Jul 052012

It’s Garden Day!


Hi everybuddy! Ernie here!
So let’s see what new stuff is going on in the ol’ garden today…

The top of our birdbath got a crack in it, so we got a new top.  Our peeps took the old top and put it under some trees in our yard so the birdies would have another spot to get a drink or take a dip.  With all the hot weather we’ve been having lately, the birdbath gets a little crowded!

Mom calls this one “The Cee-ment Pond.”  She says you older peeps would understand this.  🙂  It’s been a big hit with the birdies and even the evil squirrels like it and come by to get a drink.  But right now, it looks like it could use a good cleaning!

About 6 weeks ago, our mom planted some catnip seeds so we could have some fresh nip.  You guys know that there’s nothing like fresh nip, right?  This is what the pot looked like when she first planted it.  We weren’t sure it was gonna grow.

But look at it now!  Whoohoo!  We can’t wait to sink our teefs in that delectable nip!  C’mon, mom…cut us some nip…NOW!!

Happy Garden Day, everybuddy!!

  37 Responses to “Thursday in Our Garden”

  1. my brother-in-law was telling me yesterday that there was a squirrel in his yard who wasn’t moving. he sprayed it with some water to see if it was dead and the squirrel barely moved. the squirrel eventually moved to a shaded area and my brother-in-law thinks it was extremely dehydrated from the very weather we’ve been having. maybe i should consider putting the top of a bird bath down in our yard to help the rabbits and squirrels and provide entertainment for the boyz…

  2. It’s nice that the squirrels can use the birdbath too. We have had record breaking hot temps here also!!! Your catnip must like this weather because it seems to be thriving 🙂

    PS – we remember the cee-ment pond – LOL!!

  3. Your nip plant looks pawsome. Our nip seeds are still in the packet. We need a new Mom!!! Ours is purrty old…..she even remembers the cee-ment pond!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  4. We’re sure those little critters appreciate the *ponds*! 🙂
    Catnip sure grow quickly, eh? Mommy is still trying to look for either a catnip plant or it’s seeds. Enjoy your nip, Ernie!

  5. Wow…. someone over there has green thumbs. That nip looks great. The boys are on their way over.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  6. WOW Ernie, your home grown NipFest is looking mighty fine!

  7. Score on the catnip–it looks ready to eat!

  8. What a great idea to put the top to the bird bath down, so that the squirrels etc. can have a drink. Your catnip plant looks fantastic. Well done. It is time for a piece of that to be tried by those boys and Zoey. Have a great day.

  9. That is a very nice Cee-ment pond. Fresh nip! yeah!

  10. Your mom is an EXCELLENT grower of the nip! Maybe she could give the peep a lesson or two? purrs

  11. Wow you are lucky having fresh nip – what a shame it’s not inside the window!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Ernie this is one fine garden tour and post. It is very nice to have multiple watering holes. I know the birdies think you are the nicest cat they know.


  13. My goodness look at that. Our friends used their cracked birdbath top for a little planter. It looked really cool.

  14. Haw! Maw knows about the cee-ment pond. It’s from The Beverly Hillbillies! We’re glad that the squirrels have a place to drink now too! They need water as do everyone else.

    Luf, Us

  15. That’s nice that you water the neighborhood critters! Our mommy is one of those older folks who’ve heard of a cee-ment pond. We hope you get to enjoy some of that catnip soon!

  16. Your nip looks so good, we kinda loved ours to much and now it is gone. Mommy is thinking about getting us some more but putting it in Fenris’ yard so he can guard it.

  17. We have fresh catnip too in our garden too but LP foolishly planted it in a barrel and now every cat in the neighbourhood is haning out in our garden!! 🙁
    We like your cee-ment pond (LP is old enough but she doesn’t get the joke…she’s kinda losing her mind most days is why….)
    Stay cool!
    It looks as though we will finally have sun over the weekend and we have it today too!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  18. That nip plant looks AWESOME! It too way more than 6 weeks for mine to start looking like that. At least it felt like more than 6 weeks!

  19. Birdies must be very thankful that they get water in your garden!
    Your catnip looks quite big! I’ve been growing catnip, too, but still need more time to look like yours.

  20. Wow!!!!! A nip vase!!!!

  21. Mmmmm, fresh nip. Your Mom did a great job of growin that fur you kittehz! Our Mom has a brown thumb. MOL!

    Pee Ess – Mommy got the cee-ment pond remark, cuz she is older than dirt.

  22. Ernie that is a great idea to use for the birdies and other animals.
    You’ll need to show us your new bird bath in your next garden post.
    Mom has them all over the yard. She keeps thinking that they are unfortunately best for the “skeeters” around here.
    We love the catnip…wow your Mom is a super gardener.


  23. That birdbath is in a pawsome pawsition for some intense birdie and squirrel TV as well as providing them with shelter in this oppressive heat. And Fresh nip you have entertainment and snacks.

  24. Oh that nip looks SO good. Are we invited for niptinis?

  25. we’ll trade you Wriggley for some of that nip 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  26. When is the nip party?

  27. I remember having a cat nip plant in our house, did not last. Yes even the DOG loved catnip? Go figure.

  28. Duz your Granny take a baff in the Cee-ment Pond??? Heh heh. The Human is older’n dirt.

    Say, it’s nice that (dinner tray)…oops, I mean Bird Baff is on the ground like that. I know you guys don’t get out much, but maybe there are some neighborhood kitties who could use a good snack?

  29. Wow, that’s a lot of fresh catnip! Bet you’re drooling looking at it!

  30. Awesome Nip plant! Ours keeps gettin nibbled down by introoder cats (and mebbe Evil Skwerls fer all we know). TBT says he will put a cage over ours ta help it grow back.

  31. Ernie, that is truly some fine looking nip! You gots all us licking our lips. Our Mumsy has been trying to work out how to get a bigger bird temptation, oops, we mean bird bath on the little patio. There is a little one there now, but like you say, it so hot, it so little they fill it up and splash it out fast.

    Have a happy!

  32. Oh my Cod! That nip looks AMAZING!

  33. You sure that’s nip? lol

  34. wow a vase with catnip, I wish my mammy could have the same idea, it’s genius!
    purrs and love
    and nip

  35. Oh Ernie…so sorry I’m late to your garden tour. That’s so thoughtful of you to put out extra water for the birdies. We have had so much rain we haven’t had to think too much about it, but its starting to warm up so we should think of doing that too.



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