Apr 172008

Remember my post regarding Nermal, a feral cat that was taken in by some nice people and is now no longer living outside? 

(See:  An Interview With Nermal)

A few days after posting that interview, I received a very nice e-mail from Nermal’s auntie Pat.  Pat informed me that Nermal is an Island Cat!  How about that!??!!  Nermal lives on Prudence Island, RI.  The only time he goes to the “mainland” is to visit his doctor…and when he does go, he has to go by ferry boat!  I wonder if Nermal has his own life jacket???  Come to think of it, the only time the Island Cats go to the “mainland” is when they go to the doctor, too.  But they go by car, not by boat.

Wally and Ernie (and now Zoey) welcome you to the Island Cat Club, Nermal!!!  So nice to have you as a member!!!  🙂


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