Jun 272012

So you guys remember that I got my teefs cleaned, right?  Y’know it’s been over 5 weeks since that whole ordeal took place.  Okay, so I don’t actually know how long or what a week is but I know that it’s been awhile!  But look at my legs!  They’re still nekked!  The furs that the v-e-t stole haven’t come back yet.

See??  The patches are still there.  Where are my stripes??  Ernie has been making fun of me…calling me “Baldy Legs” and stuff like that.  How long does it take to grow a little fur back, anyways?  Jeez…if it doesn’t start growing faster, I’m gonna have to get some fur extensions!!

Hey!  Look what Miss Wendy over at 3D Cats made for me (because my mom was too lazy to do it herself)!  My very own cartoon avatar!  Thanks, Miss Wendy!  You really captured my handsomeness.  And I appreciate you not making my legs nekked!   🙂

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  1. We are sorry your fur is being so slow growing back. It does look like it has grown back a LITTLE though. Gosh, is it 6 weeks already?

  2. We thought furs grew faster in warm weather. 😀

    No worries about it now, you just want that extra fur once fall comes and the weather turns colder.

    Wendy did a great job on your avatar, awesome! And no nekked legs!

    P.S. Don’t tell Nicki, but he’ll have a nekkid leg at the end of next week, when he goes for HIS dental!

  3. Wally, I hope your fur will grow back soon. But fur extensions sounds good and fun idea 🙂 You look handsome with or without patches. And I love the avatar! How cute!!

  4. I know exactly how you feel. My vet did the same to me on my tummy last year, brrr…it was cold after, but your fur will come back, I can assure you. Mine did.
    HUgs to you
    from Pernille

  5. Wally we feel sure your furs will grow back and be even floorfier than before.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. maybe you should shave your entire legs to even things out.

    p.s. thompson said he’d be happy to come over for yak patrol. he’ll send you an estimate. his rates are very reasonable.

  7. Just act like you are making a fashion statement with the missing furs. Maybe tell someone that you had to wait three weeks before the “furdresser” could fit you in.

  8. I think your gorgeous stripes will be back before you know it!

  9. awww – we love that avatar!! we say don’t worry about the nekkid legs – think of it as built in air conditioning. 🙂

  10. Hi Wally. It took forever for my tummy first to grow back after I had my caesarian but don’t worry, it will all grow back!


  11. It’ll grow back soon, Wally, I am sure. Mine didn’t take too long to grow back after my vet shaved some of it off from my belly last year.

  12. Baldy legs! Give it a little more time, and your furs will come back. 🙂

  13. Wally, maybe you could get curly extensions of a diferent colour for your leg “patches” -you know for a little variety and style ! 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  14. Do you think they sell Rogaine for cats? MOL!

    Such a cute avatar!

  15. Oh Wally. Don’t you know that when your fur comes back, it’ll be more handsome than ever, better even than that old fur Ernie has? Now, you could invest in some leg warmers if you really can’t deal with it, but we don’t really recommend it.

    Purrs and headbumps,
    Seth, Maxx, Newton, Tessa & Pia Bean

  16. We think your nekked legs are very attractive Wally. Lucky had some hair missing and it took forever for it to grow back but it did so just be patient. We love your avatar. That Wendy does such a good job. She did some for us too. Have a terrific day.

  17. We know it will be slow but it will come.

  18. Maybe if you got more treats your furs would grow back faster. It’s worth a try! Your avatar is very cute Wally!

  19. Hang in there, Wally. We bet that your leg hairs will be back soon! By the way, your avatar sure looks handsome (just like you)!

  20. I’m putting out an APB on your furs, ASAP! purrs


  22. I shed for you. Call me in winter if you need some fur.

  23. You should call it a new hip style for cats! Reverse mohawks for the legs! You’re not naked, you’re stylin’!

  24. Admiral said her arms grew furs and they started out like velvet..and grew steadily onward. xoxoxo

  25. That Ernie is a nasty piece of work!!! Wally your avatar looks terrific. A little nekked leg showing would have been quite alluring! 😉

  26. I don’t remember how long it took for Binga’s fur to grow back after her dental last year. But if it takes any longer for you, Wally, Wendy may have to go back and add the shaved spots to your avatar!

  27. That is a cute avatar. When I went to the vet a few months ago for my annual check up, mum expected me to come back out with a nekkid leg, but they made my neck go nekkid instead. It took a long time for my furrs to grow back too.

  28. Wally
    I understand how you feel. I had to have my gorgeous belly floof shaved off a squillion months ago and it has never come back. I got a bit of black fur grow back and it keeps my tummy warm but Momma feels so had I did not get my white floof back. It gives her the sads. (especially since I really didn’t need to have it done in hindsight)


  29. Well, at least you don’t have to worry about shaving your legs…

  30. Your avatar is adorable, just like you (even minus the leg furs)!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  31. Hey—don’t worry! Your stripes will come back real soon in all their man cat glory!! And Tommy swooned over your Avatar–she’s a sucker for orange kittes…


  32. I still think you are a gorgeous cat

  33. Yup, Wally, that Wendy does a great job. She even does borders, so our mom might have to step up her game to keep up. Don’t worry about your furs. They will appear!

  34. Oh Wow! My hairy slobbery sister Bob’s furs is growing back where they stole it better than your is!

  35. Wally, I don’t want to scares you, but the Human hadded a Human friend who shaved his head for lots and lots of years. Then he decided to let his hair grow back. And do you know what??? Some of it didn’t, MOL!!!

    Nice avatar! Wendy maded one for me too, cause my Human was lame also 😉

  36. Figgy is heading to the groomer today! Ha! He’ll produce an entire cat worth of extra furs, so he can send it to you. The black and white will look fab with your orange!

  37. I’m sure it will soon grow back again, and at least it’s summer – if it had been winter you might have been cold.

  38. Ooooops somehow we missed yesterday’s post…so we’re late but as always you look very handsome. I Think Ernie is jealous of your racing stripes!!
    Hugs Madi

  39. Oh your poor furs!!! Chin up, I’m sure they will grow back soon!

    Stop by our site we have an award for you!

    Gronk and Izzie

  40. I hope your furs grows back soon!

  41. That is strange, Wally! We had to laugh, ’cause in the 1st photo you look like you have your sleeves pushed up.

  42. it take’d a suuuuuuuuper long time for Miss Cake’s furs to comes back from her last v-e-t visit too. your cartoon is super CUTE!

  43. Wally you look a bit crabby! It’s the nekked legs, right? We all hopes yer furs grow in soon. However, yur teef are nice and clean.

  44. You need HAM! Ham makes furs grow fast.

  45. Thanks for coming to our party! We were excited to see all our old friends! You wild cats were the life of the party and we had so much fun cause you were there!

  46. wally, don’t worry, your furs will grow back… the dumb vet did the same thing to me last year… it was terrible, I thought it was never coming back, and then one morning poof… it was there as if it was never stolen in the first place <3 alex

  47. Maxwell: YOU TOO?!? Faraday’s been calling *me* names for the same reason! PFFFT, brofurs. (Mine’s not growing back either so canz you send me the name of your fur-extension purrson?)

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