Jul 092012

Well, Ernie…the mom’s staycation is over now.
She went back to work today.

Yeah, Wally…I heard her mumbling something about back to the ol’ grind.
Though I don’t understand what a grind has to do with work.

She sure looked sad when she walked out the door this morning.

She should be, Wally.
She won’t be able to spend all day with us…
catering to our every whim!

Jeez, that’s right.  Now I’m sad!

Me too, Wally, me too.

  49 Responses to “Sad Mancats”

  1. That is just the saddest news! Feel free to teleport over here and we’ll do our best to cheer you up!

  2. Purrhaps Zoey will take over your Mom’s role and will do your bidding – but there again purrhaps NOT!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. That is sad…my mom has to go to the grind this week too. I think it has something to do with coffee….maybe.

  4. Oh I know, that is not nearly as much fun!

  5. It’s always hard to go back to work after a vacation…hope your mom has a great day! I’m sure you boys will be there to greet her when she returns and give her a proper welcome home!

  6. i keep telling my boyz we need to come up with a way to be compensated for their many talents and then i wouldn’t have to go to work every morning.

  7. We understand, guys, as we always prefer to have our human around too. Our mom says she sympathizes with your own mom. Some days it sure feels like a “grind,” even when it’s a good job with terrific co-workers (as in our mom’s case).

  8. It’s always sad when Mom has to go back to work.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  9. who are you kidding???? our mom was home Friday to be there for the a/c guy and she screwed with our routine….we say: get out of our house and back to earning more green papers!! 🙂

  10. Yes, work is a four letter word that makes many sad on Mondays. Hope you find something to do while she’s away.

    Have a good day.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. Awwww you poor boys. You are so neglected. You’d better come over to our house for awhile – someone is always home here.

  12. Whoa! What are you guys gonna do without her! My Pop doesn’t take his stacation until DECEMBER!

  13. OUr Mom is home all the time and she keeps us from having fun. Like attacking each other!

  14. That kind of thing would make anyone person sad…

  15. I’m back to work too and feel very sad to be away from my babies!! I understand your mom is very sad too… Good thing is you have each other 🙂 Let’s hang in there until next weekend!

  16. *sigh*
    Why they have to leave is a mystery…can’t the work place just mail the cat food mony?

  17. Oh, I can understand you are sad today. Moms and dads should stay at home all the time, to make sure we are comfy…
    Big hug to you both,
    from Pernille.

  18. Ernie and Wally we are sorry your Mom’s staycation is over. I know you two will miss all the TLC she gave you 24/7 last week. BUT you have a lovely window seat with bird TV where you can sit while awaiting her return.
    Hugs Madi

  19. “All good things must come to an end”…we don’t understand what that means? I mean, if something is good, why must it end? Humans are puzzling creatures.
    Well, at least you have that pawsome monster scratching bed to hang out on. Heh.

  20. I can totally understand why your human is bummed – they SO enjoy serving us, and it pains them to do anything else.

  21. Guess we are really lucky kitties cause our Mom is home all the time even though she is older than dirt. So sometimes she is a little gumpy. Hope Mom has an easy week.

  22. Well, though we are sorry your mom had to leave you to go back to work, she will come home each evening. And there will be no flashy box to bother you while she’s away. We love your mancave, Ernie! We are purring for Zoey to feel better very soon. Purrs.

  23. Awww , I+m really sorry that your moms staycation is already over 🙁
    My mom is still waiting to get hers 🙂

  24. It’s good to be a cat isn’t it boys?! Lounging on the scratcher catching a sunpuddle here and there 🙂 Poor hoomans, all they do is work, collect green papers and serve us. Not much of a life in comparison…. :p

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  25. That’s too bad that your mom had to go back to work. We bet she’ll be very happy to see you when she gets home tonight! Our mommy went back to work too and even though she works from home, we have to make a big ruckus to get her attention. Walking in front of the computer screen works too. 🙂

  26. Guys, I expect she could do with the rest, eh? lol

  27. We know, we know, we sure do know how you guys felt.
    And your Mom too.


  28. If she REALLY loved you, she’d spend ALL her vacations at home with you.
    I’m practicing my guilting techniques. Is it working?
    heh heh
    ; ) Katie

  29. Its bad that she is not home all the time, but on the plus side –

    work = green papers = MORE treats!

  30. oh, your mom sure has some nerve! 😀 cheer up you two, in about 8 squillion hours, she’ll be home again.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  31. Yeah, we haz the sads too, whenever the mom and dd have to go back to work. 🙁

    Hang in there, Wally and Ernie.


    Sammy and Moosey

  32. Aw, poor kitties, all on your own all day again.. I hope you get lots of treats when she gets home!

  33. Boys, I sure know what you mean. But our moms do come home at night and help us be comfortable and we let them sleep with us.

  34. The Grind? Mebbe she manages the pepper thing at a restarant…

  35. We know how your mom feels, I’m a teacher and am on mid-semester break right now, NOT looking forward to going back to work next week…

    new blog: http://www.catteemission.com/blog

    P.S. Did a blog post on two kittens the other day that looked EXACTLY like you two! 🙂

  36. We know how you feel. Our mom goes back to work after a short staycation tomorrow.

  37. Is that what a staycation is all about? Catering to all our whims? Oh MOM…

  38. Aw, guys. Maybe your Mommy should be a teacher like mine. Lotsa vacations.

    She’s around all the damn time now, though, and gotta tell ya: It gets a little old. Sometimes absence really DOES make the heart grow finder.

  39. Oh gosh, we so understand. We hates it when our Mumsy is away. We sure your Mom will be home soon.

    Hugs and kitty kisses.

  40. That is just the saddest news! Maybe you two can go to work with her???

  41. Please friends, don’t be sad.Mammy there is back at work but she is thinking of you boys all the time.I’m also here thinking of you!
    Hey…you have such a nice place there, let’s play a little bit!

  42. We realize that we are very lucky, having a #1 who works at home, but then again, she does go away rather often…

    The Chans

  43. Sorry to hear about no mummy, but I’m sure she will be back in again soon to look after you.

  44. Great pics of you guys. Too bad the staycation is over, great while it lasted for all concerns.

  45. I can see that you both has the sads, but maybe if you put things in PURRSpective it would make you feel a lot better. There are so many homeless kitties out there who would give anything to have a loving furever home like you have.

    Your Mommy will come home after doing some bumps and grinds, and you will get all the attention you deserve.

  46. Well, at least she buys you nice furniture to show off your beautifulness!

  47. No needs for sads now that the staycation is over with Mom woking there is more time for mischief without anycat getting into trouble.

  48. And maybee it next time your Mom would be working instead of woking *sigh*

  49. Wally! We just readed that you was Mystery Cat of the Week last week! We had no idea! Conga-rats!!

    You’d be proud of your little (well, not so little anymore!) namesake–he has started playing a little bit with Miss Madie Mitten Kitten!

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