.

  56. We wish we could go! But as we can’t, let meet the Colonel too 🙂

  57. We has a scratcher just like yours, Wally! Isn’t it great?

  58. Whoa! All Pop ate was peanut butter sammiches. Next time I’m staying with you.

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