Jan 112013


See this?  It’s Ernie’s new nippy toy.  He hasn’t played with it yet.  So I decided to break it in for him.  Licking this thing into total sogginess sure takes a lot of spit.  As you can see, I’m doing a really good job.  I hope Ernie appreciates all my hard work.


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  1. We’re sure that Ernie will be delighted that you soggied his new nippy toy – if you are lucky he might even let you keep it Zoey!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Well done, Zoey! The rule here at Chez G is, “You snooze, you looze.” srsly.

  3. Wet toy lovely 🙂

  4. MOL, good job Zoey! Ha, you and Gaia are very alike in that you both have a lot of spit when it comes to nip!

  5. Wow Zoey, we do know how much spit it takes to soggify a nip toy…wow, such amazing sacrifice. We think Ernie will be impressed.

    Well, maybe not. MOL!

  6. Zoey–if it were me, you can spit on my nip anytime, hehe

  7. how can ernie not appreciate your work?

  8. Adorable portrait! Enjoy your weekend sweet friend and don’t forget to take lots of naps!

  9. we have no doubt that Ernie will appreciate all your hard work 🙂

  10. We’re sure Ernie is very appreciative of your work Zoey!

  11. Soggy nip toys are the best. We broke our and the nip all fell out! 🙁

  12. You snooze, you lose. . .

  13. That was really nice of you to break in that toy. It looks delicious!

  14. my stars zoey; there IS the whole: possession is 9 tenths of zoeys law: rule….I say it’s yours to keep …….forever….

    I hope you have a FABulous flounder friday and a great weekend and the boys say the same too…

    hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  15. Hahaha! We can’t wait to see Ernie’s face when he sees how you’ve “broken into” his brand new nippy toy!

  16. That is a very nice gesture, Wally. You are so kind!

  17. There’s nothing like copious amounts of cat spit to fully break in a new nip toy!! Hope Ernie appreciates all your hard work.

  18. Well what kind of brofur would Ernie be – if he didn’t appreciate all your hard work.


  19. Well, he may not appreciate it, he is a boy kitty and you know how they are!

  20. Zoey
    Being an expert producer of fine cat spit I can tell you Ernie might whine and snort about it but he will be glad you broke it in for him.
    Hugs Madi

  21. Our guess is that Ernie will not appreciate your hard work, but it was nice of you to do it.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  22. Gasp – well Ernie sure had better appreciate your breaking that nip toy in for him. You have worked very hard on getting it just right too,

  23. I am sure it will be appreciated very much te he… Hugs GJ xx

  24. Zoey, my mommy loves seeing you. She loves the boys of course but she loves you and we both love seeing how you are doing. xoxox (it DOES take a lot of spit!!)

  25. Won’t Ernie be surprised when he sees what a great job you have done, Zoey!

  26. A ladycat’s work is never done–eh, Zoey? 🙂 I think your furrs are so pretty—and so are you!


  27. A soggy nip toy is a well-loved nip toy!

  28. WE are not so sure Ernie will be happy with you!

  29. Zoey
    Excellent job and I’m sure Ernie will be impressed. 🙂

  30. Zoey, I couldn’t believe this !
    Epp ! Ernie..I really wish you good luck when you play with this toy, I really do mean it !

    PS : Today I have interview at MouseBreath, See me there if you can. One comment, You have a chance to win 5 lucky kitties ! Mom will make graphic for your next special event ! Here the link

  31. Hee hee, Zoey. Lucy does the same with nip toys. She licks them to death. That toy sure is cute and you look so cute & pretty there. Love those green eyes!

  32. That is some nippy face. MOL! I’m sure Ernie will thank you for all the hard work.

  33. Keep licking it Zoey! We are certain Ernie will LOVE it even more when it gets wring worthy soggy with your spit! Truly 🙂 Well, actually, maybe not . . . :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  34. Zoey, we bet Ernie will appreciate your hard work…and if not, you have yourself a new nippy toy 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  35. FaRADaY: *snicker* ooooh ALlie HATES it when I get spit on her Pink Stuff. *chortle*

  36. That is how mum knows we like a nip toy. They are totally wet.

  37. You are such a helpful sister, Zoey! We just know Ernie will appreciate all your hard work.

  38. I think it is Zoey’s new Nippy toy. Since Ernie is not nice to you, I think you should get to keep that toy for yourself, sweetie. You know you want to. 😉

  39. Um, me don’t think that is Ernie’s toy anymore…
    Me would not want a toy with Kozmo spit on it…just saying

  40. I am sure he would Zoey 🙂

  41. You are such a good sister, Zoey!

  42. Oh… that face!! Just so precious!

  43. Concatulations pals ! You’ve won the Next Big Thing Award. You can collect it here : http://www.swisscatblog.com/2013/01/the-next-big-thing.html

  44. Zoey you are just making sure Ernie has a quality nip experience after all the nip gets much more potent with lots of cat spit. You are a good sister.

  45. I´m pretty sure that Ernie is furry thankful for you breaking in his toy 🙂

  46. Mmm soggy goodness! Happy Caturday!

  47. Zoey, it was so thoughtful of you to break in Ernie’s toy for him!

  48. Well, sweet Zoey if Ernie don’t appreciate you breaking in his nip toy then we think you probably should just call it your new nip toy…what do you think? Hugs and nose kisses

  49. GREAT job, Zoey. We know for sure that Ernie is gonna love that! 🙂

  50. Hiya sweetie, So, were you rooting for my Niners? No? How ’bout now, then?

  51. …and if Ernie doesn’t appreciate it…well I believe you’ve got yourself a new toy, Zoey!
    ; ) Katie

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