Nov 042012

It’s BlogBlast for Peace 2012!

Dona Nobis Pacem — Give Us Peace

Once again, we join with others
in the blogosphere from all around the world
to blog about peace and display our Peace Globes.
Together we can make a difference.

 ♫ ♪ ♫ Let PEACE begin with us
Let this be the moment now!
With every step we take
Let this be our solemn vow!
To take each moment
And live each moment
in PEACE eternally!
Let there be PEACE on EARTH
And let it begin with ALL OF US!! ♫ ♪ ♫

 Read more about BlogBlast for Peace HERE!

  46 Responses to “Dona Nobis Pacem 2012”

  1. We LOVE you on the globe! So great!!!

  2. I love your peace globes and I love that song, too. Peace be with you, now and always.

  3. Peace be with you, kittehz. xoxo

  4. I luvluvluv your peace graphic. Maybe next year I can have a better one. We have a steep learning curve, but at least we showed up, purrrrrs for peace, Savannah

  5. What a great peace globe and poem yous guys has! We too is blogging for peace today!

  6. Wow what a neat peace globe! It is just so cool. Our Mumsy has GOT to get more creative.

    Hugs and peace to all you guys.

  7. We too are purring for peace!

  8. If all of us kitties can live together in peace why can’t everyone get along.

  9. That’s a terrific peace post, guys.

    We’re purring for peace today, and always, too.

  10. Peace to all our friends!

  11. Great blog – I love that song. Power to the paws for peace!

  12. I also wish that one day very soon we have a world that is peaceful. Hugs GJ x

  13. Peace be to all of you. We love that song so much., Very nice post.

  14. I love your Peace Globe! Here’s to Peace for all species, today and every single day!

  15. We are purring for a peaceful world – too many people in the world are caught in the middle of endless conflicts.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Bewteefuls Peace graphic. Mom is useless…completey useless.

  17. We purr for peace…and love!

  18. We sure are purring for Peace and Hee Hawing and woofing for it too. Peace to the world. Great post. Take care.

  19. Absolutely a beautiful post….we wish peace for all beings too.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  20. Maxwell: Doods, looks like you got the world under your capable paws! Great peace globe – wonderful sentiment!

  21. LOVE your Peace Globe, pals. We, too, are purring and praying for peace!

  22. We join you in your wish for peace. That is a great peace globe.

  23. herewith a most huge PURR for Peace… Love Helen, Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley xxx

  24. Beautiful peace globe. TW used to sing that song in choir in elementary school. Don’t forget to link your globe to the BlogBlast 4 Peace site.

  25. Purring with you for peace!

  26. Great peace globe, with the cats on top of the world 🙂
    Wishing everyone peace!

  27. Praying for Peace, today and everyday

  28. Lovely peaceglobe, Island Cats 🙂 Peace to you!

    (A link to your post will be on “Peace Bloggers Unite” later)

  29. Peace to you, too!

  30. Wishing peace to all the Island Cats!

  31. Wishing our Island Friends peace, purrs, smiles & …okay, a little chocolate too…for the yellow haired lady.

    Katie & Glogirly

    “Peace begins with a smile.”
    -Mother Teresa

  32. Great job. Peace to you all.

  33. Great Peace Globe! Mom loves that hymn too! We’re purring for peace today too.

    The Florida Furkids

  34. We join with you in wishing for peace and not peas!! xox

  35. Pawsome Peace Globe! Peace to yoo and yers ….


  36. Peace to you and yours on this Blog Blast Day and in every day to come.

  37. Peace to the whole world and to you!
    Great post!!

  38. Luff your peace post today.

    And in the spirit of Peace on Earth and all, maybe you can consider overlooking that land mass to the south of us and instead concentrating on the Bay and the Pacific–c’mon! I’ve got a whole freaking OCEAN out here. That’s gotta count for SOMETHING, right? I can’t imagine you’d really have me stoop to BRIBERY…..would you?

  39. Peace and love to you and all the kitties world wide!!! xo

  40. Wonderful Peace Globe. We’re purring for a peaceful world.

    Truffle and Brulee

    pee ess – it still means so much to Mom Paula that you have Sweet Praline’s graphic on your sidebar. Thank you!

  41. We know that song too, it is a good one. Love your peace globe, it is fabulous! We join you in blogging for peace.

  42. Oh I love your peace globe!! Peace to you and everyone on earth!

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