May 132013


Kitties…I got a problem.  Y’see, I just can’t find a napping spot all to myself.  Y’know…a spot where you can stretch out and get your snooze on without interference from anybuddy else?

Here I was…on the chair…snoozing away…when Ernie…aka Mr. Big Feets…jumped up and pushed his way into my spot.


So I thought…okay…I’ll move over to the couch.  There’s a nice comfy pad there made just for snoozing.  Well, you can see what happened. Ernie followed me and horned in on my spot…again.


Then I tried the mini-cat tree.  Yep…so did Ernie.


Upstairs on the bed?  Yep, you guessed it.

So, I made my final move to find my own napping spot.  On top of the big cat tree!  He won’t follow me up there, will he?


Oh, yes he will.  And did.  There’s 157 other great napping spots in this house and he has to have the one I got.  Is it too much to want my own napping spot without Mr. Big Feets invading every time?  I tell ya…I get no respect around here.

Hey!  What’d I do, Wally?

Aw, shut up, Ernie….


  52 Responses to “Mancats – No Respect”

  1. Totally pawesome pictures!!!

    Sometimes mew just have to share!!!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xoxo

  2. maybe Ernie was cold!

  3. Love that look on your face Wally on top of the tree. That Ernie just wants a snuggle buddy. Hope you can find a spot of your own soon Wally. Maybe sneak into a closet or something. You all have a great day.

  4. We think Ernie follows you round because he likes to snuggle with you Wally – you must be very cuddlesome.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. you have a very handsome shadow.

  6. YOUR FACE!! I love that dialogue and your face– they just go together flawlessly!

  7. Wally, we guess that Ernie is lonesome, however we totally understand the need to stretch out in comfort.

  8. We know how you feel Wally. Maybe a whap or two is in order?

  9. Wally, Ernie knows you are irresistible cat, knows your record and loves being in your company! Maybe tuning that down a bit will send him off to himself…maybe!!

  10. Yeah… I know just what you mean! MOUSES!

  11. How sweet! Ernie loves you so much, Wally!

  12. I love the look on Wally’s face in that last photo–LOL!

  13. Sometimes a cat just doesn’t want to be alone… Sigh.

  14. He may be a pest, but he loves to be with you!

  15. I used to get the same trouble except Eric would sit on me to get my spot all for himself. At least Ernie only wants to share.

  16. Wally, there’s nothing you can do… you are a magnet for Ernie.
    It does make for wonderful photo opportunities!


  17. Put some wet cold paws on Ernie and maybe he will leave you along. 🙂

  18. LOL, I love your face expressions, Wally! Looks like Ernie really really wants your company…you must be very comfy napping companion!

  19. Call it “love”, Wally… Ernie is fan of you !

  20. You must have some powerful mojo, Wally…either that or you are super warm and snuggly!

  21. LOL!! Wally, your expression says it all in that last picture. You may not believe this, but some of us wouldn’t mind Ernie being around all the time.

  22. Look at the bright side: You will be warmer with your pal Ernie beside you 🙂

  23. We think you two are just so sweet! You make us want brofurs!

  24. Hey Wally, maybe if you insist he join you then he won’t! It works that way here with my sisters anyways!

  25. Beautiful buddies!

  26. Wally you will just have to come to terms with the fact that Ernie LOVES you 🙂 Btw, Thank you for visiting last week with birthday wishes for Kip and Casper

  27. Wally and Ernie!! The new Laurel and Hardy!! mol

  28. Awwww Wally Ernie just loves you and wants to be with you.

  29. I feel your pain Wally. The Spotted Airhead (a.k.a. Callie) follows me around ALL of the time! I have tried to lose her repeatedly!


  30. Yeah, we think Ernie likes you too 😉
    Besides, he knows that you know where all the cozy spots are 😉 heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  31. Seems like Ernie doesn’t like being alone or has a little man crush on Wally. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  32. It’s like a cat bromance!

  33. Ah Wally! It is sooo obvious! You smell absolutely delicious and Ernie can’t get enough of your scent!! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  34. Wally, we suspect Ernie knows you always find the best napping spot of the day. That and he like to have someone to with when he sleeps. The trick is to find a spot, wait until he is sound asleep, then sneak away. Of course that probably wouldn’t work any better.

  35. Wally, it is your animal magnetism!

  36. Aw, he just likes you Wally! But mebbe there is some place only big enough fer 1 cat? Or you could trying farting a lot…

  37. I don’t know why, but my feline sister Rosie is laughing …she says I do the same thing to her!

    Your pal, Pip

  38. Wally, don’t you know the bestest place is where the other guy is sleeping? Ask Oui Oui & MMM. MMM follows Oui Oui around too. Thanks for coming to my party! We had a blast with you.

  39. Togetherness. Nothing like it!

  40. Well Wally, at least he doesn’t constantly nibble and chew on your ear and give you an ear infection! We had that case here with Sima and Sweet!

  41. We aren’t sure why, but Mommy started singing “Me and my shadowwwwwwww”. Does that make any sense to you?

  42. Awww Wally, Ernie loves you!!!!!! purrrrr

  43. I think the best spot is on top of the cat tree!

  44. tell your Mama if she wants to talk to me I am leaving TOMORROW MORNING!!

  45. Maybe Wally’s name should really be ‘shadow’.

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  46. Well sweet Wally we figure sweet Ernie just likes you a lot and loves to be near you. You sure were nice to not hiss at him or bop him on the head. Hugs and nose kisses

  47. Oh Wally! Tell your Mum to save the Stinky Sardine Cookie we made you and have her feed it to you right in front of Ernie…that’ll show him! We can’t wait to meet your Mum at BlogPaws!

  48. Whoa! I didn’t think he was allowed to jump so high anymore with his back problems. You prolly didn’t think so either.

  49. So wonderful friendship! Love you boys!

  50. Henry is the loner out of us three x

  51. Ernie you have to find a corner of your own. But maybe the spot Wally is in is more comfy. Quick check. MOL

  52. Wally, your face is just precious! VERY clear how you feel…lol 😉

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