Dec 152008

Hey, Ernie…mom finally finished decorating
for Christmas this weekend…

Look…our ornaments are on the tree…


(click on them to biggify)

Hey, mom…where’s Zoey’s ornament??
You gotta get Zoey an ornament!!!

Here’s dad’s ornament…

Bet you all thought Santa used a sleigh!!

Hey, Wally…mom hung our stockings on the fireplace, too…

Yep, Ernie…we’re all ready for Christmas…
All we need now is the Big Guy in red…

Whazzat you say, mom? We gotta wait 10 more days??

  27 Responses to “ManCats Ready for the Big Guy”

  1. I hope Zoey gets her very own ornament!
    Smooches – your house looks wonderful!

  2. How bee-utiful your house looks! We love your fireplace! We sure hope Zoey gets her ornament. Hmm, come to think of it, our own ornaments are suddenly conspicuous in their absence!

  3. The decorations are just beautiful!! You all look very ready for Sandy Claws!

  4. You guys have stockings and you have ornaments. You are so lucky. I don’t even have gifts under the tree…

  5. You look lovely and Chris Mousie under the tree. We like your ornaments and stockings. We haven’t seen ours, we hope we are going to get them.

  6. WOW!!! Your Mom did a fantabulous job decorating! And your ornaments and stockings are so cute too.

  7. Everything looks wonderful…don’t forget to bake some catnip cookies for Santa. We don’t get our names on our ornaments or stockings. Maybe my mom can get ideas from you.

  8. Oooo, I like yur purrty tree! An’ ornyments. An’ kitties.

  9. You each have your own ornaments! We should do that too!

  10. It is very hard to wait for Christmas! 10 days is like a sqillion nap times.

    Your house looks very beautiful and Christmassy.

  11. I know! 10 days is just too long to wait . . . I don’t understand how Mommy thinks it is coming up too soon. Our stocking have been hanging up FOREVER.

  12. Very purrty decorations! Especially your socks!

    Luf, Us

  13. I need to make sure Mom and Dad see this so they remember to put up our tree. We have an ornament like Ernie’s with our names on the list.

  14. Oh my, it’s all very festive! And you have your own ornaments…how lucky 🙂 You both look quite comfy under there!

  15. You have some really pretty ornaments and decorations! I wish it was Christmas TOMORROW. Waiting is hard.

  16. Your house is so Christmassy! It’s lovely. Such great ornaments you have, but Zoey definately needs one of her own too! You seem to be guarding the tree there, careful you don’t scare off Santa Paws!

    Whicky Wuudler

  17. Oh WOW!!! You guys have your very own ornaments AND stockings!!! That is just TOO cool!! Did-ed your Momma make them?? ifs she did she is very talented!! :))
    Do not worry guyz, 10 days goes fast and then you have one and it’s all over red rover… a big build up for a few hours of fun huh? 😉


  18. I love all your special kittie decorations, and all the other decorations, too! They’re beautiful.

  19. You are all decorated beautiful for the holidays. Your mom did a great job in that department.
    Glad you liked the first episode of CCSI. Come back tomorrow for more of the story.

  20. What a nice job your mom did for the holidays!

  21. Hi there! Thank you for coming to visit our bloggy! We’re happy to have made your acquaintance. (^_^)

    My, your house looks like it’s filled with wonderful holiday cheer! We love the decorations. Decorating for Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year. That’s when we get to watch the beans do all the work while we play with the ornaments and be naughty! Hopefully cats are excused from Santa’s naughty list. Hee hee.

    See you again!
    Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, & Mags.

  22. Santy Claws is gonna skip us all together if Mom doesn’t get our tree up!! Your house looks very Christmassy!
    Your FL furiends,

  23. Your stockings look so cool hanging up there! We hope Santa Paws fills them to bursting for you!:)

  24. You’ve got your own stockings!? That’s cool! I wonder if I have one? ::moooo-ooom-hey, mooo-ooom::

  25. Your decorations are beautiful! I hope those stockings get filled with lots of goodies! You both are the best presents for under the tree!

  26. Wowww….that is one very very lovely decorations~!!!!

  27. Your place looks so pretty and festive!

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