Jun 252008

Hi!!  Our Mom thought it would be fun if we posted our favorite pictures of ourselves….and she’s letting us pick the pictures!  Here goes….

  When I first came to the Island, there was another cat living here.  His name was Scooter.  He was much older and wiser than me.  And a lot bigger too!!!  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures with Scooter.

Scooter taught me a lot of things including how to be an Island Cat.  He was my BIG brother.  I think he was trying to teach me something here…probably a lesson!  😀

I have to admit, I terrorized Scooter sometimes.

We both wanted to be in the sunbeam….

Mom says Scooter is at the Rainbow Bridge now.  She says we’ll all see him again one day.  I hope so….

  Here’s my favorite picture of me!  I was really hamming it up for the camera!  See my big feet????  I’ve got 7 toes on each of my front feet and 5 on each of my back ones.  Mom says all those toes make me extra-special!!!

Mom liked this picture so much she sent it to the local paper for them to print in their pet section.  And they did!!!  Mom thought that was pretty cool and she saved every copy of the newspaper that she could find.

  I”m the new kid on the Island and the lady with the yellow hair doesn’t have a lot of pictures of me…yet.  But here is my favorite so far.

This was taken soon after I came to live on the Island.  I look a little scared, don’t I??  Well, maybe I was, a little bit, but I’m not as scared anymore.

And here’s a picture that we all agree is our favorite!  It’s from Maggy, Zoey and their Mom Ann over at Zoolatry

Thanks, Maggy, Zoey and Ann.  We LOVE our picture!!!!

  14 Responses to “Our Favorite Pictures”

  1. It’s lovely to see photographs of you all. You all look very happy and much loved.

  2. Those are great pictures!! you all are adorable

  3. what lovely photos! you and Scooter were very cute together Wally. Ernie! what great toesies! i’ll bet you were the most popular kitty picture in the paper ever! i’ve never been in the paper.

    Zoey, you are very pretty. you aren’t scared anymore because you know you have a great forever home now.

  4. What great pictures!!!!

  5. Such nice photos! Scooter looked like a real nice kitty and those toes on Ernie..wow! Two of Mommies past white kitties had toes all the way around their feet and each had one blue eye and one green eye! Tang, our orange brother says hi to Wally. Zoey, you are a very pretty girl!=^Y^=Ty

  6. Really great pictures, everyone!

  7. Those are awesome pictures of you all! Scooter looked like a nice kitty, we’re sorry you miss him.

  8. Hi everyone! We are so happy to come and visit new friends! You are all so cute…according to Mommy!!!!


  9. Those are wonderful photos of all of you! 🙂 Zoolatry made a fabulous graphic for you. 🙂

  10. It’s a pleasure to meet all 3 of you. It sounds like you’ve got it made, which is as it should be for a cat. I’ll have my human add your feed to Google Reader so we can keep up with your doings on Grosse Ile.

  11. HI Island Cats! Thanks for visiting our blog. Mom agreed with your comment because she likes animals better than people too. Of course she tested 100% introverted on that personality test too.
    Scooter looks like he was a great mentor for you Wally. Ernie: those feets of yours are awesome!!!!! And we are happy to meet you too Zoey, what a cutie you are!

  12. Thank you so much for your condolences regarding the loss of our sweet Emil, we appreciate your coming by! We are sorry that we had to meet under such sad circumstances but it is still nice to meet you!
    Karl and Mrs. OZ

  13. Those are furry great pictures of you all. Thanks for sharing them. Zoey, You look furry much like our own Feline American, Sparky Fuzzypants. You have beautiful furs.

  14. those iz grate pichures.

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