Nov 302012

I’m practicing my acrobats again.  This move is pretty tricky.  You inexperienced cats should be careful if you try this move yourself.  You might get stuck.

Um…I hope I’m not stuck!!

(Sorry ’bout the poor quality of this picture.  The lady with the yellow hair took it with her iPad thingy.  She’s learning how to use the flashy box that’s on it.  I think she’s got some more learning to do.)

  57 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Acrobat Cat”

  1. MY mommy keeps getting videos. She hasn’t learned to make it just a shot! Sigh. You can’t get good help these days.

  2. Excellent flexibility although I hope you’re not stuck too.

  3. Zoey, we can see you are a bit of a bendycat!!! xx

  4. You look extremely supple Zoey – are you taking yoga classes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Those are some most impressive moves. I think I might get stuck if I tried such things.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Hahaha! That photo ought to be submitted to a calendar or contest or some such. Love it!

  7. It just amazes us how you do that, Zoey! Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh…I think I could practice all year and not be able to do that move Zoey. Some cats are just born with talent.

  9. Zoey, hope you were okay after this picture was taken! That’s quite a move!

  10. Nice pic. I like doing acrobats too 🙂

  11. That is pne great picture pretty Zoey!

  12. That is a very advanced move!

  13. we think it is a good pic!! nice show of advanced flexibility!!

  14. WTG Zoey!!! Give the yellow haired lady a raise that is an excellent photo and tell her to give you a lot of treats for this excellent performance. Hugs Madi your BFFF and I feel your pain mom has learned to use her iPad camera too so now I have two beast to avoid….One thing about the iPad the flash isn’t blinding.

  15. Wow!!!! Wally is a gymnkitteh!

  16. That’s an excellent actobat move, Zoey!! But…are you sure you are not stuck??

  17. hat is very acrobatic!

  18. Don’t worry about the picture, we can still see Zoey looking adorable 🙂

  19. What a move! We’re impressed! Purrs…

  20. I didn’t think that was such a poor quality photo, and wowzer, look how flexible you are!! Maybe they should rename you Flexicat. MOL.

  21. Hey Island Cats, Jet here.

    Sorry we’re meeting under sad circumstances. Your photo today really cheered us up… that’s quite impressive… are you a Twister professional???

  22. zoey…that bee an amazin mewve N we noe we couldna due that even if sum trout slices wuz on perch part B N mackeral N herring wuz on perch part A

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !!!

  23. you sure are a contortionist!

  24. Those are quite some moves you have there, Zoey! We’ll most likely fall on our heads if we tried it….

  25. That’s a very advanced move, Zoey! We will have to work up to that one.

    So, were you stuck?


  26. That’s a new yoga pose on me, Zoey!

    I have to say, the iPad camera leaves much to be desired. The iPhone camera is worlds better.

  27. Wow Zoey that is spectacular!

  28. Hi there Zoey. You are quite the acrobat. We would sure be stuck there. Hope all of you have a fantastic week end.

  29. It’s fun to see your acrobatic moves Zoey! We think the photo is purrfect!

  30. Ah Zoey! You look so darn cute in this pic!! Have fun on your cat tree this weekend 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  31. What a pawsome shot! How adorablz

  32. Claps paws with delight!!

  33. That is a very good move Zoey, it must take a lot of practice.

  34. That picture is not poor. It looks really good. Zoey is a much better acrobat than me!

  35. Whoa!!! Don’t try THAT at home!
    …don’t worry…I’m either napping or “on guard.”
    ; ) Katie

  36. Zoey, MOL, I hope you’re not stuck! This is a good picture!

    Mama has been posting some of my pictures on my blog from her iPhone camera and they really aren’t that good but she’s hoping that it’s her and not the camera (she’s a terrible photographer).

    You’re such a cutie!


  37. Mol! Zoey, you’re a hoot 😀 That move looks a little too advanced for us 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  38. ha ha – I love that move. I’d better practice it.,

  39. Wait… da iPad thingy has a flash??? Where da heck is dat?

  40. Our hearts are pounding from the sweet & kittenish Zoey look! What a little sweetie she is!

    Pooh! ALL of our pix are from our mom’s phone cause she doesn’t know how to get the puter to recognize the camera. And her OLD phone at that, cause she had that same recognition problem thingy with her new phone. Course, the sweet fluffilishus Zoey makes up for any quality issues.

  41. That’s an Advanced Maneuver for sure!

  42. Oh my gosh! That’s a great shot, and if it’s not perfect, at least she got it! Awesome!

  43. And I love to see you too, sweet girl. Moare. xoxoxo

  44. Yikes!! It hurts our human’s back just looking at that picture!!

  45. Holy catfish, you’re going to have to enter the next Olympics!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  46. You are doing a great job with your acrobats. Love the picture and that sweet face. hugs and nose kisses

  47. That is a great photo! Captured the moment perfectly.

  48. That picture is darling! It looks great quality next to TW’s photos.

  49. Excellent! Yous should has your own catarobics show!

  50. Zoey, you are very bendy! We are very impressed that even though you are a famous internet celebrikitty that you still do all your own stunts.

  51. Now THAT’s a CATTASTIC picture!! You musta been Olga Korbut in one of your previous lives!

  52. I am giving you an awardie. If you already have it you can add another star.
    Dawn (Shubunkin)

  53. We love real photos! No photoshop or enhancing.. It’s the real deal and why we enjoy the Island Cats.

  54. Whoa Zoey, theese one is a good one! Quite the move!

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