Easy E Sunday

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Dec 212008

Oh…hi there!
Me and Zoey were just checking to make sure
there’s enough room under this tree
for all the presents Santa Paws is gonna bring us!!

Yep, I think there’s just enough!!!

  29 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. We heard a rumor going around that all of you have been very good this year and there will be LOTS of purresents under your tree!

  2. Great job checking out under the tree! I hope you get lots and lots of presents!

  3. We could just kiss your adorable faces! Presents are like Jello…there is always room!

  4. YOU are both so cute!

  5. You two sure do look cozy under there!

  6. Oh those eyes! You look very sweet! We wish you a very Merry Christmas!
    Siena & Chilli

  7. SQUEEEEEE! You two are adorable!

  8. We wanted to say thank you for your purrs for Peanut. Sorry it took us so longs to get over here, Peanut has taken up allot of our humans time, witch is okay wif us as long as she gets bettur. We would likes to be furr buddies if you wants to. Hope you are having a purrfect Sundays.

  9. I think there is enough room…..are you going to wait up till he comes on Christmas Eve?

  10. There is always room for Santa and the magic of Christmas!

  11. Oh what a pretty picture! You two are the perfect accessories for the tree!

  12. How lovely to see you both together under the tree! Does this mean that Zoey and the lads are finally getting friendly? I do hope so, Christmas is a good time to snuggle up together! This is a lovely picture of you both.

    Whicky Wuudler

  13. I thinks there is just enough room!!! Now what is going on here??? Miss Zoey with your innocent “It wasn’t me” face to Ernie’s ” Wha.. OH HAI” face… I is a little singing to myself “things that make you go hrrrm” hehe


  14. I think there’s plenty of room!

  15. I have the feeling that your eyes will sparkle more on the morn of Christmas Day!

  16. We love how you are keeping track of what’s going on under the tree… and the size of your pupils!

    Abby & Stygia

  17. We hope you weren’t thinking of any whapping while you were under there.

  18. You two look so sweet under that tree, we’re certain that Santa Claws is going to give you a few extra gifts!

  19. Sweet furries!!!

    The Whippy Curly Tails

  20. you two look so cute under the tree. Are you sure you aren’t the presents?

  21. You guys look gorgeous tucked in there together!

  22. I’d be so happy to find you 2 under the tree on Christmas morning!

  23. It’s always nice for there to be room under the tree! If not for presents, then for napping!

  24. Yup yup there is plenty of room fer pawsome gifts to leave fer yoo guys!

  25. Oh you 2 are beeeeutiful 🙂 Hope you get lots of presents!

  26. Sounds you will have a very good Christmas~!
    Lots of present is coming!

  27. Well, if Santa sees those expressions on your faces you’ll definitely get lots of pressies!

  28. Great shot! Hope you get lots of presents!

  29. Mom said she wants to plant big smackerooney kisses all over you ‘cos you look so cute! I get “smackerooney kisses” sometimes and they’re pawsome!

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