Oct 172012

Sometimes you gotta just kick back, relax, and enjoy the nice fall day.

Oh yeah…
And scare away the vishus deers that come to eat the flowers.

  49 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Enjoy the sunshine Wally because winter’s on it’s way – are you getting ready to shout “Buzz Off” at those vishus deers?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. You have a very important job, Wally!

  3. Those are such pretty Mums. And Wally good job chasing off those vishus deers. That must be hard to do. Have a great day.

  4. That is a very lovely view you have there. Mum says she would love to be able to see deer in the yard.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. I know you will take care of scaring those deer away Wally!

  6. Those are pretty flowers. Someone’s got to protect them from the deer.

  7. gotta keep an eye on the flowers….keep up the good work!

  8. That’s right Wally. If you don’t do it, who will?

  9. Yay Wally well in case you forgot…Mom has window seat envy!!
    She says if she lived at your house you would have a very hard time getting her to move away from the seat.
    Hugs Madi

  10. You have a GREAT view there, Wally. Enjoy!

  11. that sounds like great advice but we love deer!

  12. Those vishus deer do a number on flowers, birdseed and even other stuffs! GOOD job pretty..er..handsome boy!

  13. What a lovely place to check out the world. And you scare vishus deer? Wow! I’m impressed.

  14. We bet no vishus deers dare come around while you’re on duty Wally!

  15. Oh the flowers are so pretty! They look like cupcakes 🙂 Yeah gotta scare vishus deer to protect the flowers!

  16. Yeah, those deer can ruin a garden pretty quickly. They don’t seem too scared of me, though.

  17. Those flowers are so purrty. We’re glad you’re there to protect them!!

    The Florida Furkids

  18. deerz R viziouz wally…look at all de werk santa claws haz ta due ALL yeer long…keep em fed N watered N then like at Christmas time they dont even help with de delivery…stand round waitin for santa ta get bak outta de chimmney…yea….viziouz AND rood

  19. We see you’ve been doing a good job keeping the deer away. Those flowers are beautiful!

  20. Those vishus deers wouldn’t DARE with you on guard!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  21. sometimes… i wish.

  22. Ha! Vishus deers scaring must be a full-time job with good benefits, Wally. We should look into that.

  23. You’re obviously doing a great job keeping the vishus deer away! Look at your lovely mums 🙂

  24. Even though my human has seen deer only a few blocks from here, they never come by my house – I am sure it because they are scared to death of me!

  25. Warning vicious deer, there’s an attack cat on duty!

  26. Deer can be very vishus to flowers!! You sort ’em Wally 🙂

  27. Wally that is quite the responsibility you have to keep that colorful garden safe from vishus deer you are doing very well at your post.

  28. Are those marigolds you’re looking at? They match your furs.

  29. You have some beautiful flowers to watch! Still too hot here in Texas (it was 89 degrees today) for Fall flowers yet.

  30. Wally, those flowers sure look pawsome with your furs. I bet no vishus deer would dare come in to your yard…no way!

  31. You are enjoy the view, aren’t you?

  32. Good thought pal. I did that today too.. Maybe we should try to tomorrow too.

  33. I knew that! Just wanted to see if you read your comments! HAH!

  34. That is a very important job you have! We hope the deer take note.

  35. you said it, Wally! and you sure have a great view. we do hope you’ll be able to relax enough what with vishus deer patrol an all.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  36. Wally, what a great seat you have there right in front of the window with the pretty flowers. Thank goodness you’re there to scare away those deer!

  37. I am pawsitive that no vishus deer would DARE come to nibble on those flowers as long as you are maintaining such a careful watch. Well, almost pawsitive.

  38. Seriouslies?!? Papa gotted almost run over by those vishus deers once. He was out running, and was talking to mama on the cell phone (I know I know, weird huh!) and he suddenly goes “OH!!” real loud. One a them vishus deer ranned RIGHT in front of him!

  39. Vishus deer makes delicious dinner, Wally. purrr….meow!

  40. Wally, it looks like you are watching CAT-TV!!! You keep a sharp eye for those vishus deer and any other introoders that come into your yard!

  41. Wally you look like one vigilant yard-watcher there! I’d like you to come & sic the raccoons that keep disturbing my porch-panther brofur, Oliver! PIGS! They think the water bowl is a Jacuzzi that all three of their fat heines can fit into! They’re SUCH mess-makers!

    Disgusted purrs,

  42. There’s lots of deer here in Nova Scotia, too. I’ve never seen one though. Don’t know why ’cause other peeps have told my ‘purrsonal’ peeps that they’ve seen ’em in MY garden but I never have. My peep though has seen the tracks. Guess are deer are more scared than viscious. purrs

  43. What a great way to spend a fall day! We’re joining you 🙂

  44. That’s a great view Wally and good for watching out for those sneaky flower eating deers!

  45. Wonderful flowers, you have such a nice view from there!
    Happy weekend dear friends,

  46. Mom would love to see deer, but I’d be skeered. You’re brave watching fur flower eating deer.
    xoxo Kassey

  47. It looks like you’re enjoying the sunshine there, Wally 🙂

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