Easy E Sunday

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Aug 122012

Hey, everybuddy!  I wanna show you something!
It’s outside on our patio.

The mom found this cool kitty planter and she put our nip plant in it.
Very appropriate, don’tcha think??

I like his smiley face…you’d smile too if you had nip in you.
Speaking of which, I sure could go for some of that nip right now.
Okay, mom…how ’bout cutting off a piece for me??

Oh yeah…that’s what I’m talking about!
There’s nothing like fresh, home-grown nip!!
S’cuse me while I nom.

  39 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. WOW Ernie, a home grown NipFest sure sounds like fun!

  2. Wow, that is one cute pot for the nip. Cat Pot. Anyway, if I was more clever, I would think of something really funny. Hope all have a great day.

  3. very cute planter! you have your mom very well trained, Ernie 🙂 have a nip-tastic Sunday!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  4. That planter is just too cute and just purrfect for growing the nip! Enjoy!

  5. Oohhhh…. that looks like fantastic stuff! Can I come over to your house to play? purrs

  6. Cool! Before my human left for the weekend, I should have had her ask the pet sitter to cut off some nip for me!

  7. That is a darling pot and so purrfect for fresh homegrown catnip!

  8. That is a cute nip pot. and you are right, there is nothing better than home grown!

  9. That’s a very cute nip pot Ernie! Nothing better than fresh nip on a Sunday (or any day)!

  10. Oh, nom nom! Fresh nip and a kitty planter! Do ya drool on the door when you look at it?

  11. What a wonderful nip pot! That is way kyool!

    Luf, Us

  12. Ernie
    We love that planter!! Mom says she has planter envy now she wants one….
    Hugs madi

  13. That is a very cute planter for your precious ‘nip plant!

  14. That’s a pretty, smiley planter, and whoo hoo, nip! Lucky kitty!

  15. Oh….that’s such a cute planter! And to have nip growing in it…just perfect!

  16. I love that planter. I wish my human would get us things like that

  17. That is a lovely planter, and the nip is even better.

  18. You look very happy Ernie. I don’t like the fresh green leaves. I’ll only eat the dead leaves on our window plant.

  19. Wow! Your Mom is super fantastic. Home-grown nip rocks!!

    Gronk and Izzie

  20. Nom nom nom! I love that planter – very cool!

  21. Fresh from the vine! Nothing better! We think your Mom is pretty cool to use that nice kitty pot.

  22. I like how polite you are before you nom. I also like the flower pot.

  23. You look like a happy camper with the nip

  24. Ernie I think the kitty planter is very cool and probably added to the primo taste of homemade nip as kitties make everything better

  25. Great planter! And fresh grown nip, too? Your mom is the BEST!

  26. DUDE!! Got enough to share???? You look quite happy on this Sunday!!


  27. Mommie grows nip for us also. But she is NOT generous enough with it! We do not get it nearly often enough.

  28. Great looking Nip!
    Our Nip has growed to 5 feet 2 times this summer! Mommy has cut it back 4 times. Mommy planted it in a little pot and she pulled the pot out of the ground! And killed our nip! Why?!
    Mommy said it was taking over like a plant alien!
    Me is not too mad though. It is growing back…

  29. Oh! The Human says that’s about the cutest planter she ever saw!! And me, well, I’m more innerested in what’s *inside*. I had fresh nip in a pot but then it gotted “leggy” and uninteresting and then it died and that was the end of that. Oh, Huuuuuuuuuman……….

  30. that nip planter is just adorable!! Enjoy your nip!

  31. That pot is so very cute! Where did Mama find it? We could use some ‘nip. We’ll have to ask Mama to get us some.

  32. We don’t gets the nip. Mama says it makes us too crazy and that makes the d*g too excited, too. That d*g ruins all the fun. Enjoy yours, though.

    Kaleb, Rosie, and Teal’c

  33. Our mom is oohing & ahhing over that cool planter. We are trying to get to the nip through the screen. There is nothing better than fresh nip.
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  34. The cat flower pot is wonderful. Where did you get it?

  35. We’re with Carey–we want to know where you got that pot too. We lubs kitty stuff!

  36. Our Nip plant is about the samE size, but your pot is WAAAYYY cooler than ours!

  37. That’ll make the week go with a swing!!

  38. Ooh, where do you buy the catnip plants? At pet stores? Please reply ASAP! Thanks!

    I would love to get a nibble!

    Meowing Off,


  39. Ernie…Wally…what with my mom gone, I missed a few bloggies. BUT I am hopping into the tunnel and visiting you two. I wanna see your boogie mats. Is that like a sports car?

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