Easy E Sunday

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Dec 142008


Next time, I’m gonna take the easy way down!!!


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  1. Dat looks a wonderful bit of kit …. tricky manouvre though!

  2. Ernie, you looks like a fireman going down his pole racing to a fire.

  3. Uh Oh Ernie…how you gonna get out of that?

  4. Sure looks like fun though, we knows you will get out cuz us kittes are very smart. Happy Sunday to you all.

  5. HAHAHAHA – looks like fun though!

  6. Hi, Thanks for welcoming me aboard! I am still a bit scared of my new place but starting to get better…I can’t wait till I can climb……that looks like fun!!!=^Y^=TEAK?

  7. Leaping Lizards, that looks fun! We can not go straight down our Condo. It has lots of twists and turns.

  8. Ernie, we agree that leaping might be the way to go.
    Zoey, your post yesterday made us smile. How happy we are that you are having a warm safe Christmas this year!!

  9. Don’t get stuck dude!

  10. Man what a cool cat tree. Be careful on the way down though.

  11. Ohh Ernie I bet you are the position man in bed.. cuddling that is…
    You is showing mighty skills being in that position.. I hope no mancat was hurt in this demonstration! 😉 hehe


  12. That looks like fun. Wouldn’t be any good for Eric though. He’d get stuck. Hehe.

  13. Ernie – you are an acrobat! Just don’t gain any weight and try that trick, hahahahahahahahahaha, Flynn has a good point, hahahahahahaha.
    Don’t miss the next CCSI show!!! The first part will air tomorrow – and it will be an awesome show!

  14. LOL there must be an easier way, right?

  15. LOL! Yes, that looks very complicated!

  16. Oh no! Did you get stuck?!

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