Dec 032012

Hey there!  It’s the Island Cats’ mom here…aka the lady with the yellow hair.  I don’t usually get an opportunity to speak, but I have to share what my two mancats did…or rather, didn’t do…yesterday.  I decided to put up the Christmas tree.  I got the tree out of the basement and brought it upstairs, figuring Wally and Ernie would be right there ready to “help.”  But to my surprise, they never appeared.  I thought something must be wrong, so I went looking for them and look what I found them doing…

Snoozing!  I couldn’t believe they were giving up a great opportunity to make pests of themselves to do some “snoopervising.”   I had to check them to make sure they were feeling okay.

Wally!  I’m putting up the Christmas tree.  Don’t you want to help??


Wow, he’s out like a light!

Ernie!  Don’t you want to help with the tree?

Nah…I’m too tired.  I’ll climb it later though.

Oh, I’m sure you will.  *sigh*

Well, I was on my own with the tree.  Not that I was complaining, mind you!  And it went up in record time thanks to all the “help” I didn’t get!  😉

  53 Responses to “Mancats – Li’l Helpers?”

  1. You got the tree out during their nap time and noting interrupts a good nap. Those boys are on their own schedule. They are just letting you put up the tree and then they will do their work. Take care.

  2. Lucky you! No assistants and the boys got naps! Win-Win!

    Gracie has never seen a Christmas tree as there is nowhere to put one up here at the Swamp. Gandalf and Grayson and Whitey use to love napping under it! And only occasionally climbed it. Bless their hearts.

  3. Better ta snooze now and play later.

  4. By golly I helped mommy a lot yersterday but boys, you did the right thing, Let HER do all the works. xoxoxox (LOVE that paw, Ernie).

  5. Fancy your Mom taking charge of the Christmas Tree this year Ernie – did she give you a sleeping pill??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Haha! I can half relate…Derry spent the entire time sleeping on my bed, though Nicki “helped” as best he could.

    Amazing, though, how much more quickly we humans get things done without kitty snoopervision. 🙂

  7. Wow, that’s impressive snoozing going on there! At our house Grete woofie will be hunting for the purrfect tree…so it’s quite a production. And the smells….OHHHH the smells of a freshly cut tree. We are twitching with anticipation. Mom tells us that next Saturday or Sunday will be the big day.

    Maybe Wally and Ernie will want to teleport over here to check it out.

  8. they are resting up for later….awww……

  9. i hope this doesn’t mean they’ve given up on christmas and santa because of iffy behavior over the past year…

  10. Well, it was Easy Sunday afterall! Can’t wait to see pictures of the tree!

  11. Did they climb it later? Huh? Inquiring minds wanna know… purrs

  12. hee hee! Wally and Ernie were in the middle of holding down the bed…just as impawtant a job 🙂 Sounds like Ernie is going to do the final climbing…er…quality control test later…you know, gotta make sure the tree is sturdy an all…

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  13. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Princeton and Precious were caught snoozing together this weekend. Mom took pics. She said it definitely was a season for miracles!

  14. You boys must be really tired if you did not help Mom with the tree!

  15. Gee, we would have been glad to come help you!

  16. ha ha – It’s not normal is it. M would be worried too cuz I’m always right there ready to help.

  17. Haha! Your Mom probably didn’t know if she should have been relieved or disappointed. MOL.

  18. Enjoy the naps babies!

  19. Silly guys! Missing out some important “helping” time!

  20. Hahaha I can understand your mixed feeling. I don’t want my boys to be mischievous, but if they are not when I expect them to be..I feel like they should do mischief! I’m glad Wally and Ernie are okay 🙂

  21. How funny. I love Ernie’s response. They definitely have their priorities, snooze first, wreak havoc later.

  22. I bet they noticed it today…hehehe

  23. If that happened here, my human might be tempted to take us to the vet for a checkup!!! So if the tree goes up this year, we had better be ready for it.

  24. grate job ernie N wally….hope yur mom pays ewe both triple double OT for all de hard werk ya both did in gettin d treez up N reddy !!!

