May 042008

img_0377.JPGHi everyone!  I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me but a lot has been happening.  I finally made it upstairs to The Big House!!!  Or at least a room in the Big House!  YEAH!!!  It’s nice in here.  There’s a nice, soft bed to sleep on and WINDOWS!!!  I can see outside now!  And it sure looks nice out there…lots of trees and chirping birds!  There’s so much to see!!!  And I can lay in a sunbeam!  Oh joy!!

And I met those other cats I heard!  They call themselves the Island Cats… Boy, these Island Cats sure have it pretty good here!!  Am I an Island Cat now???  One of them is named Ernie.  He is all black and is a lot bigger than me.  And he has the biggest feet!  I’ve never seen such big feet before.  At first, it was a little scary seeing him.  But then I realized that he just wants to play.  We played a little through this fence that’s across the door.


The lady with the yellow hair (the Island Cats call her “Mom;” should I call her “Mom” too????), well, she let Ernie into the room to play with me and at first I wasn’t sure if I could trust him.  But after a while, we were jumping and play fighting and playing with all the toys together.  I like playing with Ernie’s tail!  And we sat in the window together and watched the birds.


I’ve never been around a nice cat before….this is great!  I really like it here.  And I think I’m going to like being an Island Cat!!  🙂

The other Island Cat…the orange stripey one…his name is Wally.  I don’t think he likes me.  He hisses at me.  So I hiss back.  I wonder why he doesn’t like me??? 

The lady with the yellow…I mean, Mom…walked me around the rest of the Big House.  There’s a lot of stuff to see…more windows to look out.  I can’t wait until I can run around the rest of this place!!

000_0342a.jpgWally was right!!  There was a cat in the room down below.  And now she’s in Wally World!  Mom lets me go into the room and play with her.  It’s so much fun having someone new to play with.



But she’s WILD!!!  She chases me almost as much as I chase her.  And she won’t leave my tail alone!

000_0109a.jpgI was right!!  I was right!!  I was right!!  Mom and Dad brought another cat into our house!  And I’m not very happy about it.  I mean, what about me???  And she’s a girl cat!  Hey, no girls allowed!!!  Well, except for Mom…

Ernie’s a traitor!  He jumped right into Wally World and started playing with that new cat!  How can he be so friendly so quickly???  That new cat might have cooties…doesn’t he know that??

Mom says this cat didn’t have a home and was living outside where it was cold and wet.  And she didn’t have any food…she had to find food in garbage cans.  Mom says we had to give her a home.  But does it have to be my home??!?

Mom says I’m still top cat around here.  But I don’t know…I still don’t like it…no, not at all!


  5 Responses to “The Big House”

  1. Hey Zoey, I’m so glad you have settled in well, you look very happy 🙂

  2. that is grate you can go up and see the other cats! wally you should be nice to GIRL CATS!


  3. Hooray for you Zoey! I am so glad that you have a forever home now. I think you should call the lady with the yellow hair “Mom” – they like that!
    And as for Wally, I bet he comes around!

  4. Wally, take it from another mancat, sisfurs can be really nice. Mine give me ear washes and back of da head baths so I don’t gotta do it myself. Oh and dey will ask fur treats and den not eat ’em so I gets extras! Yup, dem gerl cats are fun to have around.

  5. Ok, “Lady with the yellow hair” (why do I think that fits you perfectly?) *vbg* Wonder what Rusty calls me?????????????

    I’m glad that Zoey has found the best home in the world for kitties (next to mine).

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