Easy E Sunday

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Mar 102013


Hey kitties!  Tomorrow is a very special day for me.
Can you guess what it is??
Well, let’s just say there’s gonna be some celebrating here on the Island.
So I’m taking it real easy today so I’ll be ready!

I hope you’ll all come back tomorrow to see!


  29 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. We will be back tomorrow for sure, Ernie! We’re pretty sure a day of celebration doesn’t involve having needles all over. :p

  2. your gotcha day?

  3. We’ll be back tomorrow!! We love celebrations!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Ooh, we’re looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow!!

  5. Ernie, is it your birthday or gotcha day? We will definitely come back and see!


  6. Oh goodie, a partay. What fun. Ernie, that is one pretty Ham-mick. We sure will be her tomorrow for all the festivities.

  7. We’re all resting up for tomorrow…

  8. I think it might be your birthday. Looks like a comfy bed you have.

  9. Could it be your Gotcha Day? We’ll rest up today so we’ll be ready too.

    Ambrose, Clarence, Teddi, Baskin, and Abner

  10. Oooh! Are you resting up for your Gotcha Day, Ernie?!

  11. Is is a birthday or a Gotcha Day! No matter what…we are all in for the celebration!

  12. I can’t wait! The Woman better get me over for a visit!

  13. Yay! It’s party time!

  14. OMCs Ernie tomorrow is a special day here too…do we share a bday?
    If so, that is pretty dang special. I’ll be 11!
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  15. i hope tmr comez soon, i can’t wait~

  16. I will be here! Xxoo

  17. We can’t wait to join in your celebration Ernie!

  18. Party on the island! We will be back tomorrow.

  19. A celebration? Will there be nip and tuna?
    Count us in.

  20. Lick paw and Mark calendar !
    *** My thought ***Do not miss the impawtant day for Celebration with The Island Cats tomorrow. for sure, it’s going to be lots of food here ! Diet boy can have an extra food ..tee..heh

    I WILL BE BACK ! ( terminator sound ‘s style )


  21. OH BOY!!!!!! We love celebrating so we’ll be back to have tons of fun Ernie!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  22. We will be back tomorrow. We think it must be your Gotcha Day.

  23. Shall I bring some noms, Ernie? 🙂

  24. We will be back to celebrate!

  25. I will be back too, cause you are a special friend and I can’t wait to see!

  26. Yay! A party! We think its a Birfday party! But we will be here for sure.

  27. Is it that TOMORROW involves treats? That is allus a special day to US!

  28. what the heck is hanging out of your mouth? nose?? weird Ernie…just an observation…

  29. I was late Ernie, but I made it!!

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