Jul 252012

So, the mom finally came home after galavanting for a few days with her friends.  But I’m giving her the Back of Disrespect.  Wanna know why?  Check out who she spent time with while she was gone.

Woofies!  And she came home smelling like them.  Phew!  She said their names are Misha and Maui and they’re  really cute and friendly.  Hey, who cares if they’re cute!  They’re still woofies!!

Well, that’s okay.  While she was gone, we spent some time with a new friend, too.

Yeah!  The dad-guy brought the Colonel to visit!  It was party time on the island!  And the Colonel smells way better than those woofies!!

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  1. MOL MOL MOL MOL MOL!! That last picture says it all!!

    Misha and Maui are most certainly very pretty (for woofies) and seem to be showing all their good manners……..BUT….I bet they would have given up their sit on the couch for some KFC.

  2. We see you’re first at the KFC tub Ernie – we hope you save a bite or two for your Dad!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I think getting that KFC was worth a little woofie smell on Mom! Gee, our Dad only eats NORMAl boring stuff when Mom is away. And won’t’ give u any anyway!

  4. *drool* That’s a lot of yummy KFC! Mommy would have to get 2 barrels to feed all of US. MOL!

  5. Whoa…if the Colonel is going to visit…I’d send mom packing more often. I mean I love my mom….but chick-hen??? We’ve got our priorities!

  6. score! original or extra crispy?

  7. WOW, you hit the paw lickin jackpot!

  8. Our mom thinks those woofies are adorable, so cute they look like they’re stuffed toys, almost. 🙂

    KFC? It looks yummy! We’ve never had it, or even smelled it, so we can only imagine how good it is!

  9. We are so happy your wish came true and you got your chick-hen dinner! Woofies are so over-rated, but Maui and Mishi are cute.

  10. Woofies?! EEEEWWWW! The Colonel is always a welcome sight!

  11. OH MY BAST!! MY the mom did NOT give me any kentucky chicken last night!!! – Miles

  12. we know you miss the mom when she leaves – but really?? The Colonel comes to visit when your dad is home alone with you guys??? We vote the mom leaves more often. 🙂

  13. Wow… you got to stick your head right in the bucket.

    hugs, Max

  14. Yeah, I’d rather have chickens than dog any day. I do wish we got the Colonel around here though…

  15. Misha and Maui are super cute! Oh I love their beautiful coat and pretty eyes!
    But I sure hope the smell of them on your mom will go away soon. Glad you made friends with Colonel. Sounds like you had very good time while she was away 🙂

  16. I’m kinda sure my kitties would be perfectly OK with that trade off too… 🙂

  17. Your dad sure knows how to win your heart. I must admit those doggies are really cute. Your back is cute too, hehe. I wouldn’t complain if I get to have KFC cos it’s finger licking good!!!!! Hehe.

    I’ll be back,

  18. We’re jealous….we’ve never had KFC!!! Your Dad-guy rocks!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  19. It’s paw-lickin’ good!!!!

  20. *giggles at the Back of Disrespect*

    We know how to utilize that too… great job!

  21. Thank goodness for the Colonel! Looks like it “almost” made the woofie smell worth it.

    Okay, probably not, but CHICKEN!

    Lip smackin’ purrs,
    Seth, Maxx, Newton, Tessa & Pia Bean

  22. Yur dad-guy is the best… and I bet he doesn’t smell like woofies either!

  23. We think Misah and Maui are terrific. It is about time there was a doggie in that house and they don’t require any care. Those are the best kind. Hope Mom had a good time. Thanks so much for all the purrs for Mahoney.

  24. Your human came home smelling like DOGS?!?!?! That earned the Back of Disrespect for sure.

  25. When one door closes, another one opens! But smelling of DOGS??? Aaaargh!

  26. Gasp! How could they do that to you.

  27. We like the colonel better than woofies, too!

  28. Looks like a delicious meal!

  29. You guys like to eat KFC right out of the basket??? Dante likes it, too, but I have to peel off the coating and take it off the bone for him.

    I’m sure you can make Mama smell like you again quite easily — but not if you give her the back of disrespect. You have to have actual contact for that!

  30. Wow, betrayed with woofies.. Poor kitties, I’m glad at least your daddy knows how to treat you! MOL

  31. We can’t believe your mum actually betrayed you with ::whispers:: woofies. Sometimes when the Beans come home from shopping they bring the Colonel with them. We like it when he visits too.

  32. Wally and Ernie
    I’d say you guys were on the better end!!
    We love the Col too.


  33. They ARE pretty cute… make her give you some tunas as well before you forgive!

  34. Wally, your mom cheated on you guys! 😀 we’re glad she had a good time even so.

    ::drool:: you guys scored! Now if we could only get that Colonel guy to visit us here…

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  35. Looks like you were much better off with your dad and his chicken! We miss our woofie sisfur Sadie but we don’t want any other woofie around either.

  36. I must admit that I like dogs almost as much as I do cats – but to confess again, I agree that Kentucky Fried Chicken smells better than any dog. You won that argument, I think!

  37. Score!!! I think your new friend will be much more loyal and available to you than her new friends. Plus, YOUR friend doesn’t stink up the furniture or pee on the rug!

  38. Your dad seems like a classy guy who knows how to dine in style, but what’s up with your mom? How could she look you in the eyes after fraternizing with peculiar species???

  39. The picture with you dudes and the Colonel is priceless!!!! I think the dad guy knows how to handle it when your mom is mixing up with woofies….even if they are kinda cute….pass me a chicken leg….

  40. Hey, see it turned out okay, guys, on account that KFC Colonel guy is super good!

  41. KFC is da bomb! I noticed tho that you gotza smallish potatosandgravy. Did he gip you??? Good think all that chicken is in dat big bucket!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  42. You guys got KFC? Our mom never buys that!

  43. Save me some chicken! I hear it’s paw-licking good!

    Your pal, Pip

  44. Where’s the coldslaw? I love the coldslaw. FAZ

  45. It’s almost worth mom spending time with woofies for a KFC on her return.

  46. Oh boys…you got the best of the bargain, and didn’t I predict that you’d love being with dad cat?

  47. What! She came home smelling like dog….isn’t there some country song about that?

  48. We’re furry shocked at the flagrant disobedience of your mum. Shocked! Hehehe, but the Colonel is just what the cat ordered. Love that fried chicken!

  49. C’mon ofur anytime and we can go down to that pier and look for Daisy. If we don’t find her, there will prolly be other inneresting things to eat, like gulls or fishies or rats.

  50. KFC!?!? Oh! Me is dying for KFC! Yous is very lucky.

  51. That sure looks like a LOT of chick-hen! WE would favor yer Dad over yer Mom after good treatment like THAT, too!

  52. Thank you for visiting us and sending prayers, kind thoughts and purrs. We love you. Purrs!

  53. KFC!!! Wow! That is wonderful that your Dad was so kind to you and brought home KFC while your Mom was galivanting with her friends!!!!!

    Luf, Us

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