Dec 172008

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing? 

I remember my first Christmas
and discovering the Christmas tree…

It was so much fun climbing around in…

And all the ornaments were toys for me to play with…

Sometimes my friends joined in the fun…

(that’s my leopard beanie there!)

But now I’m all grown up
and too big to climb in the tree…
So I settle for a good nap under it!
(but I can still whap those ornaments!!)

  27 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Ornament whapping is the most fun part. Suey likes to sit on her back legs and box them. You were such a cute little one climbing in the tree!:)

  2. We love sprawling out on the tree skirt too, Wally! And lucky for us, the tree is right next to the fireplace. Well, not this year, but usually!

  3. You are never too big to climb the tree, well unless your name is Lardbutt Eric. He just whaps at ground level. I go up and whap things down to him.

  4. A good nap under the tree isn’t bad either!

  5. Napping and whapping with the Christmas tree is my favorite holiday pastime!


  6. Wally you look so cute there underneath the tree we thought you were a present…well you are and a furry fine one at that…


  7. You look so cute playing in the tree!
    We wanted to let you guys know we have moved. Here is our new location

  8. Wally you were so cute up in those branches. Maybe next year your humans could get a much bigger tree with Wally-size branches. Of course they may need a bigger house for this, so perhaps nappin’ and whappin are the future for you. Not bad as futures go!

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. Wally, you were such a cute little Christmas kitten. Now you can lay beneath the tree and dream of climbing it!

  10. Wally,
    We always want to know what you are doing! Now, once you finish with that tree, herd yourself and the other Island Cats on over to my blog cause you’re all invited to my 1st birthday party!
    Abby Normal

  11. Wally – if you love trees so much we agree – the humans need to get a bigger one and you just have to keep climbing!
    And don’t miss to watch the conclusion of the latest CCSI mystery playing at Sassy’s today! We have a link on our blog.
    The Cat Realm

  12. That is a great place to sleep and wait for santa paws!

  13. Wally, you were definitely the cutest ornament on that tree back then!

  14. Ahhh, the good old days!

  15. Oh Wally, you are so cute napping under the Christmas tree. Isn’t whapping ornaments fun!

  16. Look at the little tiny Wally!

    You’re awfully handsome all grown up too.

  17. When you were tiny, you were so cute climbing and playing on the tree. I’m glad you’re still allowed to nap under it, and whap the ornaments 😉

  18. Hahha wally were you not the cutie?!?!?! hehehe I bet tree climbing is fun! It looks so much fun and all those wonderful ornaments, luckily there is a lovely sleepy blankie just underneath so you can plop right there when you gets tuckered out :))


  19. I love napping under the tree. It’s hard for humans to get you and it’s very cozy.

  20. thats one thing i can do just like you kittens! i can curl up nice and snug under a beautiful tree!

  21. The pictures are too cute for words, I love these photos. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

  22. What a cute little kitty you were! Mom still hasn’t put up our tree, so I haven’t had the chance to whap any ornaments.

  23. LOL Wally! We don’t have a tree so I whap mum instead. It seems fair.

  24. Oh you were a cute baby. Still cute 😉 We ignore our tree. Maybe we should climb it 😉

  25. Oh Wally, what a cutie pie mischief maker you were! Redfurd used to do the same and well, he’s been known to still try to climb in the tree even though he is a full-grown mancat now. So far this year, he has resisted the temptation! :o)

  26. Ornament whapping is Alfie’s most favourite thing to do … and mine!

  27. Mom says her favrit pic is the one where you’re sleeping, cause you look so peaceful. But I likes the climbin’ pics, because I’m the adventurous kitteh!

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