Oct 292012

Well, kitties…our Detroit Tigers didn’t win the World Series.  They played more like baby kittens than tigers.  Though they showed some life in the last game…it just wasn’t enough.  🙁  Those darn San Francisco Giants beat the Tigers four in a row.  RATS!!

Looks like we’re gonna hafta swallow our pride and go over and congratulate Spitty and his Giants.  C’mon, Ernie…are you ready to go?

Nah, I’m sleeping…you go, Wally.  Zzzzzzzz…..

Jeez, thanks, Ernie…leave me to do all the dirty work!

  37 Responses to “Mancats – World Series Sadness”

  1. Wally – isn’t it amazing how you are left to do the dirty work and go and congratulate Spitty and his Giants. We bet if it was to go and get treats he’d have not been sleepy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Awwww boys…sorry your Tigers didn’t win….NOT! Ha!

    We were meowing for the Giants….hope you can forgive us.

    xoxo west coast Cory and family

  3. We are also sad your Tigers didn’t win. We hope we weren’t bad luck for your team.

  4. Sorry your team didn’t win!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Oh boys we understand your frustrations! Our NC State University Wolfpack played feetballs like a bunch of puppies this past weekend.
    Hugs and we hope your weather isn’t too bad…..are you expecting snow?
    hugs madi

  6. Well at least they made it to the big game guys!

  7. Brian is right. At least they made it to the World Series. We are sorry though though that the Tigers lost. That is very sad. And sorry Wally, that you have to be the one to congratulate Spitty. You all have a great day.

  8. Our human says she’s glad she doesn’t follow baseball–nothing to be disappointed about. LOL.

  9. Oh dear, We’re sorry the Tigers didn’t win.

  10. sigh….it was just…..sad. But hey – Sparty beat the Badgers!! 🙂

  11. We’re heartbroken but the Giants were definitely the better team (not on paper) but in their play and the bottom line is PLAYING to win. They beat us fair and square.
    We made a bet with Spitty and will have to send some goodies their way

  12. Well, poo.

    The lady was rooting for the Tigers. She thinks they took too many cat naps during the five days they had off before the Series. And, maybe they had too many treats. Plus, they needed some catnip in the dugout.

  13. We are sorry your Tigers did not win. WE wanted them to!

  14. Aww, we’re sorry about those kitt…er, Tigers. Next year, we recommend cutting back on before game playing and keeping an eye on the nip jar. Purrs…

  15. We’re sorry your team didn’t win boys but if it’s any consolation, our mommy and daddy’s favorite football team is the KC Chiefs and they can’t win anything either.

  16. Ha! See, that’s what you get for bothering about sports. The only sport I care about is Cricket – catching them, eating them, it’s all good!

  17. well, therez all ways de lions in de soooper bowl rite 🙂

  18. I findez it hard to believe that there was team of TIGERS who couldn’t subdue the GIANTS I mean, couldn’t they just eated them?

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan
    who haz no ideaz about boy ball games

  19. We were hoping for a longer series! Mommy is sad it’s all over.
    At least there’s still football..go BEARS!

  20. Humble pie Ernie, humblepie. You can’t let Wally eat it alone!! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. It was a ball game! That’s all we know!! Was it cricket? 😉

  22. Well, the Tigers had a great season, you guys. You should be proud of them. They just ran into the Giants at the wrong time. Hugs!

  23. Awww 🙁 The Tigers are still the best team, no matter what. And they still had a great season. So we should be happy! purrrs

  24. better luck next year although i hope the twins beat them next year.

  25. So sorry your team did not win the world series. But there is always next season!

  26. Pooh! We were cheering for the Tigers, too!

  27. Ya know, I was hoping the Detroit Motor City Kitties would pull it out! All tied-up at 3-3…I knew they would! And those Baseball Giants beat our Texas Rangers a couple years back–I think in 5 games–and well, the NY Football Giants beat the Cowboys….oh well….uh…I think I need to nap with y’all too!


  28. Our purrs to you at the loss. Our Washington Nationals guys dint make it THAT far and we hadda watch them lose a 3-1 games lead! At least you are American League Champions…

  29. we were torn since the Tigers beat our Yankee’s, but we aren’t Giant’s fans either, mol! Sorry, you guys! Wally, you just need to feign sleep and you could be off the hook too…maybe?

    Pip, SMidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  30. So sorry your Tigers lost. It’s tough congratulating the competition!

  31. So sorry to know Tiger lost ~~
    It’s really ok~~ Next time will be better!

  32. Sorry about the tigers. Looks like they’ve got some splainin’ to do. Spitty must be whooping it up!
    ; ) Katie

  33. Hey Boys! Why are you showing up as SPAM on my blog??? That nefur used to happen and I have marked you twice now as NOT SPAM but Blogger keeps thinking you are! Maybe they are punishing you for not letting Zoey blog often enough!

    Hey–Your team are the AL champs! They made it to the World Series! How many other teams can say that? That’s right–none! (The Human is very familiar with this type of self-cheering up–after all, her Giants got swept in the 1989 Series by the Most-Detested A’s and lost another heartbreaker in 2002. So this winning stuff is unfamiliar territory). We tried to give the Reds and the Cards and the Tigers some props in our post for tonight. We luffs you!!

  34. Aw, sorry to hear that. We thought for sure the Tigers could take a nip out of the Giants and win the big one. Maybe next year but they’ll need to sharpen their claws.

  35. Oh nooo, so sorry your team did not win. What a disappointment for sure. Well, maybe next year will be the one.

  36. yup, our SF Giants ROCKED especially those last 2 innings! We don’t even watch baseball but we did the last couple of innings and it was exciting, sorry guys, but SF pulled the , ahhhh, well. ummmm…pulled the rabbit out of the bag…just sayin’…

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