Easy E Sunday

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Jul 082012

Pssst!  Hey!!
Here I am!  Down here!

Check out my new mancat cave!  I like it under here because this blanket kinda covers everything…but not quite…so cool air can come through.  It’s my own air-conditioned mancat cave!

Actually, it’s supposed to be cooler today!  Yay!  I hope we get the windows opened again!  It’s been too long since I’ve had a good window whiff!!

Oh yeah, the mom wanted me to give a Zoey update.  She’s doing fine…peeing okay…and taking her pills.  But the mom has yet to get a pee sample from her.  That Zoey is one stubborn girlcat!  Zoey says thanks for the purrs.

Now, s’cuse me…it’s time to get my easy on here in my mancat cave.  Zzzzzzz…..

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  1. Oh that Mancat cave is just the best Ernie. We need one like that. Sure glad to hear the Zoey is again peeing all right and best of all she is taking her pills. Good girl Zoey. We are thrilled and sending a few more purrs just for good measure. Have a great Sunday all of you.

  2. That is a great cave ya got there Ernie! Enjoy your easy!

  3. We love your mancat cave, Ernie!!! Mom said she’d make one for us too! Zoey, we hope you get relief soon with that pee problem. Mom leaves pee collection up to the v-e-t! Good luck sweet girl!

  4. I have remembered Zoey and I’m not surprised your mom couldn’t get a pee sample. We are really bad about peeing on command.

  5. I love your cave Ernie but I love my Mama’s bed more…. Oh dear…I went through a lot of pain when I couldn’t pee a few months ago. Poor Mama had to dig deep into her pockets to pay the vet bills. Hang on there, Zoey. You’ll survive this. har har har *evil laughs*

    Brad the spoilt brat who’s taking over the world from Angelina….

  6. Good spot! We are very glad about Zoey.

  7. That iz teh most pawsome mancat cave! Iz sorry Zoey izn’t feeling well *softpaw*

  8. Hi Ernie…OMC’s I’m jealous of your most wonderful mancave!! You can see everyone but everyone cannot see you.

    As for Zoey’s pee pee sample…your Mom is waiting for the National Guard to arrive
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  9. Very cool mancave, Ernie! But I think you need your own remote, some snacks and some beer to make it complete.

  10. nice mancat cave (and mom loves the pillow)

  11. I’m surprised Wally isn’t trying to horn in on that ideal man cave.

  12. sorry to disturb you, we just love visiting and care about you a lot… take care… Thank you for visiting, love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  13. That pillow made Mommy laugh! We hope Wally doesn’t saunter over and take over your mancave, Ernie.
    When Mommy wanted to get a pee sample from Cosmo, she’ll hang around when he visited the litter box and act nonchalant. Once Cosmo is in position AND she can hear the pee (and Cosmo can’t run off), she’s down on the floor with poor Cosmo’s tail in her hand so she can get a sample. Poor Cosmo. MOL.
    We are happy to know Zoey’s peeing well. 🙂

  14. I am glad you are getting cooler. The Woman’s friend was up in Michigan this week and she thought the weather was great, but everyone knows this woman is really weird…

  15. That’s a sweet little mancave you got yourself there, Ernie!

  16. that is a great mancat cave!

  17. That is one fancy-dancy cave, Ernie! We are cracking up imagining your Mom chasing Zoey around with an open jar…

  18. That’s a great mancat cave!

    Zoey’s hoarding her pees! I don’t know if your vet has it, but when we needed a sample from Leo, he offered to send me home with a box of special plastic litter. You just have to keep her separated with that box until she goes, and the pee goes to the bottom, easy to get the sample out of. I opted for him to stay and they got the sample that way. His next sample will be tapped directly from his bladder/kidney (not sure which) because he’s got crystals and that’s the best way to see if they are still there. They’ll probably give him fluids again and wait for him to fill up.

  19. Hey Ernie, that is one cool looking mancave. We guys need our own space away from those females sometimes.

    We read the post below to catch up on happenings. We are glad to hear Zoey is feeling better. We will send some healing purrs her way.

    Kitty Kisses!

  20. We were a bit worried when we saw your chair was empty, but can’t fault you for hiding under it, a wise move.

  21. nice man-cat cave, Ernie! as long as you are hidden enough from Wally 😉 maybe you should down-play how great it is…

    Thanks for the update on Zoey. We’re glad she is doing better!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  22. Ernie you look nice and snug there. You take care of your sisfur now. She needs a bit of TLC xox

  23. Has a great easy day and stay cool!

  24. I’m glad to hear good news about Zoey, Ernie – I am not surprised your humans are having a hard time getting a pee sample from her. After all, it’s not exactly ladylike!

  25. Best place ever!

  26. That’s a cool mancave Ernie! We’re glad you might get window whiffs too! It’s finally hot here (86 degrees) so our windows are only open at night when the birdies are asleep. We’re glad that Zoey is better too!

  27. Great news on Zoey. And love your mancat cave, it looks very comfy.

  28. Ahhh, that’s a cosy hidey place! Purrs!

  29. Oh Ernie, What a GREAT cave! I has the envious–I need to see what the Human can set up for me. I hope you kids have a cooling trend–I’m blowing some fogs your way!

  30. We love that mancat cave, Ernie! And are so delighted Zoey is taking her pills and doing good. Enjoy your snooze!

  31. That’s a pawsome mancave. We think we’re missing out because we don’t have one.

    We can understand why Zoey doesn’t want to give a pee sample. It’s a private thing, you know. 😉

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