Sep 142012

Hi everybuddy!  I’m enjoying some windowseat time and watching out our big screen TV.  And let me tell you…I can use the diversion.

Y’see, I’ve been having a rough time lately.  I’m having “poop” issues, or rather “lack of poop” issues.  The lady with the yellow hair is worried about me and has dragged me…hissin’ and spittin’, I might add…to the evil v-e-t not once but twice!!  Once there, that evil v-e-t did the most unimaginable things to me!  ::shudder::  Kitties, I don’t even want to think about it!  It was HORRIBLE!!  So now I’m taking some medicine…which actually tastes pretty good…and eating some special foods.  Hopefully, this will get my trains running on time (to quote the Katnip Lounge Kats).  But if you could spare a purr or two for me, I’d really appreciate it.

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  1. Poor you Zoey – we hope your trains are on time in future it’s nasty when they get stuck in a tunnel. BTW our Mum always puts a small amount of water in our wet food and we have no trouble with our trains.
    We hope you have a great weekend.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh Zoey we sure do send you tons of purrs to get that train moving for sure. Hope the new foods and medicine work for you. Have a good week end.

  3. Zoey, we are do hope and purr everything will keep on moving for you. Those vet visits like THAT are not nice.

  4. We’re sending major poop prayers to you. We hope the “trains get running” soon.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Zoey, all of us here feel for you. The trips to the vet are hellish to say the least, even though everybody concerned means well. Enjoy a little bird TV, honey bun and I hope your trains (how cute 🙂 start running on time again..


  6. Delayed trains are no fun. We hope the special food and medicine keeps them back on track and running smoothly again.

  7. I hope everything comes out OK 🙂 purrs to you

  8. I hope that medicine and food will make the train departure in time 🙂

  9. We’re sending lots of big rumbling purrs over the waters, Zoey! We’re hoping you’re 100% better soonest.

  10. good luck with the poops.

  11. You’ve got my paws crossed for you! Feel better!

  12. yikes….we hope the meds and new food helps!!

  13. Zoey bless your little lady cat heart!! We are sorry to read your trains have been late and hope and purr you have found the right combo of meds and food to help you. My mom is quite sure sitting on that beautiful window seat will cure what ails you.
    Hugs and purrs
    Madi and Mom

  14. Sending purrs to you today Zoey…hope things get moving soon 🙂

  15. Poor you! Sending you many purrs to help. Hopefully you’ll be back to normal again really soon.

  16. We are sending lotsa purrs yer way. We hope ya feel better real quick. Being backed up don’t feel good.

    I haf a histery of poop issues, too–da other kind!

  17. Purrs galore, you got ’em!

    We hope your trains will be running on time soon!

  18. Sweetie, we’re sending you lots and lots of purrs and prayers. We hope you are able to go on your own so the V-E-T won’t have to intervene!

  19. Extra loud purrs for you, Zoey! Keep eating those special yummy foods and soon, you’ll hear those trains pulling back in right on schedule.


  20. Oh Honey, I so hope all comes well again with the special meds and foods. purrs and huggles. Xxooo

  21. zoey, pleez ta tell yur mom ta gives ewe sum PURE pumpkin; knot like pie filling pumpkin but puree pumpkin; Libby’s shuld make it if her canna find it at like an all natural store…her can buy a can N put de rest ina ice cube tray N freeze it, then save de cubes for later; just in case…seer eee iz lee…this werks ..for like both ..trubulls:

    heerez just a few links yur mom can let ewe reed:

    ore this one:

    and this one haz measuremints;

    as long as it bee pure, yur good to go…noe pun intended !

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end, hope ewe get ta feelin better soon; peace out N rock on !

  22. Sending you yorkie wishes that everything starts moving and the special meds and foods help you feel better.

    Your pal, Pip

  23. Zoey, we’re sending you loud purrs that all systems are go!!!

  24. Well that’s a bummer. 🙁 We hope things get moving again soon because it’s no fun when they aren’t.

  25. I’m sorry you are having issues with the train schedule, and I surely will send lots of purrs your way!

  26. We are all sending you lots of purrs sweet Zoey!

  27. Oh no! We sure hope the medicine and foods get things working well again. But not TOO WELL, if you know what I mean. From one fluffy butt kitty to another…well, let’s just say the people have had to use the scissors on me recently. Purrrrrs!

  28. Well we hope our purrin helps ye git yer kaboose in fine runnin order!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  29. We’re sending lots of purrs for your train to get moving again Zoey!

  30. Oh those pesky trains… never give them a second thought until they start acting up.. Purring they get on schedule quickly!

