Easy E Sunday

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Sep 022012

Hey, everybuddy!
Do you ever get the urge to give your ol’ nip toy a great big lick??


It tastes cottony…with just a hint of nip!!

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  1. Yum!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. I gotta go dig out a toy to lick! Have a great Easy Sunday Ernie!

  3. Nom, nom, nom!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Hi there Ernie, we love to lick our toys especailly Little Bit. She cleans everything. Have a super Sunday.

  5. We love that ::SLURP::!

  6. Well, no nip here, but I drool on my toys all the time. They are so good! Have a great Sunday!

  7. You are really living it up there, my friend. Hope you don’t get a hang over.


  8. I love cotton with a hint of nip.
    ; ) Katie

  9. Oh I do enjoy giving my nip toys a good kick! It brings out more flavor of the nip I think.

  10. If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em. The boyz join you in nip toy lickin.

  11. I like to lick my biff bags so much that they become all slobbery. Then I don’t have to share ’em with anybody. Know what I mean? purrs

  12. MOL, yes, Star is a nip toy licker… and a rub it on her face-er!
    Lookin’ sweet Ernie!

  13. Licking our toys almost always guarantee a mouthful of fur. MOL.

  14. Boodie LOVES doing that! In fact, she has ruined more than one nip toy by making it wet and gross. Bleagh.

  15. You are realy enjoying that nip toy.. Love the first picture.. HUgs GJ xx

  16. Everything tastes good with a hint of nip! Enjoy your Sunday Ernie!

  17. That’s quite a tongue you have, Ernie…the better to taste the nip!

  18. Yummy! We like to throw a bunny-kick in fur good measure! xoxo

  19. Surprise………..we nominated you for an award. http://twocatsviews.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1080&action=edit
    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  20. Even a hint of ‘nip does the trick. Happy Sunday Ernie!

  21. Got to keep the toys clean. Bonus for us if it’s a nip toy!

  22. Oh goodness, I like my nip toys till they are green!

  23. Furry nip. We loves our nip toys.

  24. Chewing on the nippy toys until they is soggy is hat happens At our house!
    That’s lots of licks!

  25. yep I do that too! Since I get your posts a day late…….HAPPY LABOR DAY!

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