Jan 022009

Mom’s packing the Christmas decorations away today!
So, we decided to help her…

By not helping her!!!

 (Hey Ernie, she’s taking down our tree!  🙁 )

  27 Responses to “The Holidays are Over”

  1. It’s only interesting when it’s going up!

  2. Your Mom is organized!!!

  3. LOL! Now dat is classy!

  4. Our Mom always says that’s the best kind of help. hahaha!

  5. We helped our mom by not helping too. She really appreciated it 🙂

  6. Whimpurr took all our stuff down the day after Christmas! She couldn’t wait to get the house back to “normal”? Whatever THAT is! *purrs*

  7. Ha Ha!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Years!!!!

  8. I got Mom motivated when I accidently pulled the over! I didn’t even get in trouble! Happy New year to you!

  9. That’s about the best help you could give. When the time comes, I don’t think we’ll be as “helpful” as you two…

  10. My beans are in the process of taking ours down, too. Looks like they could use your “help” Haha

  11. Sometimes mom’s like it best when we are not “underfoot”. I do not know why.

  12. We always inspect the empty boxes for Mom, then she’s on her own.

  13. I ignored the humans when they took down our decorations too. Man was that a power nap!

  14. That’s a very buddhist approach on life. Well done!

  15. All our Mom does is pick up the little tree and put it in the closet. Lights and garland stay on and it’s ready for next year!

  16. We don’t like it when the tree comes down. No more shiny things to bat around, no more branches to chew. Mum doesn’t take ours down until Twelfth Night so we have it for a few more days yet.

  17. ha ha ha that is funny. My beans are taking our stuff down tomorrow. I’d like to say I’d help them like you…but no way…I’ll be right in the middle of everything!

    Happy New Year to you all!

  18. Just Like me,….helping my wife LOL!!

    Those little fellas and me have a lot in common 😉


    Cat Rabies

  19. Now, that’s my kind of help.

  20. hhahah My momma is a laffinf and a laffing! She knows what that means???
    I am, just wondering how you can stand hot to have all that going on around you and not be into it nose deep!!! I love it when Momma is fussing over things :))
    they must be preeeeety good dreams *wink wink* 😉


  21. Hi! Sorry it took me so long to come and wish u Merry XMas and a Happy New Year. Was away. Hope u had a great time. Purrs from us here!

  22. stupid moms, they always take down the decorations too early. I’ve put my paw down this year. We’re gonna leave them up fooooorrrevverrr. she’ll see.

  23. You should be over there swatting the bulbs and tinsel as your mum is trying to pack them away, but you do look cute napping. Thank you for saying the ferrets are cute.

  24. Happy New Year ! We’ve added you to our blogroll!

  25. Keep up the good work guys (and Happy New Year). FAZ

  26. Very good thinking! 🙂

  27. What helpers you are! Our Mama can put her decorations away all she wants to, but she had better not touch the manger scene! We’re not finished knocking over the sheep!

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