  31. Seems like everyone is visiting the v-e-t lately and no one is having a good time. We’re purring that your trains pull into the station in a timely manner!

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  32. Zoey I had the exact same problem and believe you me I didn’t like have an ahem colonic. But Mom has added pumpkin (organic) to my food (in addition to the slippery elm I she has been adding for months) and I have been going like clock work. So far at least and she is so relieved. I am glad you are doing so much better and I think we need to purr for one another! Purrs for poop.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  33. Plenty of purrs for plenty of poops for Zoey!! xox

  34. We’re big on using Florentera, a probiotic which works for us. Pumpkin works but some of us hate it. Good luck for good poops.

  35. Oh Zoey I hear poop can be a real problem. I shall purr my hardest for you!

  36. I am sending you lots of purrs, Zoey! That is not a nice problem to have – Binga has been through that horrible procedure at the vet’s too and now she takes lactulose every day.

  37. We have been purring for you and will continue those purrs! purrs for poop?

  38. Zoey, we have been thinking about you cause its been a while since we’ve seen you. We’re purring everything comes out ok (literally!).

  39. Hi Zoey. Yes, I will definitely purr for you to poop! Mama has heard wonderful things about pumpkin. One idea is to freeze it and then just pull out what you need. Some freeze it in ice cube trays. Anyway, I sure hope everything starts coming out easy (but not too easy).

  40. Zoey, we are sending BIG purrs your way!!
    Our Mickey had that problem and the Vet did
    icky things to him 😮
    We purr your food and medicine help you work things out 😉 heehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  41. Big (((purrs))) …poop problems area a pain in the.. poop.
    Get better soon.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  42. Zoey, we are sending our very best purrs for predictable poop. We hope the medicine does the trick and you’ll be feeling comfortable again very soon.

  43. Zoey, Darling, The people in those Stabby Places seem to revel in committing UNSPEAKABLE atrocities upon our unsuspecting persons. It’s just an outrage, that’s what it is.

    I am sending you and your poop all my verreh best purrs! The Human hadded a kitteh with Train Trouble–the medicine helped him a LOT so you need to keep being a good girl and taking it. Would it help if I dropped by and washed your pretty face and ears for you? XOXOXO

  44. Hoping everything gets “moving” soon! Cody had the same problem last Fall and it was due to Prednisone. Have you tried 100% canned pumpkin? It helps and now when Cody is on Prednisone (which sadly is often) I give him a teaspoon of pumpkin every day.

  45. Oh, Zoey, we are part of the poop purr chain and hope something gets a movin’ soon sweet girl!

  46. Oh Zoey, that sure can be annoying, but your human is smart to be concerned about you. We are sending love and purrs your way…

  47. Mowzers, we betcha you’re getting something with PUMPKIN in it fer sure! We hopes your train goes back to its regularly scheduled stops soon!

  48. Poor Zoey, I hope things get moving well. I know your human is very worried about you. My Niko had a poop issue before and had quite hard time getting it out. I was so happy when he finally pooped. I hope the special food works for you. We are all sending purrs and warm thoughts to you.

  49. Sorry you are having digestive issues. Would prunes work?

  50. The v-e-t can do horrible things, but they can also help you feel better. We’ve had kitty train schedule problems too so we know how important it is for you to get back to your normal schedule. Big purrs for you.

  51. Those are the kind of big screen TV’s that are TRUE high def 3D and they never break. Ever.

  52. Just stopping by to say hello to Miss Zoey and the rest too. It’s nice to see your beeyootiful furs, my sweet!

  53. We’re sending bunch of purrs!!!!

  54. Lately, I know all about cats with problems with their litter-box-using parts, so I hope very much that Zoey improves, and quickly. It was good that her people got her to the vet; she may not like it, but it’s how worse things are avoided. Take care, everyone.

  55. I’ve had train problems too. It makes Mom so happy effury time I poop. We sure hope it all works out fur you, sweetheart. We will add you to our purr list.
    xoxo Kassey

  56. Zoey purring for your train to come in a regular again. Sorry you had to go to the V-E-T twice,but it is just the lady worrying and wanting you well again. Feel better purrs.

  57. Lots of purrrs for you Zoey to get your train running back to normal!!
    Your TX furiends,

  58. Zoey, we are purring for you, sweetheart! When we first came here, we were having some of, er, uh, *those* problems. The vet lady did awful, horrible things to us, too. But then the “trains’ went on to keep purrfect time, so we guess it was worth it, maybe. Purrs.

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