Sep 122012

For this edition of “What WAS that Wally Doing?”
we go back to September 2009…


 What’s so great about the bathroom??


Well, I can get a little drink…


And check out how handsome I am at the same time!

Hey…how you doin’???


  45 Responses to “What WAS That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally, that was fun seeing you checking yourself out in the mirror.

    If your humans want to go to the 911 Memorial, they may want to reserve tickets ahead of time. It doesn’t seem as booked up as it used to be but here is the link:

  2. We hope you didn’t find any whiskers out of place when you looked in the mirror Wally.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. MOL, Wally you are one handsome dude, for sure. Love that look. Have a great day. Hope Zoey is all right.

    And you are most handsome
    Hugs Madi

  5. No fair, I can’t jump up on the counter! It looks fun up there.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Wally, you are such a handsome mancat! You do us all proud!


  7. your handsomeness is almost blinding.

  8. M loves that picture of you looking in the bathroom mirror. She says she’s never had a kitty that could see him/herself in the mirror. All of her kitties (4) have just ignored it. I’m drinking water out of the sink too – it’s my favorite place. I also have a fountain, which I do like, but still like to go back to the sink now and then.

  9. I have not been able to interest myself in the mirror yet but maybe one day I will. Meanwhile mom asked me if I wanted to drink from the faucet and I turned her down. I must need counseling. xox

  10. Well, that’s a good one to revisit! It’s hilarious!

    Of course, if you’re as handsome as Wally, you want to make sure every hair is in place.

  11. Water AND your handsome self? Hey, that bathroom is a pretty good place, Wally!

  12. I like to drink out of the faucet also. I make Mommie turn it on a trickle.


  13. All that and at our house you can sleep on the soft mats or dig up the carpet to d lock yourself in!

  14. Oh you are so cute looking at yourself in the mirror, and you are super handsome! One of my boys likes to drink in the sink, too 🙂 He says it tastes better that way.

  15. We love the sink in the bathroom because of the running water.

  16. The face on mirror are so funnY!

  17. Wally, you are indeed a handsome, if thirsty, mancat!!

  18. Were you making sure you didn’t have any water left on your chin? 🙂

  19. …and not necessarily in that order!
    ; ) Katie

  20. You’re looking good, Wally, now …..and back then!

  21. Wally, you are good at multitasking!

  22. Damn, I look Good!

  23. You are both looking mighty fine!

  24. You are super handsome Wally! We’re sending purrs to Zoey!

  25. I totally get the handsome part. A ManCats’s gotta keep up on appearences no?

  26. Wally you are so smart, doing double duty!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  27. This post was new to me! MOL! Yeah bathrooms are sweet!

  28. Wally that was a great place to drink especially as the mirror could show if there any more water left in the fur as that was one of the downsides of sink drinking

  29. It was so worth going back in time!

  30. You have a handsome cat in the window, too! Hope he was nice to you.

  31. And you could have a little baff and a shave, too!

  32. Sink drinks are such great drinks!

  33. Sinks are awesome…did you know that Figaro jumped into the bathroom sink yesterday and saved mom from a spider that was lurking in the dark for her? Whoa…close call!

  34. I bet nothing’s changed in three years.- Still a handsome boy!

  35. Stopping by to say thank you for your condolences for Olivia. We appreciate your kind words during this sad time in our life.

    William, Caroline, Russell, Gracie, and our mom.

  36. Still as handsome as ever!!!

  37. Wally- Ash here (the female cat) and I have to say– you are one handsome mancat!

  38. Such handsomeness deserves to be admired. The bathroom is an ideal place! Plus…who doesn’t love fresh waters from the tap!

  39. Handsome indeed!! I think you speak about man-cat-ly ness to the world!!


  40. Well, who’s handsome?! You are looking furry good. We wish we looked as nice when we look in the mirror.

  41. Maxwell: DUDE, so that’s why Faraday likes it so much (he’s a tooootal narcissist, Momma sez…whatever that is…)

  42. That is a handsome looking chap in the mirror Wally.

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