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Hey, kitties.  Spring is supposed to be here today.  But I sure don’t see any signs of it yet.   So I wrote a little poem that expresses my displeasure.  Here’s how it goes…

Spring hasn’t sprung
The grass is still brown
This crummy weather
Is making me frown.

Spring hasn’t sprung
There’re no flowers yet
When I look outside
It’s cold and it’s wet.

Spring hasn’t sprung
But I wish it would
I want some warmer weather
And window whiffies would be good.

Spring hasn’t sprung
And it’s sure taking its time
If it doesn’t get here quick
it will be a crime.

Hmmmm…still no Spring.  Guess I’ll take a nap and maybe when I wake up, it will be here! But I’m not holding my breath.



And on a sad note, we say goodbye to a Blogosphere icon, our good furiend, Eric, who left for the Rainbow Bridge the other day.  We send comforting purrs and nosetaps to his mom and dad and ‘specially his brother, Flynn, who are missing him very much.

Eric, buddy, we know you’re at the Bridge now hunting mousies and roaming the fields there, but our world here is a little less bright without you in it.  We’ll miss you. 


  49 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. we’re with ya about Spring…great poem!
    We still are reeling with the shock about Eric and our hearts are hurting so bad. We are desperately worried about sweet Flynn as well. Love, Caren & Cody

  2. mom says that mother nature is a *beep* and is just mean…..

  3. We love your post but are very sad about Eric too. xxx PURRS.

  4. Oh Wally, we love your poem. We are so tired of the cold weather but guess what, we wlll soon be complaining about the hot weather. Have a great day.

  5. The poem is great, Wally! We don’t have spring, either. In fact, after our snowstorm Monday night/Tuesday AM, it looks (and feels) like mid-January out there. Boo and hiss.

  6. Great poem, wish Spring was here.

  7. best. poem. ever. i’ve given up hope spring will ever spring in our neck of the woods.

  8. that was great Wally! We had Spring, and then it left. We are crushed and so sad about the loss of dear Eric.

  9. Wally we know what you mean what is up with the weather – we have had snow again on the first day of Spring. Do you want to come skiing with us!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Thank you for your lovely words for our handsome boy. We miss him terribly, but all the love sent out to him and to us are helping us in our grief.
    Jackie, Ivor and Flynn.

  11. We are so with you on that, Wally. That’s one cool poem.

    We will miss Eric a lot too. When #1 and Tommy were out for their walk this afternoon, there was a downpour in the sunshine, and so a beautiful rainbow which made them think of all our friends at the Bridge.

    The Chans

  12. Yeah, what you say about spring. Last week, we had flowers. This morning, we have hail! So long flowers. *sniffle* We miss Eric and hope our brother Seth has had a chance to nosetap with him. We imagine Eric has a long line of friends to visit and play with. Purrs….

  13. It is spring here! but soon it will be summer.

    Spring has sprung.
    Fall has fell.
    Summer will be here
    and will be hotter than……

    Mom would not let me finish that line

    WE are so very sad about Eric

  14. I’m hoping spring is really impressed with your poem, Wally. Maybe he’ll decide to finally show up. ; )

    (((purrs))) for sweet Eric’s family. We are just so, so sad about this. So very heartbreaking.

  15. We are super glad that you’re not holding your breath ’cause spring sure seems to be stubborn this year. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  16. Things have gotten a little more wintery-like here too… except for us that means temperatures under 70!

    (Ducking and running!)

  17. We love your poem…. it made us smile…. and we have leaky eyes from your tribute to Eric… Very nice… Many purrs to his family

  18. Wally
    spring is tough to find this year!

    Sending up great big purrs to Angel Eric. ♥

  19. Fantastic poem, and says it all…..we are also looking for Spring. We join you in remembering dear Eric, we miss him too.

  20. No spring here either, we are still getting snow most days. Hoping for some warmer weather too. We were also saddened to hear about Eric, he will be missed.

  21. Love the poem and desperate for spring here. We miss Eric and the other very much.

  22. Wally you are a poet…and your feet are not Longfellows!!
    Geez we might even get a flurry or two of snow here in Dixie tonight. The next 7 days will be below normal and this weekend just plan raw….

