Jul 112012

So awhile back, we won this great teepee from a giveaway The Monkeys had.  Even though the mom personalized it just for us and put a comfy blanket in it, none of us ever used it.  I dunno why…we just never did.  Until today!  I discovered that it really is a cool spot to hang out and get away from it all.

Hey!  What do  you think you’re doing, Ernie?  Why are you photobombing my What’s That Wally Doing?  You don’t see me photobombing your Easy E Sunday!

This teepee has been sitting here for months!  And now, just because I’m sitting in it, you want in??  No way, bro!!  You get the lasers!!

Good, he’s gone.  The lasers worked.  Oh, don’t worry…I didn’t hurt him…they were only set on low.  But sometimes you just gotta bring out the heavy artillery, y’know?

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  1. Wow Wally, that is a fantastic teepee!!!! Have fun hanging out 🙂

  2. Ernie and Wally – Congrats! You correctly guessed the Mystery Cat game for this week! You guys must be closet geniuses!

  3. Wally that looks a great place to sit and keep out troublesome brothers!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. haha! Photobombing! So that’s what it’s called.

    Love the teepee…

  5. That sure makes one cool mancave Wally!

  6. that’s exactly the way things work in our house too. i’ll bring something home that i think the boyz will love and they make sure i see that my attempt to please them is a mediocre attempt at best. then a few weeks later one of them will try it out and all three will then decide it belongs to them individually.

  7. It’s fun to “discover” a cool new place, even when it’s been there a while and totally ignored…

    The Chans

  8. That makes mom feel better in a way because I went on strike against my cat tree..maybe I will go back to it one day.

  9. I think it took that long for the smell of The Monkeys to wear off that thing! Wally is now going to smother it in his own scent to claim it as his territory. Too bad Ernie — you had your chance!

  10. I love how things can sit unused for months, then suddenly everyone wants it at the same time.

  11. Wally looks pretty comfortable in that Cone of Silence!

  12. that is pretty fancy house you have there….glad you scared off Ernie to get some private time. 🙂

  13. We’re glad you’re finally using it! We loved ours from the beginning and we all use it sometimes. The best thing about it is there’s only room for one so no matter how hard Ernie tries, he won’t get in.

  14. OMC! What a great hidey spot!

  15. That is a very nice teepee! You look very manly in it!

  16. That teepee looks pawesome! A nice place to escape the heat of the day…

  17. Wally, you look super comfy in there! I love “The Island Cats” sign 🙂
    It’s so funny that Ernie is interested in it now because you are there. Looks like your lasers worked pretty well 🙂

  18. Concatulations on re-discovering your teepee, Wally! We love how the Mom personalized it for you guys, too. 🙂

  19. OMG! So cute teepee!!!

  20. Sometimes you have to get used to something before you use it. Enjoy.

  21. It seems to be a theme that Ernie wants to do whatever you are doing Wally. We’re glad you were able to laser him away from the teepee though!

  22. Very Cat of you to wait until mom had given up all hope of anyone useing it, then using it! Very cat indeed!

  23. Golly. Isn’t it always the same? Find a nice spot (that the furblings NEVER EVER noticed) and wham! There they are demanding to share the spot. We’ll have to learn to use our lasers.

  24. That teepee looks way coolio dudes! xoxo
    Ms. Stella’s Secretary

  25. Wally you look so happy in your teepee. It sure looks like a great place to hang out in and relax. WE bet you’ll be doing more of it now that’s you broke it in.


  26. M loves it when I finally decide to use something she bought for me after waiting for 2 months for me to use it. So, you probably have one very happy ooman right now. You may have to spend the night there tho to keep your brother out.

  27. That’s right! Cats must not show eagerness however much they like something. It is unseemly!!

  28. That’s right Wally! Tell him whose boss of that teepee!!

    Gronk and Izzie

  29. Wally! Qué pasa? I’m not keen on cardboard cat furniture or scratchers either. Glad you found yours comfy.

  30. WTG Wally
    What a wonderful teepee and you know possession is 99.9% of ownership.
    Love those stinky eyes you gave the big E
    Hugs from your BFFF
    PS we are so late…mom is knee deep in olympic photo editing

  31. Finders keepers, right, Wally?

  32. mol! Wally, we see a pattern here with Ernie interupting you when you find fav’rite nappy spots 😀 your tee pee is really cool! the three of you need to play up how much you like it, then as soon as your mom gets another one (or two) ignore them all 😉

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  33. There is some law that says whatever spot somekitty is in, someotherkitty wants!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  34. We like your teepee. Sometimes when nothing else works, you have to use your lasers.

  35. Wally at least you won’t have to build a moat those lazers are sure to keep your brother from the new spot

    Oh I purrsuded Mom to send in an entry for the snoozing event so it should be in the mailbox

  36. Nice work with the laser eyes. I think I want one of these!

    Your pal, Pip

  37. Wally, we understand! That’s the way it is around here. Something can sit for ever, then one of us gets interested in it…everyone is interested in it!

  38. Now That is one COOL hang out! What me wants to knows is why when yous someplace the sibling MUST be where yous is!

  39. Isn’t it funny how that works? One kitty has something then its the hottest commodity around. We are like that with our adopted Mr. Chewy box and the kitty pillows. Oh, and we like the mom’s place in her bed too.

  40. You look furry comfy, Wally! Me likes your teepee, and we can calls you a red-fur wifout being politically-incorrect!
    Mommy laff at Ernie and hims foto-bombing.

  41. Hi there Wally. That Teepee suits you just fine. Glad you lasered Ernie out of there. Listen, did you hear about the Indian that drowned in his TeePee??
    We have been without internet and phone for three days now. Mom was really grumpy. Take care.

  42. Looks like fun xo

  43. I pushed my doggie sisters out of the way so I could comment on this blog post. COOL TEPEE! I want one! All I have is a cardboard box turned on it’s side. (I do love my cardboard box though!)

  44. That’s like when Captain Kirk set his Phasers on “stun” right? Cause I don’t want my Twin to get hurt, now, Wally. Be cool.

  45. Lasers always work well hihihi!Great idea Wally!
    Lucky friends, your place is really cool!Lovely blanket!
    purrs, and a nice happy Friday the 13th!

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