Easy E Sunday

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Jul 292012

Now who the heck is this guy?
He always shows up whenever I’m sitting in the sun.

Hey you!  Who said you could share my sunpuddle with me??

Well, if you’re gonna sit here, you better be quiet!
I don’t want you scaring off all the birdies out there!!

  34 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Hi there Ernie. Is his name Shadow?? I bet he will be as quiet as a mouse. Have a super Sunday.

  2. You tell them Ernie. Geeesh – Bird TV is one of the most important things in day, after eating and napping, that is.

  3. They think they are sneaky, but we seem them!

  4. We bet it’s that illusive Mr Shadow – it’s funny how he only pops up when Mr Sun’s about – we wonder if he’s his look out!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Eeek. He stalks you too? We aren’t fond of they way he sneaks up on us…

  6. OMC! Ernie, that guy really gets around, because we keep seeing him HERE, too!

  7. Ernie you crack me up and FYI lady cats like mancats with a sense of humor.
    Best watch out that interloper doesn’t steal your foodables too
    Hugs Madi

  8. well at least he isn’t hogging your wonderful sunpuddle

  9. The big question is where does that guy go at night?

  10. mol! Ernie, you’re lucky it’s that guy with you in your sunpuddle and not Wally!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  11. Luckily those shadowy figures are usually fairly quiet.. If persistant about sticking CLOSE!

  12. That is one special sun puddle…

    Enjoy it.

    hugs, max

  13. Oh Ernie, just ignore him and I am sure he will eventually go away!

  14. He’s very handsome, whoever he is.

  15. A sun puddle is a pleasure best enjoyed on your own, so I quite agree with you.

  16. But this one is nowhere near as annoying as that awful Mirror Kitty!

  17. We think he’ll be purrty quite if you just ignore him. Funny how he moves around and you never hear him!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  18. We bet he won’t make a peep! Enjoy your sunpuddle and the birdies Ernie!

  19. He seems like the quite type!

  20. Ernie, you take it easy now …… Oh right, you already are! 🙂

  21. Just you and your shadow! Did I enter your competition? Am I a finalist?

  22. Shadow Cat is as bad as Mirror Cat, In our opinion!

  23. I think Shadow makes very good company. He is quiet and never hogs the sun puddle, MOL.

  24. Ernie
    We bet your friend was very quiet.
    Happy Sunday.

  25. He’s been following us the last few days too.

  26. Ernie – Sassy here. I just wanted to add to what Madi said – as a ladycat, I do enjoy a good sense of humor in a mancat!

  27. Dude—ain’t it something when somebody else shows up when you have one of your solitary moments? Sure hope they were quiet for you… 🙂 Hope your Sunday was so good to you!


    PS. Tell Zoey hi…

  28. Wish I was an island cat! I’m a “california kitty” lol. Check out my blog!



  29. Oh, sweet Ernie we really think that is a copy of you…what do you think. You are a funny boy! Hugs and nose kisses

  30. We bet not only is he quiet, he’s a copy cat too!

  31. Who needs company in a sunpuddle?
    We see him here too but as long as he leaves our kibble alone we don’t mind if he hangs around.

  32. Seems to be the strong, silent, type. MOL! Happy Monday, furriends.

  33. You sit on top of him, I’m pretty sure he can’t say a word…tee…heh…heh
    Miss you guys

  34. Way ta tell the Shadow who’s boss!! MOL!

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