Nov 072012

Oh kitties…I’m in trouble now.  Y’see, the mom is mad at me because I ate her African Violet plant.  She’s had this plant for a couple of years and it’s never bloomed except when she first got it.  Until now…


Here’s what it looked like a week ago.  (Try to ignore the cat furs on the leaves.)  See those delectibly, yummy purple flowers?? What cat worth his weight in catnip could resist them?!?

And this is what looks like now.  Kitties…I tell you!  Those flowers were begging me to bite them!!

Here’s a closer look.  Now don’t suggest that I blame it on one of the other cats around here…or even the infamous “NOT ME.”   The mom caught me red-pawed on this one.  And y’know what  made her madder??  I didn’t eat the flowers…I just bit them off and spit them out!  She said if I was gonna ruin the flowers, I coulda at least had the decency to eat them.

I dunno, kitties…I can only hope that the plant will bloom some more.  But I can’t guarantee that if if does, I won’t put the bitey on it again!  The mom…she’ll just have to get over it…heheheh!!

  57 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Oh Wally! *giggles*

  2. Wally, a kitty hasta do what a kitty hasta do, and you did. xoxox

  3. What’s the matter, Wally, didn’t the flowers taste as good as they looked? Go snuggle with your mom….hers can’t stay mad at you if you love on hers! 🙂

  4. Hahaha oh Wally, these flowers sure look irresistible! I’m sure some more flowers will bloom again. Plus, the plant got kitty hair all over. It’s obviously your flower!

  5. Wally, we would have done exactly the same. In fact we have done, on the mum’s dragon tree.

  6. Oh, I would have done the same! I’m sure your Mom has forgiven you now. They always do, don’t they?

  7. Can’t be havin’ a plant more handsome than you, Wally!

  8. Let your Mom have a tummy rubby and afterwards she’ll have forgotten all about it
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Sorry that you got busted Wally 🙁

  10. Hahahaha! This is why our human has only two plants at home now. Her African violets are at work, along with various other plants. ;-p

  11. Oh Wally, we can understand why you couldn’t resist those flowers…they looked simply yummy! Let us know when they bloom again and we’ll come nibble with you!

  12. oops – busted. mom says this is why our only indoor plant is kept WAY up high. 🙂

  13. Hmmmmmm, it was where you could get it and Mom got mad?

  14. I’m glad that you DIDN’T eat the flowers! You could have gotten really sick!

  15. Oh no Wally, that wasn’t a good idea. Glad you didn’t eat them though. I think we would have to do the same thing. Mom puts all our plants in the room in with Baby Doll since she doesn’t bother anything. Our mom loves violet plants. Hope your day gets better. Take care.

  16. Wally
    If the time comes you need legal advice contact my Buddy Mr. Pip at the firm of Burger, Bacon and Cheese. He works cheap.
    Hugs Madi
    PS I have to ask did the flowers taste like chicken or beef?

  17. If it’s some place you can get it, then it’s her fault right? I mean how are you supposed to control yourself?

  18. Wally, buddy you give me ideas!!! My mom has a couple of those African Violet plants!! Hmmmm?

  19. That flower must not have tasted too good if you spit it out. I went and checked online and found out that the African Violet is NOT poisonous to kitties. I’m sure your mom already knew this, but I was curious.

    I definitely understand your mom’s irritation though. Be nice and leave her plants alone.

  20. Oh, Wally, Wally, Wally. Spitting them out makes purr-fect sense. Without Mouse Sauce, we don’t blame you. Purrs…

  21. Our #1 has totally given up on flowers in the house…

    The Chans

  22. your mom should be happy that you are willing to eat a healthy salad now and again.

  23. wally; if yur mom would get ewe sum fresh leaf nip and ore cat grass…hint hint…then ewe wood knot knead to chew up de violetz plant…hint hint,,, and while her iz out and about at de store….hint hint ; several cases oh herring wood be a nice treet for ewe as well….hint hint…..


  24. HAHAHA! That flower was just asking for it. Really.
    Mommy tried to spruce up the living room and her room by putting nice little plants but had to move them out after we systematically left teeth marks on all the leaves. MOL.

  25. I bet it will bloom some more. In fact you probably helped to stimulate it for EXTRA blooming! Mom better put the plant on a high shelf, though. Just sayin’.

  26. My human says this is why we have no plants in the house. If she doesn’t kill them, one of us will!

  27. oops fancy getting caught red pawed. It will grow back dont worry.. Hugs GJ xx

  28. We only have cat grass and catnip growing in our house. Of course, the humans have surrendered here and recognize that it is OUR house. But if we had the chance, Hitch would eat the flowers too. And yank the rest of the poor thing out by the root, leaving a dirty mess on the window sill. Oh no, huMom is having a flashback!
    Purrs to you!

