Jul 302012

Wally!  Wake up!!
It’s time to announce the finalists
for the Synchronized Snoozing competition!

Huh?!?  Oh that’s right!  Today’s the day!

Our esteemed panel of judges…made up of the dad-guy and our friends, The Walking Guys, had a tough time narrowing down the field of over 60 entrants to just 15.  But somehow they did it.  All of the competitors gave medal-worthy performances!  You’re all great synchronized snoozers…and  true Olympians!!

So, without further a-do…here are your 2012 Synchronized Snoozing Olympic Finalists!!

(in no particular order)


Archie, Ben and Jimmy from the country of Cat’s Cats
It’s quite impressive how they all hold the line!
And their ear synchronization is darn near purrfect! 

Peanut, Mia and Rolz from the country of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey
Not only do they synchronize with each other…
they synchronize with the blanket!

Gracie and George (aka Captain Cattastic) from the country of Cat Patches
A great display of the mirror with tail tuck technique!

Trixie and Lily from the country of Trixie and Lilly and Sammy-Joe
A great example of the side-by-side technique!
And their left paw placement is spot on!

Nahum and Theo from the country of Four White Paws
With all those stripes…it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins!

Daisy and Leo from the country of Two Goldens and a Wannabe
The judges were impressed with the fact that a cat snychronized with a woofie!

Derby and Ducky from the country of Derby and Ducky
A very good display of the curl and tuck technique!

Henry and Annie from the country of The Kitty Party
Nice curl with pike technique!

Chloe and Moe from the country of The Daily Oskar
Now this is a difficult move…the semi-tucked mirror technique!

Darcy and Bingley from the country of Purrfect Haven
Another difficult move…the inverted mirror with layout technique!

Willow and Tigger the Tiger from the country of Devoted to Willow
A creative move using a stuffed animal!
Extra points for purrfect head placement!

Joey and Minnie from the country of Cats of the Wildwood Cats
Great side-by-side with extended paw technique!

Cosmo and Ling from the country of The Furries of Whisppy
A great display of the difficult push me-pull you technique!

Tillie and Georgia from the country of Mickey’s Musings
Purrfect straight-line technique!
The extended legs are an added difficulty!

Ginger Jasper and his Dad from the country of Ginger Jasper
Now this is just too darn cute!

Eric and Flynn from the country of Our Life by Eric and Flynn
Excellent use of pot props!

Hey, waydaminit, Wally!  That’s 16 finalists…not 15!!

Ernie, I guess those judges can’t count!

Okay, now it’s your turn!  Vote for your favorite Olympic Synchronized Snoozing Team!  The poll is on our side bar.  Voting will go for the next week.  The top 3 vote getters will be awarded the gold, silver and bronze medals in the medal ceremony on August 8!  Good luck to all 16 finalists!! 

  63 Responses to “Mancats – The Olympic Finalists!”

  1. What a great bunch of finalists. They are so good, who can choose. Thanks to all of you for hosting this event. Take care.

  2. Holy cow what a tough field of competitors!!!! We think Nahum and Theo should be in the most adorable category 🙂

  3. Efurrybuddy looks purrfect and silly mom wishes she could be on the floor smooching all the finalists. Sheesh!

    We love the photos…they make me sleep,
    Hugs madi

  5. The judges did a great job! Now we have to decide who to vote for since they are all so good!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  6. that’s a lotta excellent sychronized snoozin.

  7. OMC, we’re not sure we can vote, all the entries are exceptional!

  8. A good line up here, and it was difficult to choose.

  9. wow – those are all great……how to choose, how to choose?????

  10. Oh my cat! We have a new respect for the Olympic judges…it’s a difficult job! But our fav is Tillie and Georgia, because of the extra points for balancing on that ledge without falling off while snoozing!

  11. Congratulations to the finalists! THose are all great!

  12. wow! They all should get the gold if you ask me! Me and human smiled at all the photos!!

  13. Congratulations to the finalists! They are all great…so hard to choose just one!

  14. That was a real toughie! Every one of those entries is so very good. My it’s tough bein’ an Olympic judge. Way tougher than bein’ a court one, I think. purrs

  15. Those are so very, very impressive…all of them!

  16. The decisions are all so tough! Good luck to them all.

  17. OMC – all the entries are so cute again. How would one ever select just one winner. It would be impossible. Thank you for all the work you have done on this. Great job!

