Jul 272012

Yeah!  It’s finally Friday!  The real hots are gone for now, and I’m planning to do lots of window sitting this weekend!  And not only is it Friday, but it’s the start of the human 2012 Olympic Games in London, England!  I’m sure the lady with the yellow hair will be watching them.

Today’s also the start of the 2012 Cat-O-Lympic and Blogsville Olympic Games!  We’ll be pawticipating in some of the events.  You can click on the picture below to see the schedule of events and venues.

Oh yeah!  Here’s the 2012 Synchronized Snoozing Olympic event update!  We received over 60 amazing entries for the Synchronized Snoozing competition!  All of them are medal worthy!  You can click HERE to see all of the competitors!

But, as you know, only 3 medals are awarded.  So we’ve asked an im-paw-tial panel of judges — made up of the dad-guy and our friends, The Walking Guys — to narrow the field down to 15 finalists.  We’ll  announce the finalists on Monday.  Make sure you come back to see them!  Then all of you will get to vote for your favorite team.  The top 3 vote-getters will be  awarded the medals at the medal ceremony on August 8!

Okay, I’m gonna get back to my window sitting now.  Y’know, there shoulda been a Cat-O-Lympic event for this.  I woulda won for sure!  Happy weekend, everybuddy!!

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  1. Zoey..you pretty girl, thank you for the updates. We’ll be standing by. xoxoxox

  2. Wow that is a lot of super duper pictures. That is going to be hard to judge. May the best snoozers win. Take care.

  3. Enjoy the window wiffies 🙂 We can hardly wait to see the finalists on monday, good luck everyone!!!

  4. I totally agree about having a window-sitting event! Isn’t that what we’re all really good at?? Maybe next time!

    Have a good weekend. We’ll be enjoying the Olympics, too.


  5. Enjoy your window sitting pretty Zoey!

  6. the excitement i had about they boyz’s entry in the competition apparently isn’t shared by them. they continue to snooze on…

  7. Have a restful day Zoey as you may need to mop the brows of the judges as they bring the finalists down to 15. They will have a very difficult task.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Enjoy your cooler weather!

  9. Enjoy your window whiffies Zoey! That’s a tough job the judges have!

  10. We are excited about both cat and human Olympics! Our Mom’s brother will be commentating on the Canadian network for the beach volleyball events too, so we’re sure our Mom will be glued to the TV all weekend.

  11. Enjoy your not so hot days! Woo Hoo!

  12. We are so glad we don’t have to narrow it down to 15, cuz they’re are so many great pics! Enjoy those window whiffies!

  13. Hi Zoey we have the hots here today tooooooo and to top that off I have my well Cat check up today and I have to go out into the heat. Mom promised she’d cool the car off first Hugs Madi

  14. Have a great time at the window!!! Enjoy the weekend!

  15. This is our first ever Cat-O-Lympics and we are so excited!

  16. We’re having a great time at the O-Lympics!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  17. I can’t wait to see the results.

  18. We planning a lot of sitting too, and lounging…yup, window too 🙂 Yay evfurryone in the Games!

  19. We’d much rather watch the Cat-O-Lympics than the human Olympics any day!

  20. What a lot of FUNTASTIC entries! We dont envy the judges…

  21. We would have entered window sitting too! MOL but I still think you would have gotten the gold!

  22. HOLY CATS you guys got a lot of entries!
    Zoey, we think your brothers are going to do well at Counter Surfing!

  23. Zoey you’ve got the right idea, stay out of the sun in a cool spot.


  24. I Zoey, Ernie and Wally! How’d you like the rain we got today? We did lots of napping and bird watching. We’re always happy to meet fellow Michiganders. Mama says she’s never been where you live, she’s ashamed to say. We’re in Farmington Hills. Lucky the Olympics isn’t here ’cause it’d be thundered, lighteninged and rained out.

  25. Zoey, you look SO lovely, but I can tell it’s probably pretty warm with all your floofs!

  26. Ooooooh we canz hardly stand the suspense! Waiting with baited breath for the finalists! (or is that bait on breath? We likes bait – we think – isn’t it usually fishies???)

  27. Looks like you’re resting up for all the competitions. Lots of them this year.

  28. Zoey you have a true art to window sitting and yes next time the Olympics should include this event and more

  29. Zoey, you are looking especially elegant there in the window! we hope you get some good whiffie time this weekend. 🙂 we are very excited about the Cat-and Blogville Olympics! since we don’t have a tv to watch those “other” ones, we’ll be glued to the innernets! thanks for hosting the Synchronized Snoozing event! what a great group of entries! The Guy and Walking Guys sure have their work cut out for them. Can’t wait to see the finalists!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  30. Well don’t you look super comfy in that window! Enjoy lounging around today! 🙂

    I linked you in to the Olympic Hosts Linky. Pawlease feel free to link in again with your Event updates 🙂

    I saw all the entries… OMD! I’m on cuteness overload! 🙂 GREAT Event! Thank you for Hosting it!

    Waggin at ya,

  31. Wow!!! So many great events and entries in the Cat Olympics – it’s so overwhelming that we’re just going to nap on it….

    Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz

  32. ahh, Zoey–I am right there in that window with you….well, in my dreams anyway!!
    Stay cool with all these hots going on!


  33. I am soooooooo excited about the JOINT Blogville/CatBlososphere Olympics. This is GRRRRREAT, Isn’t it?

  34. I don’t follow human Olympics much but I am excited Cat-O-Lympics has started!
    Can’t wait to see who will be the finalists for synchronized snoozing!

  35. Woo Hoo!!! BOTH of the olympics will be so much fun to see!
    I’m not much of a cathlete myself, so I’m really looking forward to see my blogosphere furiends strut their stuff!
    xoxo Katie

  36. Our paws will be crossed until Monday to see how we do. Open windows here now as it is much cooler.

  37. Yay !!!! Finally I can make a comment again !

    Kitty Olympics looks so FUN !!! I sneak to see the entries and I really really pretend to hear the music on…MOL
    All are Pawsome, It will be very tough for voting !
    Good luck for all entries

  38. I think the kitty Olympics are waaaaaay better than those Human ones 😉 I’m annoyed that my Human was soooooooo lame she did not help me enter.

  39. Great pics, that will be no easy task picking a winner ’cause they are all metalistic!=^Y^=

  40. Zoey, you’re looking exceptionally purrty, and quite relaxed today … of course you deserve to kick-back and take a rest (as do Wally and Ernie and your Mom) … we’ve just scrolled through 60+ (WOW) Synchronized Snoozers photos! Hope we don’t have to choose winners, they are all gold medalists in our opinion … super event.

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