Dec 072012

Hey, everybuddy.  I’m giving the lady with the yellow hair an early Christmas present…I’m laying on her outstretched legs (yeah, she’s under this blankie).  Laying on her is not something that I normally do, but this blankie looked so comfy (it was calling my name!), I just couldn’t resist!  I hope she enjoys her gift and doesn’t think this is gonna become a regular thing.

Now s’cuse me, I got some snoozing to do.  Happy weekend!

(Island Cats’ Mom note:  This is another photo taken with the iPad.  The darn thing doesn’t have a flash, so any pictures taken at night don’t come out the best.  But I couldn’t resist taking this shot.)

  55 Responses to “Formerly Feral – A Gift”

  1. Awww… try it again, honey. You might like it!

    Photographer’s note: I prefer photos with no flash, generally speaking. 🙂

  2. What a great gift! We love seeing a Formerly Feral chillaxing and trying new things. And we love seeing you. Sweet dreams, sweet Zoey!

  3. What a wonderful early Christmas present for Mom (with yellow hair) – maybe she’s decided you’re not so bad after all!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Zoey, we can tell you LOVE laying with your mom on that nice blankie. It’s a nice gift you gave yourself too. We hope you make this a habit!

  5. Are you SURE this won’t become a regular thing? Because it looks like an awesome, cosy spot for a nap!

  6. Looks like you could get used to this Zoey!

  7. have good dreams!

  8. That does look like a comfy spot. You are very generous to sit on her today.

    Have a great weekend.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  9. I have to say that is a darn good photo from an iPad at night! nothing to apologize for.

    So hoping she learns that this gift to you was also a gift to her and she keeps giving it over and over 🙂

  10. oh Zoey – that is a wonderful Catmas present…..

  11. Oh Zoe good for you. We know that lady with the yellow hair enjoyed sitting with you. Good stuff. Hope all of you have a great day and a good week end.

  12. That is the very best Christmas present, Zoey!! I’m sure she will give that blankie to you 🙂 (Or is it already yours…?)

  13. Great bonus use for the iPad camera. ‘Cause how often to we humans snuggle under a blanket with a camera next to us?

  14. Oh the Woman loves it when one of us snuggles in a place we don’t usually sit on her (and none of us ever sits on her much any more).

  15. You sure did give her the best present ever pretty Zoey!

  16. aww, Zoey, you look so comfy! That’s a very special gift to give the lady with the yellow hair 🙂 we’re sure she’ll treasure it. You remind our mom of Smidgen in that picture. Regardless of the lighting, that is a great pic! ok…we’ll leave you alone now so you can get on with your nap.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  17. Plopping down on a person’s legs can be kinda fun, dood. Stay on them long enough that they get all tingly…then when they get up they can’t walk, and that’s ALL kinds of fun!

  18. blanket leg snoozin iz de best kinda napz zoey…enjoy and we hope everee one at yur place haza grate week oh end !!!

  19. That is a cute shot. How long did you make the Lady with the Yellow Hair lay there as your pillow? (Because I just KNOW she wouldn’t get up until you were done napping. We cat ladies are like that!) MOL.

  20. That is the nicest Christmas gift, sweet Zoey.
    xoxo Kassey

  21. Loverly Zoey, that is truly a pawsome spot!


  22. I pretty much only lie on my human if there is a blanket between us too!

  23. Our Mom got all misty-eyed seeing that and remembering the first feral here that did that. Wonderful photo and truly, the best holiday gift! Purrs…

  24. Hey Zoey and I don’t blame you one bit that is a very yummy looking blankie
    I am not a lap cat either
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  25. aww bet your mum loved it.. Thats one of my very favourite places to be.. Hugs GJ xx

  26. Wow, that is GREAT present, Zoey! The lady with the yellow hair must LOVE that!

  27. That is a wonderful early Christmas present Zoey! We are certain the lady with the yellow hair was touched 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  28. Best gift ever!!!! She should add extra treats to your stucking for that!

  29. Beautiful Zoey, you look so cozy with your Mommy=what a great gift for both of you!!..Happy weekend, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki.

  30. Sweetest little girl all stretched out. xxoo

  31. You look so sweet Zoey, with your lil’ chinny-chin-chin all propped up!

  32. It looks quite blissful for all concerned!

    The Chans

  33. Uh huh. I bet you sleep there tomorrow too. I bet some nip.

  34. The humans love it when we snuggle with them. Lokks like you are loving it too.

  35. Humans always like it when we snuggle with them. It’s such an honor we bestow on them, after all!

  36. I have no doubt the lady with the yellow hair is very happy with this Christmas gift. Blankets can make the most non-cuddly kitties a little more cuddly. Come to think of it, I should try this with Annie. Love this picture of you, Zoey!

  37. That is a really nice photo! Zoey, I think you’re just testing the waters. I see many more naps like this in your future.

  38. Awww, that is an excellent xmas gift indeed!

  39. Dearest Darling Zoey, I would luff to give you a ride in the FURRari, though I don’t think that’s what your BROTHER had in mind, MOL!!

    Soon we will go visit some fun Michigan sites!

  40. Flash or no, I think Zoey looks comfy, cozy and oh so cute!!


  41. Whispurrz……….Sweet DreamzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ=^Y^=

  42. Do you sit on her ta make her MOST uncomfy? That our favrit thing with TBT. And then we wait to see how long it takes him to move.

  43. Awwwwwwwwww
    I don’t think it came out bad! It’s a good picture!

  44. How can you NOT lay on her regularly? I do that every day…c’mon pal, get with the program! Love, Cody

  45. Zoey – this is Zoey from Zee & Zoey here! Hate to tell you this, but I sleep in my human’s legs like that every night when she finally pulls herself away from the computer to sit on the couch… Don’t tell her, because I wouldn’t want it to go to her head, but it’s my favorite part of the day…. you might just start liking it too!!

  46. Very nice gift Zoey.

  47. We’re so glad you captured this moment. Very, very sweet!

    Zoey, you want to give the lady with the yellow hair as many awwww moments as you can. They’re priceless!


  48. Our lady with yellow hair says it look purrfect! We haven’t been able to comment as much but wishing you much peace, love, & purrs in this season of light.

  49. That IS a special gift. On the rare occasion that I curl up with Glogirly, she stays perfectly still so I won’t even think of moving. …every once in awhile I have to pretend I’m a lap cat. (I keep tabs on this stuff though)
    ; ) Katie

  50. So comfy and cute!

  51. That was a great gift to give your Mommie Zoey! Enjoy your nap!

  52. The pic looks grate! No flashy is fine by us.

  53. You look like a wee babe, Zoey! Just like I remember:) I’ve really missed you, Wally and Ernie.


  54. You *do* look extra-adorable and comfy. But you’re makin’ me look bad, sweetheart. Get down from there now, ok?

  55. Awww, I love moments like that.

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