  29. We heard those flowers begging for the bitey all the way here!

  30. Oh my goodness Wally! You picked the flowers off and spit them out? That sounds like what Smokey does when Maw gets flowers and sticks them in a vase! He pulls the petals off, and eats the Baby’s Breath too!

    Luf, Us

  31. Wally Wally Wally.. If you aren’t going to eat them, at least try to hide the evidence..

  32. Tell mom tp be happy that the plant was not poisonness! he he – she should be thankful you took the blooms off just in case they were. Maybe a little bean might have gotten into it and ate it.

  33. We’re laffin here because Mom had a plant that didn’t flower for ages. It did when Lexi was here and she did the same thing you did…bit them off and left them!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  34. Yes, I think those violets were asking for it, Wally! They lulled you into thinking they would be tasty, but they weren’t.

    In my opinion they deserved what they got!

  35. It’s the flower’s fault. They shouldn’t have sat there and looked s tempting.

  36. Wally, maybe you’ll poop the flowers out for your Mama…oh wait you didn’t eat them! You just spit them out. Um. That would make our Mama upset too 🙁

    the critters in the cottage xo
    P.S. LP loves African violets too!

  37. Wally, there’s always blaming your evil twin 😀 just put some kitty spit on those petals and stick them back on! say, if you didn’t yak anything afterward, your mom shouldn’t complain too much! hee hee!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  38. Mum doesn’t even try with flowers. Derby always chews on them.

  39. I don’t see what got her feathers all ruffled. You were just tasting them….a little!

  40. Oh Wally! That’s dis awful…hee-hee… But we bet those grape flowers were so good! Some of us, that have to stay unidentified, have nom-nomed on some of Mumsy’s flowers, including violets, but, you know, she’s the one that puts them in a bowl!

  41. Snap! It’s a good thing you spit them out cos they’re prolly really toxic to cats.

  42. A plant with leafs like that was ASKING FOR IT!!! It should have known better.

  43. Wally, Pal–OF COURSE you ate those pretty purple flowers! I mean, the Humans eat them too, right? Only they tart them up with sugar and all first. If your Human does not want you to eat them, then she really should not leave them about in accessible places, am I right? Besides, since there is substantial evidence of furs on the leafs, she must have known you frequented the plant, looking for hot purple flower action. Pfft! Her fault!

    I am beyond honored to be an Honorary Island Cat. You can count on me Wally! If your island is ever invaded by the Russian Navy, I’ll be there! Wait–what? Oh, that’s right. The Russians aren’t likely to invade us these days. Well, if you’re ever invaded by ANYBODY’S navy, just give me a shout-out. The King is always at your service. I’m furry loyal.

  44. Hey! We has some of those! Me has killed 3 of them. One was clone from a plant my Mommy’s Mommy had and boy she was mad when me bited all the leaves off!
    Mommy now has the last two where me can’t get them cause boy oh boy they is fun to bite.
    Rock on Wally

  45. Maybe the flowers will be like hair, and grow back thicker and bigger after they are cut. It’s just a theory…

  46. It was a nice plant. But in all fairness, it was just asking for it! HaHaMeow!

  47. Oh my gosh you silly bug! MOL
    You know, the only person I knew who could raise African Violets and have them almost constantly bloom was my dad’s mom. She said the trick was to water under the leaves, never let them get wet, and to use slightly warm water. I dont know if that’s true or not, but hers were gorgeous!

  48. Oh dear your human HAS to get over it. You can’t help it, it’s too pretty not to bite right?

  49. Well at least you don’t have to worry about arresting yourself!
    ; ) Katie

  50. LOL, oh no! Please don’t tell our gang how fun it was to bite off those flowers. Our mom has lots of African violet plants. . . .

  51. I had a kitty who dearly loved Babies Breath in flower arrangements. I have a good idea how unhappy your mommy was!

    I’d try Bitter Apple to keep you from biting off the violet blooms. However, violets don’t like water on their leaves. Maybe she can use a small paintbrush and paint the liquid on the buds and blooms.

  52. Hey friends! We have an award for you so please stop by to pick it up xx

  53. That is very beautiful flower.
    I hope your house garden more and more beautiful.

  54. Humans don’t understand when something BEGS to get bit! I”m glad your tummy didn’t get upset by biting them!


  55. I hope you didn’t hork up a furball with a flower center.

  56. Can she be sure it was you? I am unclear as to why humans leave nommies around if not for our enjoyment.


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