Dec 292008

It’s our 1st Blogoversary!

Mom always wanted a website for us…and for Christmas last year, dad gave this blog to mom…

In the beginning, mom thought this was gonna be her blog…and she began posting stories about us Island Cats and cats in general and stuff.  But then she let us do a couple of posts and we discovered we LOVED blogging and sharing stories about us…so we hi-jacked the blog and took it over…hehehehe!

(I’m hard at work on our next post!!)

At first, we didn’t get a lot of visitors…mostly family and mom’s friends.  But, after a couple of months, we learned about the Cat Blogosphere!  And we couldn’t believe how many other blogging cats were out there!  And we began making lots of furiends!!  From all over the world!!!

We’ve had a lot of fun these past months…celebrating purrthdays, meowing like pirates, getting tagged for memes, joining ManCats Club and House Panthers and Gorgeous Gingers and Floof & Fur…doing the Q…Secret Paws…and most of all, visiting all of our furiends and having our furiends visit us!!  There’s nothing like the Cat Blogosphere!!

So mom, you thought this was gonna be your blog…sorry…NO WAY!!   It’s ours now!!  But maybe we’ll let you do a post once in awhile!!!  🙂

  36 Responses to “It’s Our Blogoversary!”

  1. HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!! we is furry happy to haf meeted you!!!

  2. Happy Blogoversary Wally, Ernie and Zoey!!!!! We are soooo happy that we met you, because you are such wonderful furriends! Thank goodness for the CB!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  3. Happy Blogoversary! We really loved meeting you. My mom thinks she might want her own blog someday…really?

  4. Happy Blogoversary. We are glad we met you and you are our furrends.

  5. Happy Blogoversary Island Cats! We started blogging about the same time, since ours was a few weeks ago! We are so glad to have met you and we love the CB, too! What would a day be without it?

  6. Happy Blogoversary Island Cats!! We also took over Mom’s blog and then started up a new one. We’ve heard her muttering something about getting her old one going again. Time will tell…

    We’re glad we’ve met you. Here’s to another year of fun times and many more postings.

  7. happy blogoversary! i wish i cood get dere in person to wish u da best … but i’m grownded an i can’t get OWT!

  8. Happy Blogoversary! I am so glad to know y’all!

  9. Happy, Happy Blogoversary to you!!
    We love to read your blog 🙂
    ~ Bandit of The Bunch

  10. What a nice present from your dad to your mom. Good thing you took it over, though. We cats and dogs are sooooo much better at blogging than humans.

  11. Congrats on your blogoversary! I just had mine too a little while back and did not get many visitors at first either. But you are right about the cat blogosphere and how pawsome it is! I am happy to know you all! Happy New Year and looking forward to your stories in 2009!

  12. Happy Blogaversary! Your new home on the web looks fabulous!

  13. Happy first “blogoversary!”

    It’s funny how the cats always end up taking over websites.

  14. Happy Blogoversary! We’re so glad you took over the blog. We cats are more interesting than any bean for sure.

    We’re glad you had such a great Christmas! Those nip nanners are soooooooo good. My mommy read the Dewey book too. Make sure your mommy has tissues or she might wipe on you! eeeeeeew. It is a good book and a good opportunity to score extra treats and snuggles.

  15. Happy 1st Blogoversary! That’s how our Mom started too. Now it’s all about US! We are so glad you started blogging and joined the CB! We never would have met you if you didn’t. Here’s to many more years of furrendship!

  16. Happy Blogoversary to you!

  17. Congrrrrratulations on your 1st Blogoversary!!!!

  18. Happy Blogoversary to you!
    Happy Blogoversary to you!
    Happy Blogoversary dear Island Cats,
    Happy Blogoversary to you!

  19. Happy Blogoversary!! Quite a milestone indeed.

  20. Happy Blogoversary to you’ns!!! How very exciting!

  21. HAPPY 1st BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are really happy we got to meet you too 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  22. Happy Blogoversary! Sounds like you’ve had a great time blogging and I wish you many more fun times!

  23. Happy Blogoversary to you! Willow and I are so glad that you started blogging. We love visiting you! The Cat Blogosphere is wonderful, indeed!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  24. I’m here too and Happy Blogoversary to you! It’s fun visiting all of you on the Island!

    Purrrrrs, Willow

  25. Happy 1st Blogoversary!!! So glad you kitties decide to take over the blog. I am so happy to have met you! May you have many more blogoversaries to come!

  26. Happy First Blogoversary. I am very glad that I met you.

  27. HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!! We are so glad you hi-jacked your Mom’s bloggie. Alfie and I love reading what you’ve been up to.

  28. Happy blogaversary! Now I’m an honorary Island Cat, and I wouldn’t be if you weren’t blogging kitties!

  29. Happy Blogoversary! We hope your Island is rocking for your pawty:)

  30. Woo Hoo!!!! Happy Blogaversary!!!!

    Being part of the CB is pretty cool! Great to meet all these wonderful friends!

    Sorry your mom lost her blog. 😉 We are a one blog house too!


  31. How hopeless are we? Ok… v e r y.

    We wish you a belated Happy Blogoversary!

    We are really glad you blog, we love visiting the Island and seeing your lives. We think the CB is grand and wonderful thing, bringing together cats from all over the world!

    Whicky, Angel, Oliver & Gerry

  32. Happy 1st Blogoversary, Island Cats!
    Siena took over our mom’s gardening blog, so she created her own blog. Then I showed up! Purrs, Chilli

  33. Happy Blogoversary, Island Cats! We SO glad you is blogging and our “neighbors!”

  34. Ohh Mega happy bloggieversary!!! So we have your dadda to thank for lettings us meet you huh??… THANKYOU DADDA!!
    I still think maybe now and again you can let your Momma take over, we like to know your Mommas too 🙂


  35. Happiest of 1st Blogoversary!

    Luf, Us

  36. Happy 1st Blogoversary! We hope you have many more…

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