Feb 032013


Hey kitties!  Today’s Super Bowl Sunday…
the biggest football day of the year!

Purrsonally, the only bowl I like
is a filled-to-the-brim food bowl.  

Now that’s a SUPER BOWL!!

49ers      VS.     ravens

This year the San Francisco 49ers
are going up against the Baltimore Ravens.

I think those birdies are gonna get the bitey put on them!


  36 Responses to “Easy E Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. We like YOUR kind of Super Bowl, Ernie! MOL.

  2. We have to agree too, about the purrfect kind of bowl being food. Heh-heh.
    That’s a great pic of you to start our easy Sunday, Ernie.

  3. Me too prefer your kind of Super Bowl , Ernie 🙂

  4. I don’t entirely “get” why the humans watch people playing feetsball, but maybe they will give us some extra meals to keep us from bothering them!

  5. You’ve got that right Ernie!

  6. Or a big bowl of treats! Ernie, you’d be great at catching a footbal with all those toesies of yours!

  7. We will sure take a bowl of treats rather than a bowl of football. Silly humans. Watching those silly men crashing into each other. What is wrong with them. Take care.

  8. A full bowl really IS a super bowl!!

  9. Well I wonder why my bowl doesn’t look so super!

  10. My prediction is Harbaugh’s team will win.

  11. We think it’s going to be a food filled afternoon. Gee Ernie, with your paws, I’m surprised you weren’t drafted to be a wide receiver!

  12. We like your kind of super bowl. too!

  13. We agree Ernie that the only important bowl is our food bowl-mol

  14. MOL!!!
    I couldn’t agree more, Ernie! …about the bowl that is.
    In an effort to maintain peace and harmony in the blogosphere, I’m only rooting for the kittens in the Kitty Halftime Show on Animal Planet TV.
    ; ) Katie

  15. We don’t care about the Super Bowl here – both humans are passionately anti-sport. I can’t wait for the game to start because my human plans to go shopping!

  16. Why do I only have an Average Bowl?!? I want a Superbowl, too.

  17. Enjoy!

  18. Hi Ernie,
    We like your Super Bowl. You have a great spot there. Enjoy your Superbowl Sunday!

    p.s. Thanks to your mom for her kind note about Lucy. It’s very appreciated.

  19. Ernie your toes are just gorgeous. I love that picture.. Hugs GJ xx

  20. We like our bowls full too
    Go 49ers

  21. Happy Super Snooze Sunday 🙂

  22. Ernie I do agree 100% full bowls 24/7 are all we need.
    hugs madi

  23. We hope your bowl is filled with chicken today Ernie!

  24. I with you, Ernie!! FILL MY SUPER BOWL!!!

  25. I think the human needs to get me a “Super Bowl”. I will go demand, umm, I mean ask politely now.

  26. Yayyy! A bowl filled wif Chick-hen is da way to go!

  27. I like to watch it cause I get riveted by the ball as it moves around the screen ehh about the hooman players.

  28. Your type of Super Bowl sounds much better to us.

  29. Yep, super filled bowls are the best. So far the birds are winning!

  30. MOL. That’s OUR kind of Super Bowl, too, Ernie! 🙂

  31. Superbowls of chicken. Superbowls of lamb. *drool*

  32. Yes! Superbowls of TUNA!

  33. We agree! Give us super bowl of food anytime! Purrs!

  34. Oh oh. Kitty Litter Kitty Predictor was correct!

  35. We don’t know anything about football. Pretty silly game. Why not give one ball to each team and no one has to waste time running after one?

  36. you were right and we are SOOOOOOOOOOO happy! After what the SF Giants did to the Tigers…it was time for payback! One championship a year for any city is ENOUGH!

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