Tabby Tuesday

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Dec 302008

Hey, lookit me!!!  I learned a new trick!!

I can touch my nose with my tongue!!

Now go see what Ernie’s up to
over at House Panthers today!

Click HERE!!

  24 Responses to “Tabby Tuesday”

  1. We think you’ve known how to do that for a long time, Zoey! Silly!

  2. that’s a cool trick – you look cute doing it!

  3. That is a great trick! We love your floofy tummy too!

  4. I can do that too! It’s a fun trick that makes everyone do whatever you ask!

  5. You do that very well!

  6. Oh Zoey honey!

    WOW! you are turning out to be quite the lens hussy! It’s wonderful that you have perfected the art of showing off your lovely floofs AND your tongue at the same time!



  7. Nice trick! And nice tummy shot! My bean, Rachel, loves the floof!

  8. That is a really cool trick! You looks cute there and very fluffy!

  9. Zoey, your talents never cease to amaze us!
    Congrats on your blogoversary!!!!!!

  10. We are very impressed; touching your nose with your tongue whilst showing off your belly shows much talent

  11. Zoey, that is a great trick!
    What great floof you have!

  12. That’s a good trick! Mama wants to snorgle your tummy. 🙂

  13. Clever girl! That is a cute pink tongue you have there.

  14. That is a nice trick, I went to see Ernie and I am wishing you as I did Ernie a Happy New Year.

  15. Good one! I can do that but SS is never fast enough with the clicky box for it.

  16. Hahha Miss Zoey it looks like you is giving the men the “come on”.. you is very saucy and provocative in this picture.. actually I must leaves now a cause I is getting a little HOT!


  17. Did’s yoo has sum stinky goodness stuck there?

  18. Zoey, don’t tell anyone but Whimpurr can do that trick too!!! :o)

  19. Very talented! 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for mentioning the place that makes compounds. Once we get the medication figured out for sure, that sounds like a good idea!

  20. Now that is really cool! I’m gonna try that straight away! Mom said your floofy belly is really cute too!

  21. I’m going to practise that too Zoey.

  22. …and twirl around looking utterly floof-full!!!

  23. Oh how sweet!

    Congratulations on your first blogoversary 🙂

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