Easy E Sunday

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Sep 302012

I’m taking it easy today.  I don’t really have much of a choice…you probably heard that I’m on “restricted activity” because of my back problems.  That means no playing, no THoE, no jumping, no fun at all!  It hasn’t been easy!

I’m taking my medicine…my mom wraps it up in a yummy treat for me.  It’s helped a little bit, but my back is still bothering me.  So if you could keep those purrs and prayers and good thoughts coming, I’d appreciate it.  And if you want, you can teleport over and take it easy with me, too!  I think there’s plenty of room on our window seat here!

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  1. Of course we can teleport over…maybe we can all bring a book to read and we can meowread to each other…then fall asleep in a big nap pile.

  2. Sending lots and lots of loud French purrs your way, Ernie.

    The Chans

  3. We’re on the way. Maybe we could do a purring nap pile to make you feel better?

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Oh Ernie, it sure is good to see you. We sure do send tons and tons of purrs your way and we have told the donkeys that they have to cross their hooves for you. That should make that back feel better. You take it easy you handsome boy. Take care.

  5. it’s one thing when you don’t want to do those things…but when you CAN’T…then you really want to 🙂 we hope you have something good to watch on the big screen as you take it easy, Ernie. we’ll keep purring you’ll be back to running around in no time!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  6. We are going to gas up the boogie mat and join you. We think our added body heat will help you feel much better, Ernie. Mom says we can stay as long as you need us.

  7. Hey Handsome Ernie good to see you in your window seat chillin’ on Easy like Sunday. Keep resting and we’ll keep purring for you.
    Hugs MAdi you bfff

  8. We’ll be there soon to join the nap pile to keep your back nice and warm Ernie. Take it easy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. We are revvin our motors fur you, Ernie. MOmmy is sending pawsitive, healing thoughts, too. Rest fur now, handsum boy.

  10. We can send over Bourbon to keep you company – he is a great snuggler. 🙂

  11. We are on our way over and then we can all purr together. The vibrations from all the purrs will help your back get better Ernie.

  12. Hope u feel better soon Ernie…

  13. We, too, are on our way over! Continued purrs, Ernie.

  14. Ernie,
    You’re looking especially gorgeous today. I am really hoping your back feels better and soon. I like the treat my pills are I’m too. Take good care, friend.

    Gentle hugs,

  15. Yo Buddy! I’ll be right ofur and hang out wif you. I can tell you tales of my epic battles with Punapippuri and how I gotted a nice piece of swampland in Finland, or what happened to me a month ago at the stabby place, or all the stupid fings my Human does–there are LOTS of those!

  16. I sure hope you back stops hurting you soon Ernie so you can really enjoy your Easy. Purrs to sweet Zoey too.

  17. Sasa says she will join you. She loves company and she is a healer.

    Have a good Sunday!


  18. We’ve been purring for you (and Zoey) and will continue to do so. We’re so happy you’re being so good and eating your meds. We guess having them wrapped up in a yummy treat helps!

  19. Oh Ernsie (I call my gerbil friend “Ernsie” instead of Ernie, too), I am sorry your back is hurting you. Have you considered trying some Cosequin? I get mine in a sprinkle capsule that goes on my foods, and it helps my joints feel much better.

  20. I am purring lots for you Ernie – I want your back to heal quick so you can go back to your usual activities!

  21. We’re sorry to hear you are still having back problems. The girls are sending healing purrs your way.

  22. Oh Ernie, you take it easy, buddy. You need to be up and at ‘em before too long. Purrs and ((hugs)) from us xox

  23. Heya Ern! I’m chillin out today and thinkin of you! It’s been super hot here, I bet that would help yer back a bit.

    Glad to see you’re takin it easy! Did you finally duct tape Wally to the wall?

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  24. Oh Ernie, we are so sorry you have a hurty back. We will purr very hard that the meds help and your back gets better!! We will come over and help you take it easy. We’re good at that 😉 heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  25. Ernie, we’d give anything to be able to come cuddle with you on that window seat today! We sure hope your back gets better! We’re sending you lots of healing purrs!

  26. Ernie – we have our purr motors going for you! Take it easy and get better quickly!

  27. You are a very good boy, Ernie !
    Send mega big purrs to you !
    Get well soon my friend

  28. You are good boy, Ernie !
    Send Mega purrs to you
    Big Hugs

  29. Sending lots of purrs for you and Zoey !

  30. Purring for both of you buddy!

  31. Ernie, we’re sending off some purrs and good thoughts to you, my furriend.

    I might just head on over with Anastasia. She’s very good with her paws, make you all better 🙂


  32. Ernie, I loves you and you has all my purrs and prayers. xoxox Please start to feel better quickly. You are so handsome in that picture. xox

  33. We are purring and praying for sure, Ernie. And we teleporting over right now! See yous soon, buddy!

  34. We are sorry to hear your back is still bothersome. We are purring for you buddy! Light duty isn’t fun!

  35. We are sending soft ear rubs and hope you stay in bed and all quiet. We’re purring for you!

  36. Oh Ernie. of course I’ll keep purring for you. I hope you’ll be back to normal soon. I’ll teleport over and sit with you. In Twitter whenever someone isn’t feeling well, a bunch of us sit on their porch. #ErniesPorch

  37. Purrs for a speedy recovery so that the mandatory floor rest can end soon so that there would be lots of THoE and jumping again.

  38. Aw man, no THoE? That bites. I hope your back gets better ASAP…I mean, just taking it easy is awesome, unless you HAVE to. Then it’s boring…

  39. Aww, poor sweetie! hugs and purrs!

  40. So sorry about your back, buddy! Get well from Pisi and Squeak!

  41. Of course we’ll keep sending the purrs your way! You work on feeling better!

  42. Hey, Ernie. I hope your back starts feeling better soon.

  43. Sending lot and lot´s of (((purrs))) to you !
    Hope your back will stop giving you a hard time really quick !

  44. Oh Ernie!
    Me did not knows abiout your back (whaps Mommy and sticks claws in leg) Me will purray that yous is doing better soon.

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