My Gift

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May 182008

My Christmas gift finally got installed!!!  And it is the coolest!  Here’s a photo.

No, the shed isn’t my gift!  It’s the weathervane!  Isn’t it great??!!?

Here’s a photo of it a little closer.

Thanks to my thoughtful husband, now I’ll be able to tell what direction the wind is blowing.  Let’s hope that cat never catches one of those mousies!!!  🙂


  4 Responses to “My Gift”

  1. That’s purrty cool!!!

  2. hi zoey! i likes your mom’s weathervaane. if we hadded a feral cat around here I am sure we wou ld adoptify him!

  3. Hey, Sue, I love your weathervane. We’ve got a car (can you understand why?) 😉

  4. That’s a beautiful weathervane. It makes your shed look very upmarket!

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