Oct 192012

A tradition was started by our furiend, Derby, of showing your ‘tocks to celebrate ‘Tocktober…AND his birthday, which is tomorrow!  Happy birthday, Derby!!

Here’s my torbie ‘tocks!  Yeah, the lady with the yellow hair got me with the flashy box while I was eating.  I hafta tell you, my ‘tocks are looking kinda shabby lately.  Y’see, when I was at the evil v-e-t a few weeks ago because of my ::whispering:: poop problems, not only did they do the most terrible things to me, they also trimmed my beautiful floofy pantaloonies so poop wouldn’t get stuck in them.  And my furs haven’t grown back yet.

Here’s a closer look.  Can you see how my pantaloonies aren’t as long and floofy as they once were?  Now, no kitty wants poop in his or her pantaloonies, but this fur sure is taking its sweet ol’ time growing back!  I need fur extensions!!

Happy ‘Tocktober!

  52 Responses to “Formerly Feral – ‘Tocktober”

  1. Lovely tocks! Would have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out. Charlotte showed hers too!

  2. I meant ‘would not have noticed’…typist is not quite up to scratch due to lack of practice.

  3. Mmm, these Zoey tocks are way cooler than our Zoey tocks!

  4. Hmmm… I wonder where one cat get pantaloon extentions. There’s gotta be a source SOMEWHERE out there in the big ol’ internet. purrs

  5. Your pantaloons still look very floofy and we are sure they will grow back soon to their full splendor! We hope your *poop* issues are not an issue any more!

  6. You have the most lovely tocks Zoey

  7. Happy TockTober! We think you’re tocks are pretty floofy even after the trim!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. We still think your pantaloons are beautiful. Just think, they’ll grow in even more floofy and beautiful!

  9. Our Admiral had her Pantaloonies trimmed several times because she had what mommy called “hang fires” clinging on sometimes. But you’re right..it takes a long time for we long haired kitties to grow our pantaloons back full and glorious!

  10. Oh Zoey, those are such nice tocks. Sorry you had to have that darn trim job. Hope everything is coming out all right now. Love your pictures today.

  11. Hannah gets her pantaloons trimmed quite often when Mum finds a dangle berry hanging there!! In fact Mum keeps a little pair of scissors on the side where she sits to watch TV so she can trim the dangle berry out before it hits her face!!
    Luv (a red faced) Hannah and (laughing) Lucy xx xx

  12. he he – love it – fur extensions. Good idea!

  13. Your furs are just as pretty as ever sweet Zoey! Happy TockTober to you!

  14. Your pantaloonies are still beautiful Zoey!

  15. We think they are still sum of the prettiest tocks we’ve seen. Happy Tocktober, furriends! xoxo

  16. None of our tocks look near as beautiful as yours…even if they trimmed your pantaloons. 🙂
    Happy Tocktober!

  17. MOL Zoey…pantaloons…that cracked us up…but my sweet friend I think your tocks are especially gorgeous no matter the length of your furs
    Hugs Madi

  18. You still look mighty floofy.
    xoxo Kassey

  19. The less furs, the more ‘Tocks! HAH!

  20. Oh I love your tocks, Zoey! I hope your pantalooneis will grow back soon but you are pretty with or without floofy pantalooneis 🙂

  21. stunning fluffs. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  22. Your fur is lovely! You must get brushed every day. Even though I have very short fur, I like being brushed.

  23. your making me blush.

  24. Sassy here. I feel your pain. Mommie trims my pantaloons every once and a while. So unfashionable!

  25. Happy TockTober-B-Day, Derby! Sorry about the furs trimming. Soon, we’ve got some pantaloonies trimming to do here too. Un-becoming and yet, you pull it off well! Purrs…

  26. Vets are not fur dressers, that’s for sure! I hope your fur grows back soon – maybe the cooler weather will help!

  27. Happy Tock-tober and Happy Birthday Derby!! 🙂

  28. You still sure have a LOT of furs, Zoey!

  29. Don’t worry Zoey you are still beautiful and your fur will grow back before you know it 🙂

  30. Well I think your tocks are still pretty gorgeous.. They will soon be back to all their glory.. Hugs GJ xx

  31. Being the perfect gent, I would have never pointed and laughed at your “pantaloons” ;0

  32. Actually, I think your pantaloons are plenty floofy as they are!

    P.S. Today we featured some Cat Guys you might know!

  33. Cute tocks! you know it’s funny, I gave Leo the same kind of trim… and it still hasn’t grown back either! That must be a slow fur growing area!

  34. We can only dream of such luxurious pantaloons…

  35. Oh my cod….those were some fantatic tocks!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  36. I feel your pain my dear, I too have floofy pantaloons…

  37. you have tidey ‘tocks, Zoey! still cute no matter what 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  38. Your pantaloonies may be short but your tail is magnificent!

  39. Just between us, my darling, I have, uh, a little problem in this regard as well. When that horrible OUTRAGE was perpetrated upon me, I was, um, ::shhhhh:: shaved “back there” and honestly, it is just taking furever for my lustrous furs to grow back as I would like them to be. Sigh. Must be the season, eh? *I* am not going to permit a Tocks shot!!! (Oh yeah, Spitty? Really? [Ed.])

  40. Now I found my tock-double! We’re tocklookalikes 🙂

  41. I love a lady at who uses the word ‘pantaloonies’…I still think you are gorgeous!


    PS. We will cheer for the Detroit Motor City Kitties!!!

  42. How embarassing – we have two kitties in our household of seven that have beautiful “tocks” but have never even heard the term before!! What kind of catwoman am I?? Loved the post!!

  43. You have gorgeous tocks!!!!
    ***Happy Birthday to Derby!

  44. Mom thinks you still look marvelous!

  45. I’ve never seen such floofy pantaloons!!!
    I’m kind of a shortie hair cat so I have a pair of all-season shorts that I wear.
    Maybe I need some of these floof extensions you speak of.
    ; ) Katie

  46. Lovely tocks and pantaloons.

  47. Zoey your ‘tocks are still very pretty even with the fur cut it actually brings out the orangey of your torbie colors. And once winter comes the fur should grow back super fast.

  48. I am writing to thank you for visiting Diamond’s blog and for your kind thoughts. I miss Diamond a lot.
    best wishes,

  49. A neat trim is furry attractive, Zoey. We think your bum is lovely.

  50. Happy Birthday Derby!

    Mummy said our fur is too long, she send us for a fur-cut every few months.

    Garlic & Ginger

  51. Pretty Pantoloonies. FAZ

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