  25. Scully & I didn’t get to help much this being our first Xmas with our new Mom. She knows we need our post-breakfast
    purrrfect nap and so she sneaks around doing all the good stuff we could help with-soon as we wake up she stops. Now that we know the drill we’ll be ready for her next year!
    Jada & Scully

  26. Ha! All the ‘help’ you didn’t get. MOL! Bet they make up for it later. Purrs for the future…

  27. Just you wait, Lady with the yellow hair, just you wait…

  28. You can’t disturb a mancat when he’s sleeping — it just won’t work. I’m sure they will both realize later what they have missed. I just hope they don’t think they have to do something extra special to make up for it.

  29. Whoa! I don’t wanna rat on them cos what happens to the Nipclub Bazaar stays there but these guys came and tore up the place. They threw back so many niptinis and spiked eggnogs I lost count. I’m glad they made it home.

  30. MOL! And, any tree climbing yet? We’re having to live vicariously through yoru adventures since we don’t have Christmas trees to climb at our home.

  31. Hahahahaha!!! Ernie has the right idea. Snooze and have a new “toy” to climb when you wake up!!! Cool !!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  32. You should wake from your naps refreshed and ready to play. We like to choose the most whappable ornaments for mum.

  33. I bet you two mancats thoroughly investigated it after it was up!

  34. That was a good idea to put up the tree on an easy Sunday. Nothing should stop a cat from taking it easy on a Sunday…

  35. I’m sure if we had a tree, Carmine would be jumping at the chance to help with it. Can we see a picture of your tree? We miss having one, but we hope we can get one this year or next.

  36. Too tired to snoopervise? Or too much partying the night before?

  37. And Zoey??? Once again, Miss Zoey is being ignored–now, I can understand the Boys giving her short shrift….but not even being mentioned by her own MOTHER??? Why, it’s just and OUTRAGE!

    Miss Zoey, Tear Down That Tree!!!

  38. That Thanksgiving turkey must still be working its magic and causing the boys to snooze…Ernie might just be making up for his lack of snoopervising soon enough!

  39. Hmm. Well, I tell ya–I think we look forward to the stories when Ernie and Wally decide to ‘re-arrange’ stuff on the tree–since you put it up without THEM! 🙂


  40. Haha I think it was a blessing in disguise you were on your own for the tree, my cats were TOO “helpful” lol 🙂

  41. Dear Island Cat’s Mom,
    What did you do? Did you lace their breakfast with Nip extract? Play with them until they were falling down asleep.
    Inquiring minds want to know
    Nellie’s Mom

  42. Just keeping The Lady with the Yellow Hair on her toes! Do the unexpected & make them worry.

  43. Consider yourself lucky to have a Christmas tree at all. MoMo demolished ours the first year she was here and we never ad one since. We won’t chance it with foster Charlotte this year either because she is a climber like MoMo and very inquisitive.

  44. Mumsy to the Kwee Cats here, and I love this post! I know exactly what you mean. You get so used to the snoopervising that when they don’t you almost panic that something is wrong with them!

    Thank you, and hugs.

  45. OMCs….I hope and purr whatever possessed them to nap finds its way to our house before we put up the tree this week. Madi has never missed a year of decorating to date. She loves getting in the tree box.
    I love the ‘I’ll climb it later line’!!
    hugs Madi’s Mom

  46. Did you boys stay up too late watching movies again?

  47. You guys been on the catnip? 🙂

  48. we’re just back to say we wanted to give you kitties another star for your Blog of the Year awardie. Hope you’re havin a great week!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  49. Sherlock has been busy hiding from the flashybox and enjoyed his time snoozing under the C-mas tree… Traveler on the other paw, well, that’s another story!
    Great post!

  50. LOL, too funny and a rarity for sure!!!

  51. We wonder what they are planning on. Obviously it’s something
    big if they needed to rest up like that!!

    We gave you an award today on our blog, please stop by to pick it up!

    The Florida Furkids

  52. I suspect it was all a ploy. They might be rearranging your masterpiece even as I type.


  53. Wow. That must be the calm before the storm. Be suspicious, I say.

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