Aug 172012

How many times do I have to tell you…


I don’t like peas!!

Hey…it’s the Lady with the Yellow Hair.  These are the remnants of Zoey’s breakfast…Halo’s Spot’s Stew.  And stew is an apt name for it since it includes veggies like peas and carrots.  Zoey loves this food…well, except for the peas, obviously.  🙂

  58 Responses to “Formerly Feral – No Peas Please”

  1. Hi, Zoey–

    You always looked freshly brushed, lovely girl!!

    I don’t like peas, either, but that reminds me of something that happened just recently with Mom Julie, a broken bag of peas and the freezer, hehe ::whispers:: I’ll tell you later!

    Tom xx

  2. We’ve never had peas Zoey – but as a rule we don’t like anything green to eat!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Ewww, I don’t think we would like peas either. We don’t blame you Zoey. Hope all of you have a great day. Take care.

  4. LOL! Banjo loves peas! And soy beans! But he doesn’t like carrots. You are adorable Zoey!
    xo Catherine

  5. The lady knows what she likes!

  6. How funny! I guess you really don’t like those peas! Have a great weekend!

  7. no peas please.

  8. Sweet Zoey 🙂

  9. peas?? what happened to us being carnivores… LOL

  10. Zoey, our dad was reading this post over our shoulders and he thinks you are a very smart girl. He doesn’t like peas either!

  11. How clever of you to eat completely around those yucky peas!

  12. I wouldn’t like it if someone pea’d on my plate either!

  13. Don’t blame you, Zoey. I wouldn’t eat peas, either. purrs

  14. We don’t like peas much either–except Ichiro. He’ll eat anything…

  15. Peas, please. We kind of like the peas, especially us kittens (who don’t know better).

    “Mom, what’s wrong with peas?”

    “Um, nothing, sweeties. Eat your peas now.”

  16. Hi Zoey you did great job eating around peas 🙂

  17. I don´t like too!

  18. I not like veggimals.

  19. MOL MOL MOL Zoey my brother in law doesn’t like green peas either….perhaps you are kin to him.
    Hugs madi

  20. MOL! We leave the peas behind too! If they left them out they could put in more stinky goodness!

  21. Save your peas for me, Zoey! I’ll eat ’em.

    xx Sweet Pea

  22. Mom and some of us don’t like peas either! Don’t. Eat. Them.

  23. Hahaha! We don’t like peas either. So Mommy blends them into our homecooked food. We’ve only tried Halo Spot’s Stew once when Daddy got them while he was in America for a meeting. It was yummy! Such a shame that it can’t be found here. 🙁

  24. The cats have never had peas, but I love peas. I had some peas today as a treat. We are happy to hear you all has the cools too. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy

  25. Austin spits out the peas too!

  26. That is too funny, Zoey! Mine mommy’s little sister used to picks her peas out too, but her had a fork. How you does that? You makes mine mommy laff-n-laff!
    Has a great weekend, kitties!
    Your furend, TK

  27. molol! so funny! and Zoey, you look so proud of yourself 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  28. Zoey
    Can’t blame you we don’t think we’d like peas either.
    Have a happy weekend.
    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  29. I wish Halo would stop putting those dumb veggies in our cat food! None of us here like them. In fact, my human picks out the veggies especially for me so they don’t get in the way of my enjoyment of the meat part. Because other than those peas and carrots, Spot’s Stew is pretty yummy!

  30. Some of the food we get has peas and carrots in it too. We eat some of the carrot but always leave a pile of peas.

  31. We do not like peas, either, Zoey!

  32. We’ve never had peas….we think our woofies might like them..

    In answer to your question, yes…we would foster again. Lexi is our second foster from Operation Noble Foster. Our first foster, Mila, was with us for a year. It’s an excellent program and a good way to give back to those who serve our country.

    The Florida Furkids

  33. That is SO FUNNY! Tell her to pick out the peas in the future.

    Luf, Us

  34. Peas? What were they thinking! DUH!

    Stupid blogger put your comment in spam again after we asked them very nicely not to. Let’s see if they listen this time. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

    Have a great weekend!

  35. cant blame you about the peas… always boggled my mind, but alex loved his brocoli!

  36. Hey, Zoey! You can send us your peas! Abbi and I love Spot’s Stew – even the veggies. Livia hates that food. She won’t eat any of it. We know you had a yummy, yummy dinner ’cause we get that for special specials! Purrs, Ateret

  37. Zoey’s emerald peepers got me mesmerized…oh wait, the Spot’s Stew–my human says she may try it again with us–and if Zoey likes it (without peas) I know I’ll like it…. 🙂


  38. You get stew???

    That is so cool. I haven’t tried peas yet.

  39. You should spit those peas out, lol!

  40. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is the best laff we has hadded all week! Zoey, you’re really sumfing!

  41. Hmmm…. we just remembered that Halo sent the human some stew for us to try out… not sure about the peas, but we think that probably Mia will like them. She is a odd little kitty who is VERY, VERY, VERY picky!!

  42. Gather your peas in a doggie bag Zoey! Duffy and Issa will eat them 🙂 Those two will eat anything! Dogs!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  43. YOU TOO?!?!? We leave the same out of our Natural Balance! – signed, Maxwell & Faraday

  44. I think that is just too awesome for words.. I can’t stop giggling. Zoey, you are just too smart!

  45. Way to pick around those peas, Zoey! Moosey LOVES veggies, so maybe you can send those peas our way. MOL

  46. You’re one smart kitty. Give peas a chance 😉

  47. Hiya Zoey!!! your furrs look like they are all in place…very nice! And peas are hard to take, huh? paw pats, Savannah

  48. I’m with you! Peas and carrots are not for mes.
    heh heh
    ; ) Katie

  49. We has never had peas to eat but mom thinks we would likes dem!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  50. We haf a few tiny veggies in Sissy’s Instinct canned foodz. The human is sneaky as she smashes the veggies and mixes them in.

  51. Ha! I know the demand about peas. My cats didn’t care for Spot’s Stew, though Tucker ate it the most. Even he, however, disdained the peas. I would find them not only uneaten, but squished – just in case I didn’t get the message, I suppose.

  52. You’re furry gorgeous, so you can eat or not eat whatever you want or don’t want. That’s the rule. Cocoa like peas, but only if they’re in the Lady’s tuna noodle casserole. But maybe that’s cuz they’re covered with tuna and noodle and casserole.

  53. We’ve heard Spot’s Stew is yummy, but we bet that there has never been a kitty who has ever ate the peas. We are pretty sure the only purpose of the peas is to be batted around the floor after dinner.

  54. One of our mom’s favorite cats, Robbie, loved peas! But not the “skins”. He’d eat the two little halves inside but spit in skins out on the floor.

    I’m so sorry its taken so long, but I wanted to thank you for for your condolences on the loss of my mother. It is such a comfort to know there are so many kind people out there. Thank you so much and God bless you!

    Paula & The Twinkletoe Tails Gang

  55. I’ll be happy to eat your peas, Zoey!

    Your pal, Pip

  56. OMC, what do they think we are, vegetarians! Have a Great Weekend!!!=^Y^=

  57. You know what Zoey? The Human bought a case of this stuff and frankly I am not wild about it although I do eat it. Maybe it’s the peas I don’t like?? I should try your method!!

  58. We get Spot’s Stew a lot. Sometimes we even eat the peas!

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