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Jul 152012

Shhhhh!!  I’m hiding in here from the mom.  She wants to give me some of that goopey hairball medicine stuff.  Y’know why?  Yep, you guessed it.  I finally christened the new carpeting with a nice, juicy hairball!  I did it during the night when the mom’s yak radar was asleep.  The mom was not happy about it one bit!  The next morning as she was cleaning up the mess, muttering all those bad words under her breath, she said that she won’t let it happen again and vowed to give us all that icky hairball medicine stuff.  Yuck!  She oughta be happy it was just a hairball and not my whole dinner!

Uh oh!  I hear her coming!  Don’t tell her I’m here, okay??

Ernie??  Where are you??  I’ve got a treat for you!!

*whispering* Treat…yeah, right…

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  1. I sure won’t tell her! Hey, Sister Precious can take it for you, she loves that stuff!

  2. Oh Ernie, we hate that stuff too. We sure hope she doesn’t find you. Hope you have a good hiding Sunday Ernie. Take care.

  3. Yuk I hated that stuff too and M puts it on my precious white paw so I HAVE

  4. Dang – we hit return before being ready. Anyway it gets smeared on my white paw, forcing me to lick it off cuz who wants to run around all day with brown goop all over their paw. Geeesh the humans are so sneaky.

  5. Oh Ernie, I’ll bet that stuff is a little bit delicious!

  6. Find the heaviest piece of furniture and hide under that. Peeps can’t always move the really heavy stuff so it’s the safest place to be. purrs

  7. We won’t purr or meow her anything so you can stay there as long as you like Ernie – anyway that carpet was needing that “cats live here” look!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Boy, my mom sure wants ME to have that horrible gloop! You have a lot of toys in there Ernie..you’re good to go. xox

  9. My boyz don’t mind the goop but they clearly prefer hacking up a good hair ball on my carpet.

  10. Oh dear!! We hope she does not find you. We won’t tell 😉
    But Ernie, you can’t avoid her for ever,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  11. Oh no! I hate hairballs. Take care.

  12. nice one, Ernie 😉 the lady here calls me “Hairball Hollie” on account of mine! she gives me some special treats with natural stuff in them everyday and they’re actually good! well, I won’t give you up 🙂 try and enjoy your Easy Sunday. purrs,


  13. Hope your humans got bomit colored carpet!

  14. Hi Ernie,

    You’re a very smart cat. I have a question for you. I have never seen my cat, Sasa throw up a hairball. Is this normal?

    I’ll be back,

  15. I leave da human nice fat hairballs with food! They are harder to clean off da carpet. I eat fur when I groom myself. The human finally gave up on trying to stop da hairballs.

    We hope your mommy doesn’t find you and forgets about the “treat” 🙂

  16. Hide! Hide! I mean, what’s wrong with a hairball or two?

  17. You know what I hate about that hairball medicine? They advertise it to we humans that you cats are going to love the “malty” taste. And I haven’t had one of my cats yet who will touch it on their own.

    I have to smear a little on their lips and hope most of it goes down.

    I’m sure your Mom doesn’t care as much about the carpets as she does about you throwing up, Ernie. It certainly can’t be a pleasant experience.

  18. Ernie? We haven’t seen him in ages. We think he went to visit Marge or maybe Brian….

  19. MOL Ernie I’m sorry that it was you who had to make the first boo boo but it had to be someone…that is just how it is…clean shiny carpet needs to be christened.
    Hugs from your BFFF

  20. Yuk! I hate that hairball gunk too. For some weird reason, Binga and Boodie LOVE it! My human has yet to find a hairball remedy I will willingly eat.

  21. We only eat treats with hairball stuff in it because there’s no way we’ll eat that goopy stuff! We hope your mom doesn’t find you!

  22. Ernie, we salute you! Well done.

  23. We won’t tell where you are! Eric gets hairball goop smeared on his paw and I always ask for some too.

  24. Oh Ernie, just lie back and think of mousies!! Austin loves his hairball “treat” 😉

  25. We do hot like it either so we will not tell where you are!

  26. HaHaMeow! You’re secret is safe wif us! We have a cube just like that, well except fur the twenty or so holes Princeton has put in it.

  27. Oh My Cod! Me hopes my Mommy does not read this post!!! Hairball medicine?!!??
    If she finds out, me will get it for sure…
    Gotta run!

  28. Keep hiding and to your mum. “Yak Happens”

  29. Dude—I know how ya feel. I think you’re pretty hidden there–but you know humans and meds’–they are determined to FIND us. I hope no more hair yucks..we got our paws crossed!!


  30. Oh don’t fall for it Ernie! Since when is hairball remedy a treat??? I allowed myself to get furminated today to avoid that stuff.

  31. You should try under the bed! It is hard for them to reach from there. You can easily slither to other side while they try to get under to reach you. Humans are big remember?

    Good luck!!!


  32. Good luck Ernie. I’ve been cleaning my Black Kitteh (aka Jezebel) so I’ll be next with the hairball. Hide!!

  33. Poor Ernie! There is no way you can pass your hairball off on Wally! There are a lot of toys being horded in there with you.

    Thanks for coming to our Gotcha Day celebration! We were happy to see you!

  34. Shhhhhh, Ernie! My Human has never really thought about giving me anti-furball stuff and I don’t want her to think about it now, Man.

    If she’s just use my Furminator more, I wouldn’t even NEED furball stuff!

    It’s THEIR fault, Buddy. Let THEM take the medicine.

  35. Treat, schmeat. She doesn’t have you fooled for a second.
    Just remember… You’re a CAT. That means you’re sneakier, faster and SMARTER!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  36. We see NOTHING!

  37. MOL at “yak radar.” We think most people who live with cats have that, but we didn’t know it had a name.

  38. Ernie it can’t be that bad…Tanner loves his medicine and will lick it off your finger! Mom read the ingredients and it’s basically a bunch of sugar flavored oil…so of course the sweet tooth cat loves it!

  39. oh we knowz that dirty trick! they TELL you about a treat when really…! Good job hidin’ out. Hope she didnt findja.

    Ms. Stella

  40. Hurka, hurka… ACH! Well done.


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