    Oh we were so very very sad to read about Eric too. He and Flynn were two of our very first kitty friends. And Ms. Jackie always made us smile with her great pictures of her boys.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  23. The poem and the picture go purrfectly together mol

  24. That is a good poem Wally-I think everyone is purrrfectly sick of cold weather.
    Sorry about your buddy Eric-it is very sad.
    Jada and Scully

  25. Love your poem, same here, no real spring, cold, snow, yeck!

  26. Wally, that poem is fabulous! The grass is green here but everything else applies so we’re hoping spring hurries up and gets here soon!

  27. Pawsome poem! We are also miffed at Spring.
    We had a snowstorm today :/
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  28. Wally, we didn’t realize you were a poet…and handsome too=WOOOOHOOOOO!!…It is warm here in Louisiana, but not as hot as it usually is this time of year…We are just devastated over the loss of precious Eric too; we’ve lost so many friends the last few weeks and we wanted to tell you guys we love you and are very grateful to be your friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. I couldn’t agree more about having some nice whiffies! I had Spring two days ago and now it is raining and cold again. And i miss Eric so much. Thank you, paw pats, Savannah

  30. With that climat change thing, winter now lasts until May and summer lasts until Thanksgiving. I didn’t really know Eric but he must’ve been some great cat.

  31. Love the poem; hopefully, Spring will come soon! Sorry for the loss of Eric! Hugs & belly rubs!

  32. Wally, you, Ernie, and Zoey are welcome over here anytime; mommy has to open our window a lot because it’s so HOT in our apartment. We do not understand. It is winter, and our heat is OFF, but somehow, we always has soooo much heat in heres! Anyway, if you want window whiffies, this is a good place to find some until the spring comes 🙂

    Mommy could not read all of your beautiful tribute to us for Eric cause hers eyes were going to start leaking again. We is so very sad about our friend.

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  33. Wally, we know exactly how you feel. We got up all excited for spring this morning, and all we got was lousy snow blowing around.

  34. We’re not sure what Spring is doing….it’s ev en cold here in Florida!!

    We will miss Eric too. He was a cool dude.
    The Florida Furkids

  35. The ersatz spring brought the poet out in you!

    Yes, we are feeling so bad for Eric’s loved ones too (and ourselves), especially poor Flynn. Things won’t be the same without him.

  36. Sweeeet poem! Spring sprung here…at everyone’s allergies did. The people are sneezing, Buddah’s crying, and I cough. But I like the sunlight coming in, so it’s all good…

  37. Lovely Poem! Me agrees!

  38. That’s one heckuva good poem, Wally! I loved it! Maybe you have found a career?

  39. I’m waiting for spring too

  40. You should come visit me. Spring is in full bloom here in the Florida panhandle.

  41. Lovely poem, Wally! I do hope spring is there by the time you wake up from your nap 🙂

  42. Great poem, Wally! You expressed our feelings to a “T” also!

  43. Don’t worry, I’m sure Spring will be here soon.

  44. Wally, thanks to you and your mom and Ernie and Zoey for your note about Lucy and for rembering her. I’m so sorry to read about Eric. I don’t know him but can only imagine how sad his people and friends are.

    I hope spring and window whiffies come for you soon!

  45. Wally you are a poet don’t ya know it!! If Spring isn’t here, than guzzle a beer…or sniff some catnip or take the next ship out of town and find some sun ’cause that would be fun! Hmm.We suck at poetry! 🙂

    We were sad to hear about Eric and left some words of comfort for his family.Rest in peace sweet boy.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  46. Wally you are a poet don’t ya know it!! If Spring isn’t here, than guzzle a beer…or sniff some catnip or take the next ship out of town and find some sun ’cause that would be fun! Hmm.We suck at poetry! 🙂

    We were sad to hear about Eric and left some words of comfort for his family.Rest in peace sweet boy.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  47. Wally, we loved your poem, although spring is springing at our house! We hope your flowers will start blooming soon.

    We are missing Eric too, and hope his family will find comfort in all the kind words everyone has been leaving.

  48. Hi Wally, we are missing spring too……..loved your poem!=^Y^=

    Eric will forever be missed by so many of us who loved him and his brother, Flynn. Someone who is more internet savvy than our Mom should start a “Love you Eric'” blog hop!”

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