  18. Oh wow I am in the final.. Thats so great and I am so pleased.. Good luck to everyone because they are all special.. Hugs GJ xx

  19. That was really difficult. They are all excellent!!! Great catletes one and all!!

  20. Oh WOW!!! That is a lot of great Catletes!! We are so excited to be able to Vote for the winner! We will put our thinking caps one and make a decision!!
    Your TX furiends,

  21. They all deserve the gold! We enjoyed seeing the competition though!

  22. Whoa! This is gonna be hard. They’re all excellent at their sport. Hmmmmm …

  23. Can we vote daily? Or is it just once??? Just wanna be fair.

    We love all the entries they are terrific.


  24. Hmmm…. so difficult!!

  25. OH my Cod it’s so hard!

    Hey I just noticed the kitten on your header sorta looks like me!


  26. Woohoo! We’re in the final!!! All the entries are great. Good luck to everyone.

  27. A great line-up. Well done judges! Good luck to each and every one of you 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  28. Oh boy!!! Oh boy!!!! We’re in!!
    Amazing too as we do not normally get along 😉
    Good luck to all the other cool contestants!! What amazing pics!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  29. yoW! what a group of competitors! how to vote, how to vote! best of luck to everybuddy, and thank you, Island Cat Central, for putting on this event 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  30. Ooohhhh love them all, but we chose a favorite and voted! Thanks for hosting this! The talent in the blogosphere is amazing.

  31. Wow, we are honored to be finalists in such a great group. Good luck to everyone.

    Daisy and Leo (and Tucker too).

  32. Competition in this category is tough, there are a lot of talented synchronized snoozers this round. I can see that many have been practicing their techniques for this day. I’m honored that my Nahum and Theo have made it to the final round, I know they put a lot of work into their routine. Good luck to all!!

  33. Those are some excellent snoozers! How do you pick from so many good photos?

  34. They is all wonderful! Me hopes yous ha help narrowing down the competitors!

  35. Yawn …everyone looks so comfy cozy. Think I will go have a nap.

    Your pal, Pip

  36. I wanted to vote for more than one. Can I cheat?

  37. OMC its pawsome to be a finalist for this event I wish luck to my fellow cat-athletes and may the best snoozer win

  38. We think they’re all winners and so darned cute, too.

  39. Great finalists. They are all winners to us!

    Thank you for visiting us and sending comforting words.
    We love you. Purrs!

  40. They are all super snoozers….. so hard to pick one.

  41. Such a tough competition! Good luck to all the pawticipants!

  42. I voted, but it sure was difficult. Kitties are pros at synchronized sleeping.


  43. Wow..that’s a great bunch of photos. I’m sorry I missed out on this as I have a few top notch snoozers at Just Cats. This will be hard to choose. Deb

  44. MOL! Those are pawesome entries!! Even if there are 16!

  45. Aw, they are all so cute. Hard to make a choice. No wonder the judges miscounted and threw in an extra.

  46. OoH my!! Dis will be a very difficult decision cuz all of da contestants are wunderful!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  47. Mia, Peanut, and Rolz are so excited to be part of such excellent snoozing competitors!!!! Concats to all and wow, this is going to be a close contest!!!

  48. This is great!! 🙂 I just found your website and am now following.
    Are you hosting anymore events? I would certianly have lots of submissions for you with my three!
    Sarah @ threecatsandagirl.blogspot.com

  49. Well the judges did a great job of narrowing it down to 16. The remaining 16 are all winners! Wow
    Hugs madi

  50. Whoa! The competition is FIERCE!!! Just look at the concentration those amazing cathletes are displaying!

    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  51. Wow, this is really, really tough! How are we going to choose just ONE of these amazing entries???

  52. This is going to be a very, very fierce competition. What a display of physical prowess!

  53. These are pawsome! But how can you choose? We couldn’t… Also, happy birthday, WALLY!

  54. these are all terrific, but we only get to choose and vote for one, this is hard!


  55. Wow–the voting is really, really close still! I’m all on pins and neeeedlllleeeessss……oops, I think I’m driffffting offfffff….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  56. These are some amazing entries guys! We are voting for the cutest one of all.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  57. How on Earth do you choose between all those wonderful entries! So much fun!
    xo Catherine

  58. Holy-mouse-on-a-stick, Batman how can me choose? Amazing entries all! I would likes to vote fur all of dem.

    Fanks for hosting dis ebent! It is so bery much fun. Mine mommy sais you is ‘oh-so-furry-creative!’)
    Your furend, TK

  59. […] their finalist worthy Synchronized Snoozing photo here.  Aren’t all the kitties […]

  60. Congrats to all the finalists! We are glad we dont have to choose the winners…

  61. All great and well-deserving finalists! The judges did a very good job narrowing it down to these. It’s a tough decision but we went with my mom’s general first impression reaction so voted for Chloe and Moe.

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