Jun 162008

Hi!  It’s me…Wally.  Today is my Birthday!!!  I am 5 years old today!!  Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I think I’d like to have Zoey disappear!  Mom says that’s not going to happen!  So I think I’ll settle for some nip, something really good to eat and a walk around the yard.  Yeah…a walk around the yard!  That’s what I want!  I LOVE going outside! That will be fun!!!

In honor of my 5th birthday, I thought I’d share some photos of me when I was a little babycat.


The photo on the left is a photo of me with all my brothers and sisters.  The one on the right is of me and my sister….I was only a few weeks old when these were taken.  Hmmmm, I wonder how all my brothers and sisters are doing?  Hope they are as happy as me!!

This is a photo of me when I first arrived on the Island, after Mom adopted me.  Wasn’t I a cute babycat???  🙂

Well, I gotta go bug Mom for that walk around the yard!  Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Wally!

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you Wally, I hope you have a great day with lots of treats and fun, and maybe Zoey won’t chase you quite as much today 😀

  3. Happy Birthday, Wally! You sure were a cute little kit!

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