Jul 012012

The hots are still here and it doesn’t look like they’re leaving anytime soon.  So I’m declaring today as not only Easy Sunday but Lazy Sunday, too!  I’m gonna hang out and do a whole lotta nothing all day.  Anybuddy care to join me??

Oh yeah.  Miss Wendy made me an avatar, too!  And she did really good…she even included my extra toesies!  Thanks, Miss Wendy!!

  30 Responses to “Easy & Lazy E Sunday”

  1. You sure got the right idea Ernie! Love your avatar, it is you fur sure!!!

  2. Oh Ernie, that Wendy is the best isn’t she, to get your extra toes in on your avatar. We are hot down here too. It is not any fun at all. Take care.

  3. we lost our power and then it came back, so we are enjoying the cold air from the vents again!!! love the avatar & your toes!

  4. We’re planning on doing the same thing. We love your avatar!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  5. Have a good day relaxing kitty!
    xo Catherine

  6. Love the avatar…

  7. We’ll definitely join you!

    And we love your avatar, Wendy did a terrific job with yours, and with all the ones she’s made (including ours)!

  8. Ernie what a great avatar with extra toesies. Try and keep cool and take a nap or two or three!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. We are joining you in a Lazy Easy Sunday.

  10. I will! I will! It’s way too hot here, too. purrs

  11. Ernie, I’ll be right over.

  12. It DOES have extra toesies! How neat is that!

  13. We love your extra toesies! Ernie, we are cool and rainy again today. You can teleport over if you like….


    xoxo Cory

  14. It’s a good thing you’re inside Ernie! If you were outside with your black coat, you’d be actually sizzling, I think.

    You look a bit like a puddle with mittens.

    So happy you like your avatar! Of course, it wouldn’t be YOU without the extra toesies.

  15. That’s an awesome avatar, Ernie – of course it wouldn’t be you without the extra toes!

  16. Heh, I just noticed that Wendy said exactly the same thing about your toes. MOL!

  17. Me too Ernie this is day 3 of triple digits for us.
    Hugs Madi
    Hot and bothered in NC

  18. We’re all being lazy too! your avatar looks great!!!
    Extra toes! I cant believe I forgot to add Leo’s extra toes on his avatar! Now I gotta do it again! MOL

  19. We’ll be lazy right along with ya! We love your avatar, it’s shiny just like YOU!

  20. We didn’t know about your extra toesies Ernie! So cute!
    It’s cold and overcaste here in Vancouver. We needs some of your hots!
    Have a chill day sweet boy 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  21. Hiya Ernie! I’m in Texas so I know about the hots! I like your plan of doing a whole lotta nothing. I’ve got that down pat!

    Love your avatar with the extra toes! The other day the vet said I had hairy toes and she shaved them! (to get my blood pressure checked)


  22. DUDE! You got the day down great…and I’m gonna follow your lead!


    PS. My human Tommy says youre avatar is ‘adorable’!

  23. Doing a whole lot of nothing sounds awesome. I think I’ll do the same…

  24. Oooh! Wendy didded another good job, Ernie! Sorry you has so much hots–feel free to transport over anytime–we has teh fogs!

    The Human says Fank U for the good wishes. She hopes that STONE gets OUT soon!!!

  25. Hanging one leg out is a good way to regulate your body temperature!

  26. Oh ernie,
    Looking at yous do the easy, makes me swoon! Me shall join yous in my dreams.
    Me LOVES your avatar too!

  27. Hey Ernie! It looks like you had the right idea for taking it easy on Sunday. We got really lazy here too.
    We didn’t know you were a polydactyl kitty. Our mama was telling us about a poly kitten she saw at the shelter a few days ago. We loves those extra toeies!
    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  28. Easy Sunday, Lazy Sunday and HANDSOME SUNDAY! You’re looking furry good!

  29. How cool that your avatar has extra toesies! That is truly an avatar of you.

  30. We totally love lazy Sunday! I hope hots will be gone soon.
    I love your avatar, how nice it has your extra toesies!!

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